Updated with Video- T&E: AKMD/TRS-25 Mount from RS Regulate

AK-300 Modular Side Mount System

AKMD Optics Mount for Bushnell TRS25 Red-Dot Optic


During a recent conversation about optic options for my Romanian WASR 10/63 rifle, I was introduced to a man named Scot Hoskisson from RS (Royally Screwed) Regulate.  Scot informed me that he had an innovative AK side-rail mounting system that might interest me.  Having dealt with the bulky, clunky selections currently on the market, I was eager to take a look at something a bit more streamlined and modern in its design.  After a brief conversation with Scot, I was then presented with my first dilemma – I didn’t have an optic for my rifle.

Relying upon Scot’s expertise with the AK-pattern rifle, I allowed him to make some recommendations.  I settled on the Bushnell TRS25 red-dot sight.  I liked its compact size and simplicity.  Since it was designed to be used with shotguns as well as rifles, I figured it could withstand the beating it would receive from my 7.62x39mm WASR.  I ordered the Bushnell and informed Scot of my decision.

As it turns out, I was about to become extra lucky in this transaction.  It seemed that I would be the first person to do an official review of RS’s newest optic mount, the AKMD, specifically designed for the TRS25 sight.  Scot acknowledged my choice and told me the mount would be on its way.  In another fortunate turn of events, both the package from RS and the Optic from Bushnell arrived on the same day.

A rear view of the AKMD and AK303 mounts.

A rear view of the AKMD and AK303 mounts.

Because my AK had been recently feeling neglected, I immediately went to work putting the AK-303 and AKMD together.  I was immediately struck by the innovative Low Profile Lock System that anchors the mount to the AK’s side rail.  Because every rail is going to have differing degrees of wear, damage, etc., the AK-300 series mounts have a unique locking lever that is adjustable for tension against the rail.  Making small adjustments with the tension nut, I was able to achieve the perfect fit to my rail.  Since this review is specifically for the AKMD TRS25 mount, I will not spend much time discussing the AK-303 that was included with my review package, but I am fully impressed.  I am also not alone in this assessment.  Appearing on the RSRegulate website is this note from retired Delta Operator and all around Gun Guru, Larry Vickers:

“A superbly designed and extremely well made mount that the AK market has been in need of for a very long time. Serious AK fans look no further for your side rail mount needs!”
– Larry Vickers, Vickers Tactical

You can’t get a much better endorsement for your product than that.


The AKMD mounts to the AK-300 series of rail mounts utilizing a precision “tongue and groove” design.  The precise engineering and manufacturing of these parts allows for absolutely no “wiggling” between the pieces.  Once the two parts are mated, they are held in place by two hex bolts.  The bolts rest in slots that allow for adjustment of the sight to the users liking and to allow for variations in rails.  Placing the AKMD directly over the bore of the WASR was simple to accomplish.  As for the TRS25, the fit of the mount is perfect.  When I say perfect, I don’t mean it can be adjusted to perfection or that it has an “acceptable” amount of movement between the parts.  When I say perfect, I mean perfect.  There is no movement between the TRS25 and the AKMD mount.

The TRS25 and AKMD shown from the starboard side of the WASR 10/63.

The TRS25 and AKMD shown from the starboard side of the WASR 10/63.

The skeletonized design of this system creates a very light addition to the rifle’s weight.  It doesn’t protrude from the side of the rifle as much as the other rail mount designs I have tried either.  Rounded corners and smoothed edges also prevents snagging on gear or clothing and the occasional tearing of skin that is found with other style mounts of questionable manufacture.

The Bushnell TRS25 performed as advertised and provided me with a fun day at the range with the old WASR.  This relatively inexpensive red-dot is going to get a lot of use in the future and a few of its siblings might be appearing on other rifles in the Elder arms room.  Since Bushnell hasn’t asked me for a review of their product, that’s all they will get with regard to their optic.  (But, it’s pretty damned cool.)


Although I can view the very top of my rear sight in the bottom of the TRS25 in the AKMD mount, co-witnessing your iron sights is not possible with the current setup.  I am not overly concerned with this.  If you have attended a quality carbine course utilizing optics, you may have learned that you can utilize your optic even if the battery dies.  Hitting a human-sized target without the dot is relatively easy and, during the course I attended with Joe Weyer and Mike Jones out at Alliance Police Training, I was hitting targets much smaller than a torso using this method.  If your optic does go down, and you feel you absolutely must resort to iron sights, the rail mount is quickly removed with a flick of the lever and a strong tug rearward on the mount.

The banged up rail on the side of my WASR could never be described as precision machined, but I decided to check the “return to zero factor” of the system anyway.  I fully removed the AK-303, fired a few rounds using iron sights, then remounted the AK-303 and checked my zero against previous targets.  There was a slight deviation in the zero of the optic after remounting, but nothing that would be considered extraordinary or outside of the “minute of man” standard used with the AK rifle.


The AKMD, as stated above, is a precision piece of equipment and exceeded my expectations.  If you are considering mounting a Bushnell TRS25 on your AK pattern rifle, I can go out on a limb and say that you will not find a better mount for it.

The AK-300 Modular Rail Mounting System is one of the most innovative and well built accessories I have ever had the pleasure of testing.  It comes in a variety of configurations.  The one shown in this review is the full-length mount.  It is also available in a forward bias, or rearward bias, if you only intend to mount a single, small optic to your rifle.  It is available for a variety of AK pattern rifles so, if you happen to have a VEPR, or other configuration, RS Regulate has a mount that will accommodate you.

Scot informed me that this was a tough piece of equipment for tough rifles and I believe him.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have banged it around, shot with it, and shoved it into the safe haphazardly.  I have seen no effect to the mount, the optic, or the zero after such inexcusable conduct.  If you are looking to upgrade your old AK, I don’t think you will find a better product.  I am sold and an RS mount will be mated to my next AK rifle.  And the next one after that.

For more details on the AK-300 system, visit the RS website at www.rsregulate.com.

Below is a brief video introduction to the AK-300 system posted to my YouTube channel, Milproakron.









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