Unneeded voices

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the constitution, there is a sea of voices waiting for your attention.  From politicians to talk show hosts, everyone wants to weigh in on the issue.  I contend that some of them should be rejected outright, not because of what they say, but because of their zip code.

That may seem outrageous to some. I will attempt to explain.

If you are a California or New York native, born and raised under those restrictions, you will have a different opinion on the topic. You have lived that way your entire life and don’t necessarily know that most of the country operates very differently. You are used to those restrictions and apparently don’t have a problem with them. If you did have a serious problem with them, you wouldn’t continue to live there.

I can hold this opinion because I am a California native. I left (escaped) California as a simple form of economic survival. But, once I was free of it, I never looked back. There isn’t enough money in America to bring me back to California as a place of residence. I still visit family there occasionally but, when I do, it feels like I am visiting a foreign country. Most residents of California have no idea that the rest of the country works differently.

A “pro-gun” Californian will most likely have no issues with gun registration databases, waiting lists, magazine restrictions, and whatever the hell a “bullet button” might be. They are okay with those things because they are in California and they count themselves blessed that they are allowed to own any firearms at all. They don’t realize that the rest of us don’t live under those restrictions.

A relative once came to visit me and asked, “Isn’t that illegal?” when shown one of my guns. The weapon was illegal… in California, not where I live. They just assumed that what was allowed in California was the standard. That’s insane!

So, if you are a lifelong resident of California, New York, even Illinois, don’t expect my support when you run for office, etc. What you consider “reasonable” and “freedom” are foreign to me now. My escape was successful and I can no longer tolerate the left coast and northeast liberals (dem and rep) making decisions for the majority of the country. You are foreign to us. You are too comfortable being oppressed. The rest of us don’t live that way.

At times I think California and New York think of, “fly over country,” as in the rest of us, as sixgun toting, handlebar mustache wearing hicks. We think of you guys as happy little commies. I think we are more correct.

If you throw yourself out there as wanting to be a voice of America’s gun owners, you should first make sure that you actually believe in gun rights as they are accepted by the majority of the country. Until then, no support for you.

One thought on “Unneeded voices

  1. Isn’t that where the word “Californication” came from?

    Actually I can remember being able to legally carry a Ruger Blackhawk (45 Colt, 7.5″ barrel) in a holster openly in San Diego while riding the bus to the shooting range. But that was a _long_ time ago. 🙂

    I agree on the not living in California and some other Socialist republics in the U.S. Texas is better.



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