The Expert Opinion – often just a load of BS

For two days now, I have read numerous articles that included so-called “Expert” opinions regarding the Malaysian Airlines tragedy in Ukraine.  The common thread of these opinions and articles seems to be that there is no way the Russian Separatists in eastern Ukraine could have launched an anti-aircraft missile of the type believed to be used without technical assistance and on-site Russian advisors.  These “opinions” are just that – opinions.  I tend to look at things a bit differently.

How many of these separatists are military veterans?  How many of them may have once served in an artillery unit, or were specifically AA missile crewmembers?  We don’t know the answers to these questions.  Russians are also crossing the border to aid the separatists and these Russians are not official Russian Federation soldiers.  You could look at them as mercenaries or commie-jihadists, so to speak.  How many of them have experience with such systems?

Most military equipment is designed to be operated, not by scientists and engineers, but simple soldiers.  All of those times when we, as soldiers, got angry because people would refer to us as dumb grunts, well, it’s pretty much true.  The average soldier is a kid between 17 and 20 years old with only a standard education equivalent to graduating High School.  Get this, those same people operate missile systems ALL THE TIME.  In fact, I used to work with 18 year old kids who know how to operate and launch nuclear missiles.

Furthermore, when was the last time you found a complex weapons system that did not have binders and FMs on it’s proper employment and operation?  If separatists got their hands on enemy (Ukrainian) equipment, it is completely reasonable to believe they could figure out how to activate it and employ it on the battlefield.  These are not cave-dwelling, illiterate, goat herders, ladies and gentlemen.   By the way, Ukrainian equipment is old Russian equipment.  Anyone with experience with Russian missiles would be able to utilize Ukrainian missiles.

I hate the Russians.  It is in my blood.  As a child of, and soldier of, the Cold War, I can’t help it.  It is how I was trained to be.  So, don’t take this as a defense of those modern commie bastards because it is not.  It is an admonition to not appear foolish by thinking that only the Russian Army could have possibly taught those separatists how to use those anti-aircraft systems.  That simply isn’t true and it just shows an incredible lack of knowledge in regard to how things actually work in the militaries around the world.  I would suspect that there are a handful of people reading this right now who, if they came across a BUK M2 missile system, could eventually figure out how to make it work.  So, how about we don’t jump to conclusions at every opportunity and make ourselves appear to be just another bunch of party-line spouting drones?  Let’s try that for a while.  Think.