Sandy Hook / Franklin H.S. Doctor – Debunked

Today’s conspiracy theory comes from my buddy, Ed Gawrelak, who posted a video on my Facebook timeline.  He knows I love a good conspiracy and this one is a whopper.  The basic premise is that the Coroner who gave the press conference following the Sandy Hook School shooting is the same so-called doctor who gave the press conference following the Franklin High School mass stabbing.  The underlying conspiracy is that both Sandy Hook and Franklin High School were staged, faked events designed to take more of our freedoms as a kneejerk reaction to extreme violence.

I know.  Pretty fucking stupid.

Here is a link to the video Ed posted on my page:  CLICK FOR STUPID FUCKING CONSPIRACY VIDEO

This particular conspiracy video took me approximately 3 minutes to debunk.  The easiest thing to do is watch similar press conference videos from both events.  Then, although the fact that these are two different men was glaringly obvious, I went a little farther and performed a basic size comparison of the two.  You will immediately see what I’m talking about when you watch the videos.

Sandy Hook Shooting Press Conference Video HERE

Franklin High School Stabbing Press Conference Video HERE

Obviously, the men are built differently, shaped differently, their heads are shaped differently, their faces are completely different, their eyes and brows are nothing alike, and their voices are as different as Daffy Duck and Morgan Freeman.  But, for added debunking pleasure, look at the photos side by side, below.  Doctor Carver is a mountain of a man who towers over everyone around him and probably shops at the big and tall store.  Doctor Kaufman is an average-sized man who doesn’t even form an imposing figure next to the girl to his right.  In fact, Kaufman is much smaller than the average looking doctor to his left.  Similar to the Fazi / Abdurahman meme I debunked recently, apparently if two guys are balding and have white beards, they must be the same guy.  Makes perfect sense, right?

carver vs kaufman - steel cage match

carver vs kaufman – steel cage match

So, this was a quicky that was thrown together in a matter of minutes.  If you catch any of the conspiracy videos out there making this claim, you now have the ammunition to call bullshit and inform the theorist of their less than average mental capacity.  You’re welcome!

I will patiently await the next conspiracy to catch my attention.  Stay tuned.

Ross Elder