If you are currently on a deployment outside of the Continental United States, whether as a member of the Armed Forces, CIA, DEA, or any other A, or as a civilian contractor, you can read my latest novella – MERCS for free!

Contact me on Facebook and request your password to access the PDF file for download.  Click the link below to be taken to my Facebook page.

Ross Elder on Facebook

You may share this password with other on your team.  There is no need for every member of your deployed group to request a password.  Simply decide on a spokesperson and send one request.  If you are deployed as an individual, just drop me a note and I will provide the password.

This offer is open to non-U.S. personnel as well.  If you are away from home, love to read, and would like a free book in the Fireman Saga series, you are eligible.

Once you have the password, CLICK THIS LINK – FREE MERCS

MERCS is the latest book in the Fireman Saga series.  Jack Gregory is a man who decided to make a difference in the world and chose the path of the vigilante in order to do so.  It is decidedly manly in its presentation and presents a level of reality not often found in this genre.  Enjoy it, share it, and tell a friend.  If you enjoy MERCS, please pick up the rest of the series at in the Kindle section.  A Kindle is NOT required to read the books.  A free app is available from Amazon for whatever device you use as your e-book reader.

Stay frosty and get home safely.