A Company of Singletons


Training.  We all promote it, participate in it, and enjoy criticizing the methods of others.  It seems everyone with a gun is running some type of training program these days – from former Special Operations guys to Police Officers.  It is the first thing we recommend after a new shooter purchases their first firearm.  Training.

Many of the training regimens that are being heavily promoted today are in relation to the proverbial, “Shit Hits The Fan” scenario where a breakdown of modern society occurs.  Every one that I have seen, centers around the individual.   This is important for everyone, and especially heads of households who have other people to care for.

But, I also see a lot of people describing their “plan” for post collapse and it often involves joining families together into a community, or a “prepper group.”  As all of these people would consider themselves to be “alpha types,” how do they plan to address the inevitable and anticipated clashes of authority?  Who will decide who is in charge?  Just loke every militia-type personnis going to carry the erroneous rank of “Colonel,” how are these groups going to learn to cooperate for the common good of the community?

In the weeks and months that followed a real collapse of society, I envision the arrival of men on horseback, their tacticool gear and weapons prominantly displayed, intending to press their dominion over the area.

“I’m Colonel (they’re always Colonels) Buck Sanders and your community falls under the jurisdiction of region 7 of the Ohio Freeperson Command,” their leader might say.

And that’s when I will shoot him in the face and steal his horse.  Hey, don’t look at me like that!  I didn’t vote for the guy.

The question remains – how are you going to decide who is in charge?  Will it be left up to a democratic vote?  While this may give you a leader who is initially very popular, they may also be a complete idiot when it comes matters of community relations, planning, logistics, and strategy.  (Cough cough.. OBama)

“Johnny Killemall was a Marine Sergeant and did 8 combat tours.  Let’s put him in charge!”  Why? Do you really think serving in combat makes you an effective leader, planner, strategist, and diplomat?  Let me assure you that it does not.

“Billy was an officer!  They know leadership.  Let’s elect him!”  Again, really?  Have you ever served in the military?  Half the officers I’ve met were complete idiots with no vision and zero leadership qualities.  The same could be said for probably more than half of the NCO Corps.

You may find that the corporate manager, the one with NO combat experience, possesses the best managerial and leadership qualities.  Don’t be surprised.  It’s what they do for a living – managing people and resources for the most cost-effective solutions to problems.

Survival isn’t about combat.  Yes, it is a component, but survival involves much more than that.  Someone has to be in charge.  Perhaps it will be a council made up of the leaders of the family clans.  Perhaps there will be regionally elected people who then comprise a committee.  Whatever it eventually looks like, deciding who should lead and who should follow will not be a simple task.  Most people possess absolutely no leadership qualities.  As a people, we often elect them anyway.

The “prepper community” needs to develop a leadership training program to develop those necessary guides and mentors that will usher the remaining citizens toward rebuilding and long-term viability.  So far, we are training individuals who believe they will all be acting alone, as singletons, when the shit hits the fan.   Long term, that will never work.

Food for thought.  I look forward to the discussion.