Terrance Yeakey – the hero being used by idiots

001As part of a new section on Ross-Elder.com, I will be exposing the idiocy of modern conspiracy theory proponents such as Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, the 9/11 Truther movement, and the plethora of so-called “patriot” websites.  Since this particular case has been hitting my social media feeds for the last few days, I thought I would start with it.

This theory seems to be based on an unsourced rant that claims Yeakey, one of the first officers on the scene of the Oklahoma City Bombing, somehow discovered the “truth” about the bombing and was then murdered by the Federal Government in order to silence him.

This conspiracy has been linked at various sites around the net including infowars.com, prison planet, and riflewarrior.com.  Many of these sites claim no autopsy was performed, no gun was ever found, and that Yeakey was shot in the back of the head.  Oddly, some who make such claims also include scans of the autopsy report; a report that clearly shows the gunshot to the temple and describes a hard contact entry wound consistent with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The theory also maintains that Yearkey’s wife is on the run, hiding from these same evil conspirators.  Yearkey’s wife was hiding alright, hiding from Yearkey.  In fact, she had a protection order against him and a court order preventing him from seeing his kids.  Obviously, there is a lot more to that part of the story than the theorists want you to know.

Other assertions by these theorists is that an ANFO bomb could not have caused that much damage to the Murrah building and therefore it must have been a wider conspiracy involving several explosive devices.  Assertions like this are also made about the World Trade Center buildings.  Of course, these assertions are always made by people who have no understanding of explosives and their effects.  A less sophisticated, but similarly constructed VBIED was used in the attack on FOB Salerno in Afghanistan.  To see the effects of a vehicle bomb of this size, follow the link below.

 Fob Salerno Attack

It is always hardest to believe the truth.  Yeakey was a hero and he, along with 80 of his fellow officers, was to receive a commendation for his actions on the scene.  But he was also a very troubled man.  His personal life was a mess and he just spent a day dragging bodies from rubble, many of which were children.  No one can experience that and not be affected in some way.

Part of the conspiracy theory states that Yeakey was prevented from going back to the site after he discovered something suspicious.  He was removed from the site, but only after he fell through a collapsing floor and was injured.

The New York Times covered this situation quite thoroughly in their own article regarding Yearkey’s suicide.  The NYT actually spoke to people who worked with the man, something these conspiracy theorists never accomplished.  You can read the NY Times story at the link below.

NYT Story – Terry Yeakey

This case is tragic in every sense.  But, the only conspiracy present is the shameful and pathetic conspiracy concocted among the theorists who seek to profit by sullying the memory of a troubled hero.  For that, they should never be forgiven.



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  2. So, can you please explain the blood found in his car, the knife wounds to his wrists, throat and other vital areas that caused massive bleeding, and how he then, as an anemic, managed to walk about 50 feet away from his locked car, after stashing the bloody knife in the glovebox, placing the keys in the console, rolling up all windows, locking all doors, walking, while gushing blood, without leaving a blood trail, kneel down in a ditch, and shoot himself in the back of the head, then hide the gun so know one would find it…EVER???? I would really like to hear your explanation on how Officer Yeaky was able to do this. Then, maybe you can explain how Kenneth Trentadue, the man he was mistaken for, and the ONLY eye witness to come forward about what happened to him all seemed to hang themselves while in Federal Police lockup. I would really love to hear your explanations for all these “coincidences”!!!

    • Can you show me an actual source for these questions? Like, perhaps, an actual report of some kind? Coroner’s inquiry? Something? Anything other than some guy on YouTube no one has ever heard of?

      • I researched this case: there was no autopsy because the field examiner with ME Office concluded that it was an obvious suicide. Ken, we can’t even establish where his car was parked, there are two versions of this, one from brother in law and the other from family. The wound was not to the back of the head! It was a temple shot. Who said there was not a blood trail?? A gun was found at the scene. What is your source for saying there was not a gun? His body was not found in a ditch! The was a ditch ravine about 30 yards to the body’s east. Weapon found was his service weapon, a 9mm glock. Who said he was gushing blood?? There were wounds but they were not that deep. There is no proof in this case that can prove anything but a suicide. Now the Trentadue case is different…there are suspicions there. Yeakey saw basically the same thing everyone else did on the bombing site. His supervisor told me he had no training in explosives.

  3. I am a personal friend to the children of Terry. You, sir, are sadly mistaken. You have no idea what you are talking about. Terry was silenced by his death because he had information about bombs and missiles in the building as well as the murder of one of the rescue workers who was later found dead at his desk. The man was alive until an argument with the Feds. You really should get your act together or God will get you for spreading evil propaganda.

      • You are correct Ross: There is no proof of a homicide. Weapon was recovered, death certificate stated it was a suicide and that Yeakey had a ton of personal problems at work and at home. Cuts of wrist are typical of suicides where they “work into it.” What rescue worker was murdered?? See, no name…only innuendo. There is nothing in this investigation that could be taken into a courtroom…nothing…

  4. You need to delete this horrible trash because all you claim to be hogwash was stated by his wife Tonya Yeakey. She was the one who went back to the site with him at around 9-10 pm only to be denied access by an FBI / AFT agent. Oh and the “protection order” you claim she made against him seems to be a figment of your imagination as she states that a few weeks before his death they went to a ball and would keep regular contact period, up until the night of his death.

    Here, debunk her own words, an hour long interview with Tonya Yeakey: https://archive.org/details/WhoKilledOklahomaCityPoliceOfficerTerryYeakey

    • Tonya and Terry both had protective orders against each other. I went to the courthouse and pulled the records. Tonya is dishonest and self serving. Everyone I interviewed said the same thing about her.

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