Expired Passports = False Flag: The downing of MH17

This is another fast debunk courtesy of my friend and Private Investigator, Ed.  Ed seems to enjoy raising my blood pressure and providing entertainment for my readers.  (Love ya, ED!)  I have thrown this one together quickly because it is an easy conspiracy to tackle.  In fact, I think my combined total in research time reached a whopping 15 minutes.

The heavily researched (cough cough) meme that appears on David Icke's Facebook page.

The heavily researched (cough cough) meme that appears on David Icke’s Facebook page.

On Icke’s website, the subheading for this meme suggests that pristine and expired passports were allegedly found at the crashsite of the Malaysian air flight that was shot down over Ukraine last week.  First, I will tackle the expired part of the equation, because nobody carries an expired passport while traveling, right?


If you are a world traveler and frequently bounce between country and country in places where countries are the size of small, U.S. States, you will be in possession of multiple Visas that allow you entry into an assortment of countries.  These Visas are tied to your passport number.  They are not, however, tied to your passport’s expiration date.  Thus, it is common to have an active and legitimate Visa at the time your passport expires.  So, how do you deal with this situation?  When you renew your passport and are given a new one, they hole-punch or clip the old passport to show that it is no longer useful for travel, leave the legitimate Visas intact, and give you back the old passport.  This way, your Visas can still be verified against your original passport, although expired, and all of the documentation along with your identity are verified with your NEW passport.  So, a frequent, world traveler would quite legitimately be in possession of their current passport along with their expired passport and all associated Visas.  The End.

Okay, so not really the absolute end.

The photo used in the meme is a frame grab from a YouTube video that is linked within Icke’s blurb on the subject.  The link to that page is located HERE.

THAT page links to the original story located on 21stcenturywire and is found HERE.

And, the offending video, created and narrated by what appears to be a drunk, retarded hillbilly, is found HERE.

And, another video from a more intelligent, if not pompous sounding, foreign guy HERE.

That should just about cover that portion of the accusations.  But, what about the huge fireball and the death and destruction that no passport could possibly have survived?  (sigh…)  Okay, here goes.



If you look closely at the above photographs, taken of the wreckage of MH17, it would be impossible to believe that anything survived that crash.  Everything must have been obliterated and burned beyond recognition.  Right?


These are ALSO photographs taken at the MH17 crashsite…



Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in eastern Ukraine

Obviously, not everything on MH17 was destroyed by explosion and fire.  Large sections of the plane did not burn, char, or otherwise suffer extreme heat and licking flame.  Paperback books, clothing, luggage, plastic containers, and even pillows survived the crash.  Only an idiot could fail to believe that a passport, or at least 100 passports, also survived the crash.

Why are they relatively pristine?  Good question!  But, you are reaching.  Back up a step.  You need a Tic-Tac.

Where do you keep your most important documents?  In your front pants pocket with your keys?  Sitting on your seatback tray-table next to your gin and tonic and stale, hard, ham and swiss sandwich?  No.  It would be tucked away in a pocket in your backpack, carry-on bag, purse, or messenger bag.  It would have even MORE protection than just your copy of Brad Thor’s latest, Act Of War, or perhaps Mark Greaney’s latest Tom Clancy thriller, Support and Defend.  (Both excellent reads if you were wondering.)

David Icke has only recently come to the attention of The Elder Statesman.  He seems to be even farther out there than Alex Jones.  He also apparently hates Jews.  At least he hates Israel, which is made perfectly clear by half of the things he writes and posts online.  So, the Jew-hating conspiranazi will be a force to be reckoned with in my future I am sure.  Just based on what I saw on his Facebook page, I could keep myself busy for the next couple of years just debunking his Facebook posts alone.

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

Not me, anyway.

Until next time, Train Safe, Train Hard, Stay alive…. and don’t be a conspiratard.











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  1. Hoo-boy, you are in for a treat. Icke also believes that shape-shifting blood drinking lizards run the world. Honestly – I’m not making that up.

    Go to YouTube and search for “shape shifting lizards” or some other nonsense and you’ll get a full dose of crazy from the Icke camp.

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