The Strange New World

Anyone who has known me for more than a day knows I have never been fond of the Iranians.  As an old soldier who began his career during the cold war, I was trained to hate two entities – the USSR and Iran.  The USSR because, well, Cold War; the Iranians because they were (and still are) the greatest supporter of international terrorism on earth.  Fast forward to the new millennium and Iran has been directly implicated in supporting both the Taliban and the insurgency in Iraq during our war there.  Suffice to say, I have many reasons to dislike those bloodthirsty little fuckers.  Add to that their increasing pursuit of all things nuclear and you can clearly see that Iran is one of the greatest threats to Middle East stability.  (as if there has ever been, or ever will be, stability in that region)

So, today I am faced with the unlikely proposition of having to support Iran as they send troops and supplies into Iraq in an effort to aid the embattled government of Iraq in its war against ISIS.  It is beyond strange.  The Twilight Zone could not have come up with a better plot twist.  Color me incredibly skeptical of Iran’s intentions.

I would suspect that if the army of terrorists currently leaving a trail of destruction in Iraq and Syria were Shia, not Sunni, the Iranians would be quick to support them.  This is sectarian violence and tribalism at its finest.  Many of our military family lost their lives to Iranian munitions, training, and improved IED devices like Explosively Formed Penetrators. (EFP)  It was always my position that if we were going to launch a Global War on Terrorism, Iran should have been one of our first destinations.  Now that our forces have been pulled from Iraq, we have to sit back and watch as Iran deploys its military in the defense of its neighbor.

We have one group of terrorists, ISIS as well as others, fighting against a Terror supporting nation, Iran.  It certainly makes it hard for an old soldier to take sides.

Just some random thoughts.  I look forward to your comments.


One thought on “The Strange New World

  1. Civilizations can be incompatible. The Iranians — whatever they once were — are now a Semitic people that reflects the primitive and violent nature of the region. While I support national autonomy, Iran has stepped over that line and continues to do so.

    President Bush (II) attempted to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as we now see. I would not have been so merciful: our invasion would have driven the people of both Iraq and Iran into the sea (or at least to Libya) leaving a nice big national park where those nations once were.

    How many times do we have to shed blood for this troubled region? It cannot be ignored for its proximity to areas within our interest, and not just Israel. These nations are nearly within Scud distance of Europe. In another ten years, when they have better missiles and chemical or nuclear warheads, how will it feel?

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