Education and decision making

Recently, I was shown a video that purported to show police brutality. In reality, it was a group of police officers using approved methods in an attempt to gain compliance from a person who was resisting arrest. I suppose there are some people who are so caught up in their desire to prove tyranny and the rise of the police state that any time a police officer has to use physical force they will call it brutality.

But, the point of this brief rant has nothing to do with that. Buried among the comments on this particular video was a well thought out treatise explaining why police brutality is so prevalent in the U.S. The writer of said comment summed it up fairly simply: education. You see, there is no nationally standardized education requirement for police in the U.S. Every jurisdiction sets their own standards, and, obviously, someone with only a high school education couldn’t possibly perform the complex duties of a police officer without relying on their brutal methods.

So, I will offer my own opinion on the subject as simply as possible. One or two words actually. BULLSHIT.

I, of course, am in full support of higher education. My children are attending college whether they like it, or not. In this modern age, it is very difficult to land your dream job, whatever that may be, without a college degree. Even if higher education is irrelevant to the occupation, the difficulty of the job market necessitates the possession of a degree. Everyone seems to have a degree these days so an advanced degree is required to stand out in the crowd. Well, on paper anyway.

By now, you should all be aware of the fact that a college degree doesn’t make you smart. It doesn’t. We have all worked for idiot bosses who, simply because they had a higher level of education, were placed in positions of more responsibility. And, we were all surprised that the person could actually tie their shoes. Admit it! Or, you may be that boss. Who knows?

The bottom line on this is that no matter what your level of education, college can’t make you a good, honest, or decent human being. That is something you decide on your own and usually you make that decision before your 16th birthday.

If you have served in the military, you know that all officers are college educated. Now, explain to me again how an education makes you smart and helps you make good decisions? You can discuss that one among yourselves. A Lieutenant, a compass, and a map is sure to come into the conversation somewhere. But, if you are convinced that a person can’t be a good cop without a college degree, perhaps that would-be cop should go join the Special Forces, SEALs, Delta Force, or DEVGRU. There, they will make life or death, split second decisions that would make the average person’s head explode. And, oh yeah, no college degree required.

In reality, one need look no farther than our own political system to see our education system in action. They can’t make a good decision to save their lives and are systematically destroying our country. And, guess what? They all, or at least most, have ADVANCED educations. Masters, Doctorates, PhD’s. A good number of them are lawyers. Lawyers are SMART, right? Yeah. Go tell that to your constitution.

I will put my life in the hands of a cop who learned his trade hands-on long before I trust one who learned it studying theories and ideas in college.