Book review – Operation Red Wings by Peter Nealen

Buzz over the newly released film version of Lone Survivor has no doubt generated new interest in the written work by Marcus Luttrell.  This writer strongly encourages you to read Luttrell’s book for a more detailed, and more factual, account of the four-man team, of which Luttrell was a member and the only survivor. 

Luttrell’s book, naturally, since he was not present during the attempted rescue of his team, contains little information about the heavy loss of life suffered by the Special Operations community on that fateful day. Details of the rescue operation have been hard to come by for the average Joe since much of that information has been held close to the vest by the quiet professionals involved. The task of wading through the available information and conducting interviews has been taken up by former Recon Marine and writer, Peter Nealen.

Nealen, who has authored other books including Task Force Desperate and Hunting in the Shadows, (You can find Nealen’s books HERE) approached this short e-book with the combined skill of an experienced military mind and a natural sense of story telling.

This is not a book that will help you get to know those warriors involved. This book is more of an analysis of the rescue operation itself. New details are revealed that show just to what extent every possible resource was directed toward the rescue effort. In short, Nealen attempts to cut through the bullshit and get down to specifics regarding who, and what, went into the operation. If you are a student of military history, you will enjoy the types of details included in this small book. It is available on Amazon in e-book format from St. Martin’s Press.

I recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more about the Lone Survivor story and its impact on future operations.

Ross Elder

Ross Elder is the author of The Fireman Saga, a series of novels and short stories available via Amazon. He is also an occasional contributor to and Soldier of Fortune Magazine. He is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and currently resides in the Midwest United States.