Special Forces? Who gives a shit?

SEAL? Pfffth So what?

“But, he was CIA!”

And THAT is supposed to make me trust him?  Seriously?

Am I expected to show deference to someone simply because they graduated a different school than someone else?  Does that truly make them as “special” as the general public makes them out to be?


Holy shit, he just said that in public.

Yes, I did.

I’m writing this because my social media feeds have been inundated with nothing but BS about Jesse Ventura and a pair of Green Berets in a pissing match over who is more wrong.  I’m tired of it.  So, here is the low-down, dirty truth.

Rangers, Green Berets, SEALs – they’re just people.  Flawed, sometimes misguided, but well trained people.  To be honest, half of the military guys I’ve met who held “special” status were assholes.  Complete assholes.

Part of the reason is that they are trained to believe, and treated as though, rules don’t apply to them.  No alcohol allowed in Afghanistan for the troops?  HA!  If you want a drink, just swing by one of the SEAL or ODA compounds.  They’re special.  So they start to believe they are special.

I read a lot of SOF fanboy garbage posted every single day.  People believe what SOF members say simply because they are SOF.  Do you think honesty and integrity are inherent among all people capable of passing selection?  Are you stupid or something?  You could probably find quite a few people capable of graduating BUD/S in your local prison.  Think about it. It has gotten so bad that former military members are really, really stretching the truth so they can describe their military careers as “unconventional” or “special.”

Personally, I’m not shocked over the lawsuits and bitter feuds.  Honesty and integrity are not traits typically learned in adulthood.  There certainly isn’t a military course that can create those traits in a person.  You either have it, or you don’t.  What color beanie you wear on your head doesn’t make a difference.

Some SOF types are shady as fuck.  You have to accept that.  If you are siding with someone just because they hold that title of “special,” you’re an idiot and should not participate in that discussion.

I count several Rangers, Green Berets, and SEALs among my friends.  They are men of honor and integrity and I know their intentions.  I would also guarantee you they did not gain those traits by graduating a course.  They possessed them before they raised their hands to take the oath.

Stop being a fanboy and start treating people according to their actions, not their resumé.