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As a freelance writer, I often neglect the one thing that many consider the most important – GETTING PAID FOR YOUR WORK.  So, I thought I should add a post to my page about how to get in touch with me if you are searching for a writer for your publication, or if you would like a T&E article written about one of your products.  The easiest method of contact for me is through my Facebook page.  You can drop me a message at either my Author’s page HERE, or my personal Facebook page HERE.  I manage most things via mobile app so I will be notified as soon as I receive a message.


My rates are pretty reasonable for a freelancer and I’m not opposed to a little negotiating.  T&E work rates are dependent upon various things like article length and whether you require return of the product.  Other details will be discussed once you contact me with a proposal.


If you are not located within a reasonable commuting distance (about 3 hours) from me (Northeast Ohio) and you would like me to attend your event for the purpose of authoring an article, reasonable travel expenses will be required.  I don’t have to travel first class, but if you want me to travel to California to write a 1,400 word article, you’re going to have to pick up the tab.  The payment for an article wouldn’t be enough to cover my travel expenses in a case like that.  You will have to weigh the return on investment for such an endeavor when you consider the publicity against the expense.


I write what I write.  I never guarantee anyone a favorable article or perspective.  That is something else you will have to weigh in your decision.  I’m a person who is very much about the truth and honesty.

As a freelancer, I can’t guarantee publication of your particular article.  If there is no interest within the contacts I have, I can’t magically make someone publish it.  In those cases, I will post the article here on Ross-Elder.com and promote the article via my own resources.


Professionally, I have worked as an investigator, surveillance expert, security consultant, corporate security director, and instructor for both military and corporate organizations.  A passionate teacher, I still spend some of my time training others in various subjects including firearms and threat assessments.  I am available for lectures, classes, and training sessions.


Much of my adult life was spent either in the military, serving in both the Army and Navy, or as an investigator and safety/security director.  Much of my time in the civilian sector has been spent in the role of an instructor for investigators, interrogators, and safety/security managers.  Several training manuals and corporate security policies I authored are still in use with major U.S. Corporations.  For several years I evaluated safety and security systems.  I formerly worked as a security team chief in the nuclear arena.  I’ve spent 4 years working overseas for the military and I am a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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