What would you do?

If Mexico, or, more accurately, a violent drug cartel, amassed an army and crossed the border into Texas, killing, burning, and destroying everything in its wake, what would you do?

If they left a trail of destruction from the border to San Antonio, how would you deal with it as a citizen? Would you join the fight against them, or continue your care-free lifestyle and just hope others take care of it?

These questions were posed by a source in Iraq who has chosen to remain anonymous to my readers. As for credibility, I know him and his background. He is the real deal warrior many of us aspired to be. This source made the following statement:

“If Mexico invaded Texas, and left a path of destruction from the border up to San Antonio. I wouldn’t be on my ass in Dallas watching a fuckin Yankees Game.”

He made this statement after relaying this brief story:

“So our Iraqi teammates invited over their civilian Iraqi Arab friends tonight to watch the world cup on our gigantic flatscreen. And as I watched them smoking and drinking chai, playing on their phones and laughing casually at each others jokes it struck me.”

“That’s the big difference between us and them. I think most of us, MOST, would fight.

Comparatively, many of the Iraqis don’t seem to have the same priorities. He continued:

“These guys are about my age (mid and late 20s) and are from the capitol region. They act like they don’t have a care in the world. .. utterly convinced that the U.S. will return and save them.”

I can’t say I share his optimism about the average U.S. citizen. I feel that our society is in steady decline and most of our citizens are equally as disconnected. Hopefully, they will not be so when the threat is on their doorsteps, as it is currently for most citizens of Iraq.