UPDATED: Debunking the Bergdahl 5 meme

I’ve seen a meme floating around social media the last few days that purportedly shows one of the Taliban commanders released in the exchange for Bergdahl kneeling before a group of severed heads with a machete in his hand.  The meme (shown below) indicates that Mohammad Fazi, the man pictured to the right in the lineup, is the same man who appears in the lower photo.


This meme is false.  Don't get caught up in the lies.

This meme is false. Don’t get caught up in the lies.

I blocked out the gore of the photo for our more sensitive viewers.  But, anyone who has ever studied faces or been a practitioner of surveillance can tell that these two men are not one in the same.  The shape of the head differs, the brow, the outline of the beard, the eyebrows, the eyes; even the shape of the nose and ears are different between these two men.  A side by side comparison of the two:

Fazi and Abdurahman side by side.

Fazi and Abdurahman side by side.

The man shown in the gore-filled photo along with the severed heads in an Iraqi-born, Dutch citizen named Khalid Abdurahman, who is now affiliated with ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria), one of the terror groups now terrorizing much of the middle east.  The first clue should have been his manner of dress.  There are small variations on the theme as you move from region to region and country to country.  One look at the man in the lower portion of the meme should tell you that this is not a member of the Taliban.

Most people are not adept at the study of faces, mannerisms, and physique.  That is how Saddam Hussein was successful in employing several body doubles to ensure his own safety during his reign over Iraq.  One of the comical aspects of this for those who are trained in such things, is that many of the photographs of Saddam that are found in magazines, newspapers, and video clips, aren’t Saddam Hussein.  They are photos of his doubles, many of whom weren’t even the same height and weight as the Iraqi dictator.

If you look closely at the side by side comparison above, you will begin to note the distinctions between the two men.  There are things a person cannot change about their appearance.  Those are the things you have to recognize.

This in no way means I am somehow justifying the exchange of five Taliban commanders for Bowe Bergdahl.  I am simply trying to prevent you from making a fool of yourself.  It serves no purpose to muddy the waters with falsehoods and conspiracy theory bullshit.  There is enough of a conspiracy in existence already.  We don’t need to create them.

UPDATED INFORMATION:  (Added 6/19/2014)

As more evidence (proof, really, just to assure you even further) I located this photograph (below) of Khalid Abdurahman (his nom de guerre is Abu Abdurahman al Iraqi) In Syria fighting with ISIS during the time Mohammad Fazi was still incarcerated in GITMO.

Khalid Abdurahman in Syria

This photo was uploaded to Abdurahman’s Twitter account sometime early in 2014.  (The Twitter account has since been deactivated/deleted)

Ross Elder

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Read the Fireman Saga series by Ross Elder – available on Amazon.com


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  1. Thank you for your insight. We have enough lies and bullshit spread throughout this country. Our morals and values as a whole are being shredded by our elected officials. Accountability and law are now tools to PUNISH AMERICANS. There is not 1 honest cop or judge left because if there were this shit would stop. You know I’m right.Gid help us all…

  2. Soooo… does this mean we can smoke Khalid Abdurahman as a war criminal? Drone attack…..Dutchie down…

  3. seen this and thought it was another lie. the thing thats scarey the Obama haters will believe anything they see that is slamming the president their hate over rides their brains a lot of times…… thanks so much for clearing this BS up…

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