UPDATED Lead Sandy Hook Investigator DIES

This one came into my mailbox late tonight and it interested me enough to begin a basic investigation.  It was something new so my interest was piqued.  (I sometimes get bored with debunking conspiracies that have been around for too long – usually someone else has already done the work and it is a waste of my time)

This story apparently originated on The Daily Sheeple (read the article HERE) and claims that a Connecticut State Police Major who recently passed away was the lead investigator for the Sandy Hook School shooting and he died of mysterious circumstances.  Pretty awesome, right?

The story is also expanded and re-used on another conspiracy website called Freedom Outpost.  (read their version of the article HERE)

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The article was shared with me from DCClothesline, which simply reprinted the article from Daily Sheeple and linked back to Sheeple as its source.  The first problem with all of this is that every one of those sites is a well known conspiracy theorist bullshit emitter.  These guys make Alex Jones look halfway sane.  But, only halfway.  That retard needs a lobotomy, but I digress.  No matter how you look at it, the sources of this article are a bunch of looney tunes dipshits who have a history of just making things up and distributing them as though they are news.  The conspiracy theory fanboy ranks are so large that this article has already been shared on hundreds of websites and forums around the world and the inevitable discussions of “murdered because he knew too much” have already begun.  I won’t bore you with those details.  Just Google “Podgorski Sandy Hook” and you’ll find plenty of entertainment for the night.

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Now, with a brilliant investigative journalist team like The Daily Sheeple, which has extensively(in their imaginations) covered the Sandy Hook tragedy and has broken a tremendous amount of stories regarding the (imagined) conspiracy surrounding it, you would think that Major William Podgorski, the LEAD INVESTIGATOR, would have appeared on the pages of Sheeple numerous times.  Right?  That would make sense, if you were a real news organization that wasn’t just making shit up every time you got drunk and sat down at the keyboard.  Oddly enough, for a website that is obsessed about Sandy Hook and its LEAD INVESTIGATOR, Podgorski’s name only appears once in a search of their web archives.  It only appears in the ONE article they recently posted about his death.

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Know why?  Well, it’s because Podgorski’s name doesn’t appear in ANY internet search related to Sandy Hook.  That is VERY odd when you consider that The Daily Sheeple and Freedom Outpost claim Podgorski is the man leading the entire investigation.  No, the only links that contain Podgorski and Sandy Hook together are those found on…  drum roll…  Sheeple and Outpost, and then all of the other (I guess) minor conspiracy websites that repost Sheeple and Outpost articles.

Not satisfied with a Google search, because we all know Google is a tool and partner of the illuminati, I decided to browse the official documentation from the Connecticut State Police regarding Sandy Hook as well.  Know what I found out about Podgorski?  Nothing.  His name doesn’t appear anywhere in those documents as well.  Very, very strange for the man Sheeple claims is in charge of the entire investigation.  Granted, I didn’t lay my eyes on every page of the 7,000 page report from CSP, but I did search every available document for the name and came up empty handed.


This appears to be a case similar to that of Terry Yeakey, the Oklahoma City police officer who was a hero during the Murrah building bombing and who later died under strange circumstances.  He was suffering with some serious psychological issues at the time.  You can read my Yeakey article HERE.  In the Yeakey case, conspiracy theorists did the same hack job after his death was reported.  Automatically, there had to be a deep, dark agenda behind his death.  We all know that nobody just dies.  They are all predetermined to die at a specific time of the illuminati’s choosing.

I will continue to casually look into Major Podgorski and try my best to somehow connect him to Sandy Hook’s investigation but, at this stage, this one appears to be just another fictitious story generated for the purpose of getting web hits on a totally shit group of websites that NOBODY should be visiting if they intend to find actual, factual news.


UPDATED INFORMATION:  Thanks to Facebook user Jamie Kaatz, I was shown a link to an article in The Hartford Courant that mentions Podgorski in relation to the Sandy Hook investigation.  Of note is the fact that even this particular article makes no mention of Podgorski being a “lead investigator” or even an “investigator” in this case.  He is an administrator.  Here is the quote from the Courant article:

Release Of Sandy Hook School Shooting Report Likely Delayed

May 29, 2013

..”State Police commanders discussed the new timetable at a meeting in the Litchfield barracks earlier this week. At that meeting, sources said, Maj. William Podgorski said part of the delay is redacting FBI reports to conform to state Freedom of Information laws. Podgorski oversees the Western District Crime Squad, the unit involved in the investigation.

Detectives are still actively working on the case,” Vance said. “Our goal is to answer all of the questions as best we can, give that information to the families first and then to the rest of the world.”

“State police have been criticized for releasing little information to the public about the investigation while at the same time discussing the case at conferences across the country. The issue arose in March when State Police Col. Danny Stebbins attended a conference in New Orleans and told police chiefs that Lanza had created a spreadsheet of mass killers.”..  [EMPHASIS ADDED]

I appreciate the eagerness to aid me in my research, but this article simply does not support The Daily Sheeple’s article, reposted by DC Clothesline, that asserts Podgorski was the “Lead Investigator” and that he died under mysterious circumstances.  My analysis remains – This original article and all of the articles it spawned are still BULLSHIT.



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    • Being a commander of a district does not make you the lead investigator on any investigation. In fact, the commander wouldn’t be conducting any actual investigations at all. That’s what their staff is for. Detectives way down the food chain would be the investigators.

      General Allen was the commander of my region in Afghanistan. That didn’t make him lead investigator, or any investigator, on the investigations with which I was involved. The Sheeple article is bullshit, plain and simple.

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