Because I am often asked if I believe in ANY conspiracies, and I am often accused of believing that our government has nothing to hide, I thought I would take a few minutes to come clean on a few things.  I will put my cards on the table here, or at least some of them, and I will anxiously await your responses.


You’re damn right I do.


Because most people are stupid and what they believe isn’t possible.  That’s why.  In our modern world, people have been conditioned to believe just about anything.  And I mean anything.  There are people who believe that shape-shifting lizard men are secretly manipulating our world and controlling our leaders.  Although that might make for an interesting B movie starring someone like a former professional wrestler or, perhaps, one of the lesser influential Baldwin brothers, it’s just complete and utter stupidity.

People believe anything they see on television or on the internet, both good and bad.  Some turn into sycophantic followers of their favorite politician while others take a different route and believe every Facebook meme they see in their news feed is the absolute truth.  Either way, the ignorance of them and the relative ease with which they are manipulated angers me.  In fact, if I were emperor, I would have them all shot.

The truth is that most of the representatives we send to State houses and Washington D.C. are as dumb as a box of rocks and are no better at running our world than Joe the auto mechanic down the street.  We become worshippers at the alter of popularity and we deserve what we get as a result of that ignorance.




What?  Haven’t you ever opened a history book or maybe even watched an episode of Star Trek?  Just about every utopian view of the world’s future that can be found in print involves one world, one people, all working together for the advancement of the HUMAN race.  It has been the ideal for many years and can be traced through our own political system for at least the last 120 years.  One could look at the U.N. and its predecessor, the League of Nations, as a form of it.  So, is there an agenda being played out to this end?  Most definitely so.  I’m sure the power elites from around the world sit in conference rooms sipping tea and plotting such a thing quite often and they’ve been doing it for many years.  The problem is that half of the world isn’t playing along.  So, any Star Trek-like future where nationalities are a thing of the past is quite a far way off for us silly mortals who can’t even get along in our own counties, let alone nations and regions.  In our far off future, if mankind survives that long, a global form of government is probably an inevitability.  Does that mean I will like it?  Nope.  But we won’t be here to witness it.  It will happen over many, many generations and by the time it arrives, most of the word’s citizens will view themselves as just that – global citizens.  They are being taught that as we speak.


Oh, hell yeah!


It is a matter of science, not conspiracy theory and imagination.  The vastness of our universe virtually mandates that there are other forms of life beyond our own world.  Mathematicians have estimated that it should actually be quite common in our universe.  So, it is my opinion that, yes, I do believe in alien life.  Now, does that mean they are visiting us and doing nasty things to our cows?  Not really.  Does it mean that we have never been visited by an alien species?  No.  But, based on the vastness of our universe and the great distances one would have to travel in order to encounter another life form, I find it incredibly unlikely that anyone is simply stopping by to check out our bovine population.  Finding us would be as big of a discovery for them as it would be for us to realize they were here.  I would assume there would be some sort of protocol for such things.  Perhaps a Field Manual or something.  But, if we send out a friendly signal into space, it would probably be at least 100 years before it arrived at any region supporting life.  Then, they would want to respond to our signal and we would wait another 100 years for it to arrive.  By the time it did so, would we even remember that we had sent such a signal?  Would our civilization have possibly nearly destroyed itself and lost all record of us ever sending such a signal?  Would we even recognize that we received such a reply?  There are far too many questions and very few answers.  I suspect that, until we develop a means of travel that can quickly and safely take us beyond our own solar system, our chances of encountering another civilization are almost nonexistent.

I would hazard to guess that there is a larger consensus on the existence of alien life than that which exists for the existence of man-made global warming.  At least among people with large brains and high IQs anyway.


I have yet to see any photo or video of a UFO that can’t be explained either by aircraft I know exists, or by hoax and, over the years, I have seen and studied thousands of them.  It was sort of a hobby of mine.  Any good investigator is fascinated by difficult investigations.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into the category of “idiot.”  Just because YOU can’t explain what you saw, that doesn’t mean what you saw can’t be explained.


Absolutely!  That’s what governments do.  Benghazi, anyone?  I don’t trust the government any more than you do.  But there is a difference between a rational and reasonable suspicion and the idea that everything government says and does is part of some grand conspiracy.  Is our government involved in some shady shenanigans? Yes.  And it always has been.  Do I think government agents attacked the World Trade Center and killed thousands of our own citizens?  Nope.  That is simply idiotic.  Why?  Easy.  Because it would have involved the complicity of thousands of people.  Americans can’t keep their mouths shut about anything.  Nothing!  You call Ed Snowden a hero for being a whistle-blower (he’s no hero, by the way) and there has been a fairly long string of whistle-blowers over the years who have effectively put an end to their careers because they just couldn’t keep their secret any longer.  Things like the EPA, the IRS, weapons research, chemicals being dumped into our waterways, and even which politician, or President, is banging the intern in their office.  Do you seriously think there wouldn’t be one single person who would spill the beans about the most egregious act of treason ever perpetrated upon our country?  No one?  Not a single person?


So, there are the major revelations you may not have expected.  I’m glad I cleared the air on it.  I debunk ignorant conspiracy theories and ridicule people over them because they should be spending their time investigating things that actually exist.  Every conspiracy theory is generated by someone who wasn’t present for the alleged conspiracy event.  I have yet to read a single eye witness to 9/11 give a sworn statement that no airplane hit either of the twin towers.  Not a single employee of the Pentagon has come forward and sworn that no plane could have possibly struck the largest office complex in the world.  I have never seen an interview or read a report from a single person involved in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, or any of the survivors or family members, stating that no shooting took place and it was all a hoax.  You won’t find one either.  Oh, there are people out there claiming to have insider knowledge or a tipster hiding somewhere in their basement, but it is all just a figment of their imagination.

Don’t even get me started on “chemtrails.”  Seriously, steer clear of that one.

Being ignorant is one thing, but, due to access to the internet and a conspiracy-hungry audience, ignorance is now shared as fact.  It is making us dumber by the minute.  My mission is to lessen the ignorance.  It is a small contribution, but it is mine.  Government corruption, political power struggles, out of control governments drunk on power, the deterioration of liberty, and the intentional deterioration of our culture – those are real things, real conspiracies.  No lizard men required.








  1. I have just found out about you on you tube while looking for some advise one improving my shot accuracy with my new PPQ and have spent most of my time reading your articles now . I just want to say I really enjoy them and I am looking forward to your four novel compendium that is due to come out soon as I will be buying it. Hope to see more and more of your work become more and more mainstream!

  2. its crazy how little of a shit I can give about what “ross elder” thinks or believes. from what ive seen so far he looks like a self serving prick to me.

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