The Debunk of All Debunks – Who IS Alex Jones? (ongoing updates)


As you all know by now, occasionally, a friend, colleague, or social media acquaintance slips me a note and asks me to look into a specific conspiracy that has been dificult to prove or disprove.  Well, this week, that little note was a whopper.  Although I have gone out of my way to debunk as many of Alex Jones’ theories as possible, I have never considered looking into the man himself.  That very thing was requested of me.

One of the many photo comparisons found on the internet supporting a conspiracy theory.

One of the many photo comparisons found on the internet supporting a conspiracy theory.  Oddly, this photo actually helps DISPROVE the theory. 


That is the conspiracy theory anyway.  If you search those words in any web browser you will find a plethora of articles, photos, opinions, and videos from both sides of the argument.  Some believe that Alex Jones is, in fact, comedian Bill Hicks, who was probably best known for being banned from the David Letterman show over his last appearance on that late night program.  Hicks appeared some 12 times on Letterman but his final set was cut completely from the show because Letterman and the producers found it to be too controversial.  Years later, Letterman, with Hicks’ mother as a guest, played the deleted set for all the world to see.  It seemed that just a few years needed to pass before network television would display something of that nature in its programming.  My, how times have changed.  I think if Hicks did that set today, naked, blowing up balloons with his ass, it would still make it onto the screen.

To continue with the conspiracy theory, as the story goes, Hicks faked his death and went underground for about 2 years, re-emerging as Alex Jones, commentator, activist, and conspiracy nutjob.  The story that Hicks suffered from pancreatic cancer, was treated quietly, and eventually succumbed to the disease in 1993, was all a grand charade, perpetrated by a gifted comedian and social commentator.

The late (?) comedian, Bill Hicks.

The late (?) comedian, Bill Hicks.

Adding more fuel to the conspiracy fire was the fact that Hicks’ long time friend and producer, Kevin Booth, arrived at Jones’ side when Alex began making headway in his own career.  Surrounded by Hicks’ friends and coworkers, and bearing a remarkable resemblance to Hicks, Alex Jones began creating a media empire from the very same social commentary for which Hicks was well known.

Many of the theorists even claimed that you can’t find a photograph of Alex Jones before 1994.  Not one.  And there is no record of him attending the schools he claims to have attended in his younger days.  Obviously, Jones did not exist before Hicks died.

The conspiracy is too beautiful to ignore.  The elements are perfect and the idea that Hicks could have pulled such an obvious, and brazen joke on the people of the world was such a fantastic idea that people want to believe it.  I wanted to believe it!  Hell, I determined when I set out on this quest that if I did figure out that Jones really was Hicks, I would keep that information to myself and just sit back and laugh as Bill made a mockery of everything we hold dear.



I began looking into this conspiracy theory a few days ago.  Then I enlisted the help of my friend, Ed Gawrelak, a private investigator in Michigan.  Ed and I started really digging into the story piece by piece.  We performed photo comparisons, voice analysis, studied the mannerisms of the two men, compared biographies, and performed records searches.

There are several things that do in fact support the theory.  Superficially, the two men do look very similar.  Their faces and frequently used expressions have many similarities.  Their mannerisms are also very similar.  There are many photos on the internet supporting those facts but, during real analysis, I determined that some of those photos have been altered to better support the conspiracy theory.  I have another theory about this but I will cover that at the end.

Yearbook photo of Alex Jones.  Anderson High School, Austin, Texas.

Yearbook photo of Alex Jones. Anderson High School, (Correction – this photo is from Rockwall High School, also in Austin.  1990) Austin, Texas.

The first success in this investigation was the discovery of yearbook photos of both men.  Both men attended the high schools they claimed to attend in their biographies and both can clearly be seen in the accompanying yearbook photos.  Since Jones’ photo is pre-1994, the assertion that no photos of Jones exist prior to 1994 was thoroughly debunked.

Hicks' freshman year photo.

Hicks’ freshman year photo.


A later HS yearbook photo of Hicks.

A later HS yearbook photo of Hicks.

Is this Alex Jones in the group photo of the class of 1993, Anderson High School, Austin Texas?  You be the judge.  (Update 8/1/14)

The Class of 1993 group photo with who I suspect is Alex Jones circled.  Jones is listed among the names at the bottom of the photograph but the students are not listed by location just alphabetically.

The Class of 1993 group photo with who I suspect is Alex Jones circled. Jones is listed among the names at the bottom of the photograph but the students are not listed by location just alphabetically.

As you can see from the photos, as teenagers, there is no resemblance between Hicks and Jones.  I will not reveal the exact methods Ed and I utilized to make our photo comparisons because those are tools of the investigative trade that you will all have to learn on your own.  Ed and I made our bones in this field so you guys will just have to do the same and figure it out.  But, there are certain things about your appearance you cannot change.  Those things are used by intelligence and investigative professionals to identify people all over the world, even when you can’t see their face. Additionally, Hicks was 6’1″ tall. Jones is 5’10” at best and that may be exaggerating a bit. This height was verified by photo comparisons as well, with Jones standing next to other well known people for whom a definitive height is documented.

Ed’s investigation was in-depth enough that he obtained information and documented histories that cannot be faked.  This information will also not be shared for the privacy of the subjects.  Just because I dislike Jones and refute most things he says, he deserves his privacy just as much as you and I.  I can only say that the information is irrefutable.

The grave marker where Bill Hicks is buried in Mississippi.

The grave marker where Bill Hicks is buried in Mississippi.


Hicks is dead.  Yes, his quiet struggle with his illness, his seemingly sudden passing, and the lack of publicity at his funeral help feed the conspiracy theory, but, according to official records, Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer at the far too early age of 32.  And, if other rumors surrounding this seemingly brilliant comedian are also true, Denis Leary had to start stealing jokes from someone else.  Oddly enough, comedian (as if he was ever funny) and talk show host Bill Maher likely stole his most controversial line ever from Bill Hicks.  Soon after 9/11, Maher said, “We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly.  Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly.”

During one stand up set, Bill Hicks once said, soon after the Gulf War of 1991, “I love the way we talk about “cowardly suicide bombers” these guys drive cars filled with bombs because that’s the only way they can fight back against the “New World Order”, meanwhile we launch cruise missiles from floating iron islands 200 miles away. Who are the cowards again?”


Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks.  Jones is apparently a Hicks admirer, and Kevin Booth joined forces with Jones to help him begin producing professional content.  People say Jones has had facial surgery to alter his appearance but, if he did, he may have done so in order to look MORE like Hicks, not less.   The mannerisms and language are probably the product of coaching, by the same producers and handlers who worked with Hicks.  That explains the similarities.  Booth’s interests in conspiracies and social commentary would naturally draw him to public faces that shared his vision of the world.  The ideologies of Hicks and Jones are very similar so it would only be natural for Booth to be involved in Jones’ future once he was so unfortunately unemployed.

So, I have spent a lot of time disagreeing with and proving Jones wrong.  Today, and you should mark this down for the sake of history, I will proclaim that Alex Jones was right.  He is not Bill Hicks.  Jones once said he WAS Bill Hicks during one of his broadcasts but it is obvious from watching the entire segment that he said so in jest.  He later corrected his statement for his listeners.

RIP Bill Hicks.  And, Alex, don’t think I’ve gone soft.  I will be back to do battle in the arena of investigative procedure over more of your crazy theories later.

Update – 8/1/14 

For added enjoyment (and further confirmation that Jones is NOT Hicks) here are some family photos of Jones as a young man.

















57 thoughts on “The Debunk of All Debunks – Who IS Alex Jones? (ongoing updates)

      • “Please, just trust us, you don’t need to know our secret methods, just trust us, we’re the experts.”

        That’s truly a pitiful appeal.

        Even if a guy named “Alex Jones” attended that school it doesn’t mean he’s the guy running infowars. They didn’t fake that yearbook page for no reason. Beside the curl, the head of Alex Jones was pasted in and it’s about 150% larger than all the other kids.

        Sorry, you haven’t done your homework and your ‘research’ can’t be taken seriously.

      • Well, I appreciate your dedication to your beliefs but, it simply isn’t possible. Hicks would have had to have been living as two different people for more than a decade before he faked his death. The yearbook photo is from the 1990 Rockwall High School yearbook. He later graduated from Anderson High School.

      • Besides, if I revealed our methods, then just any old person could do it and the uniqueness of what we are capable of finding would be wasted. LOL I have to protect the profession somehow… yeeesh

      • You are LYING ~ You also ? Never EVER produced the High School YEARBOOk~ I have posted $20,000 CASH reward for the High School year book ~ Produce it ? And I will pay YOU or even Jones /Hicks himself on live TV in- CASH ~ KRDL MEDIA Craig Westbrook Owner 281-704-2046

    • I checked the register for the yearbook you mentioned Alex Jones was in and there was no yearbook for that school in that year.

  1. Out of curiosity, has Jones ever replied to any accusations, charges, claims or remarks made by you or anyone else we know?

    • Yes. He has admitted it’s true -in Hicks like sarcastic way. Go look at the Kill the marking people bit, exactly same mannerisms, cadence and pattern

      • First find a pic from Anderson high school
        Second the man u say is Alex in the senior pic is wrong that guy is wearing glasses and jones doesnt or has ever had pics of him wearing glasses.
        He was also a linebacker so shouldn’t he be wearing a letter jacket ??
        So how was it determined that, that was him ??

  2. First find a pic from Anderson high school
    Second the man u say is Alex in the senior pic is wrong that guy is wearing glasses and jones doesnt or has ever had pics of him wearing glasses.
    He was also a linebacker so shouldn’t he be wearing a letter jacket ??

  3. I looked up the two men at Intelius claims to have access to billions of public information documents. Found my own info there and it was pretty accurate. Anyway, William Melvin Hicks, 12/16/61 to 2/26/94, born Valdosta, GA, is found. And Alexander E. Jones, born 2/11/74 Dallas, TX, is found. Jones’ marriage info is found in the Texas Marriage Index at, married 11/8/07. The public document record seems to show two distinct men. If you want some fun, though, consider the case of one Vicki Weaver (she of Ruby Ridge fame). The public record seems to lend support to the allegations made in that video. Too much photoshopping going on today, Emilie Parker of the Sandy Hook psyop, etc, etc, etc. Most believe they saw two planes strike the twin towers. Set aside preconceived notions. LOOK! at the videos. They’re CGI. No loss of velocity as plane enters building (2nd plane), and the Naudet brothers’ video of the 1st plane strike is fake (, etc.

  4. Elder, you apparently didn’t like my post even though I supported your contention that they are in fact two men. Were you troubled I mentioned the Sandy Hook psyop? The possibility Vicki Weaver is alive under the alias Youngblood? Or maybe it was because I pointed out revealing info on the 911 psyop. You a disinformation agent? If not, you sure moderate with an iron fist. Grow a little backbone, Elder. Truth doesn’t need moderation.

  5. Well, now I’m not sure what’s going on. I come back to this article today, after booting up my computer, and my post isn’t revealed (at least to me). I send another post to castigate you over it, and now the post does show up. Forgive me Elder, I see I was mistaken. How often in my life I’ve made hasty judgements without having all the info!

    • Mark, under the old settings, everyone’s first comment had to be moderated. After approved, that person could then comment without moderation. Your first comment must have been under the old rules. Since then, I changed it to open commenting without moderation. I must have not seen your original comment. I just found it and approved it. I started getting inundated with comments to approve and couldn’t keep up. That’s why I changed it to unmoderated.

  6. No, I’m back to believing you censored my original post. I opened a different browser (no cookies present) and find that my original post does NOT show up under this article, but the other two I just did, do. What’s going on, Elder? Do you have the means to censor content so that it selectively shows up? I’m guessing once I post this comment in the new browser, the censored comment when then show up for only me to see. Am I way off on this? Care to reply?

  7. It’s true. Once I posted the last comment the original post THEN shows up. But I do see that the original post still says “awaiting moderation”. How long does it take you to moderate, Elder? What trigger words caused a moderation note in the first post?

    • I changed the moderated comments option a few weeks ago because I couldn’t keep up with them all. No moderation is necessary to comment on this blog at this time.

      Did I miss one before I changed it? I don’t delete comments. Even the ones I don’t agree with were approved. I believe in open discourse.

  8. Alex Jones isn’t funny or even remotely likeable. I do believe his claim to be 39 years old to be dubious and absurd. It’s not like he’s a 29 year old actress trying to play a teenager. IT IS FAR more likely that he is a shapeshifting Mr. Toad.

  9. Alright first off let me state that the Alex Jones in the yearbook photo is NOT the same Alex Jones we have today. Bill Hicks assumed this identity after he faked his death (whatever happened to the real Jones is beyond me). Go to Youtube and type: Alex Jones and Jeff Davis 1997. There is the actual Alex Jones and then compare it to the Alex Jones we see today, also in 1997. They are distinctly two different people.

  10. the area under the nose and above the mouth can not be changed with surgery (the dimple)

    also the ear shape is almost impossible to do. (it looks like a hack job when they do it)

    hicks wasn’t/isn’t alex jones

    i think alex jones has handlers that steer his content to get what they want released to the sheep and i wouldnt be surprised if his handlers were from the Cocaine. Importing. Agency.

    bottom line if its on the tv or radio there is a powerful jew behind it. (not anti semetic…look it up) so a powerful jew approved this content and allows it to be broadcast. otherwise you would never have heard the name alex jones EVER…..they let you hear what the WANT you to hear…remember

    now do you really think if Alex Jones had any truth to tell the NWO/Zionists/Jesuits whoever runs the world this month would allow him to #1 live and #2 broadcast their secret plans to whoever wants to hear it.

    • Jones has N$EVER attacked Israel covered Palestine or Sandyhook ~ proclaims he is a Zionist ~ You ? have no clue what the Mossad Stratfor and the CIA are capable of ~ $20,000 Cash Reward to ANYONE who can produce Alex Jones High School Yearbooks ~ 281-704-2046 KRDL MEDIA Craig Westbrook ~
      I wilk even pay Jones on Live TV for the year books ~ ANYONE want $20,000 ? YEARBOOKS ! Physical books . Not pictures photo shopped the actual YEARBOOK(S)
      Jones is 100% backed by Ashakanazi Jewish advertisers !~

  11. well in your comparison photos of alex and bill there is two distinct blemishes on the left side of eithers face and they are exactly in the same place and spaceing in both photos so please exsplain?

  12. look guys im about 99% sure the guy that’s alex jones is in fact,bill hicks. ive loved what jones has been doing for years. this cia,aluminati replacement is huge.theres been so many,doubles and replacements,that no one notices. ive got a laundry list. but most of you would just poo,hoo it.two things I will say that was over looked by the powers that be….look at the the part in the young blond alex jones hair,its on the right side of his head,now look at alexs and bills hair its parted on the left. this may not seem like much,but once a man starts parting his hair ,he never changes it. the other is his teeth,they are not similar,they are identical. and alexs dad was a dentist? how many times have you seen a dentist kid with screwed up teeth,it doesnt happen. yes there was a real alex jones but when theres a replacement made the orig. is gone..not sure where. the real alex jones was a blond body builder. as you can see our alex has never been in a gym.

      • You ? Are full of it ~ $20,000 says You never saw a YEARBOOK ONE ~ Produce it~ Ive got $20,000 posted for you .. Com on big boy ~ Prove me wrong ~ 281-704-2046

    • Craig W. – Mark Sargent of “Flat Earth Clues” has a valid point about people not willing to admit they are wrong on people that look similar or have the same name (The Mark Sargent from New Jersey vs Colorado) and will declare anyone that disagrees with them their “enemy” or a “shill”.

      ron – “..but once a man starts parting his hair ,he never changes it.”
      Utter nonsense! I have changed my hair many times in my 49 years and I have never gone back to how my mom parted it when I was a child since I hated it.

      • Only difference here. Money and legal court case. I’m posting $20,000 of my own money. I own KRDL MEDIA. NOT ONE PERSON has been able to locate a yearbook a school a class mate. School scream Anderson. To as monthly and Jones said ROCKWALL HIGH. IT DIDNT EXIST DURO G JONEZ APPROPRIATE TIME FRAME. But Kevin Booth and Jones side by side ? Less than one year apart. The denials of this ? Head in the sand chicken sh_t Muppet’s.

  13. I was going to do a big story about Alex being Bill [for a well-known website].
    As of today and your article here, I have to rethink the entire situation.
    Ross, did you ever find TWO identical high school books [same year – same high school] with the Alex Jones photo??? That’s all you need to cinch it for me. That would be case-closed.

  14. Don’t people get it that Jones plays this ‘conspiracy pf being Hicks’ card so well? He amasses publicity! It is Jones’s job to look for conspiracies and what better host for some show than a host himself targeted with conspiracy? It is a marketing trick. I saw some videos of Jones and I see nothing like Hicks in manners, yes he looks somewhat alike. That’s it.

    • You dont see a thing ~ and like 99% of all the Jones followers ?Dont ask any real questions ~ Have no real ID ~ No contact info `schilling away ~ I am Craig Westbrook Owner of KRDL Media ~ I offer $20,000 for Jones high School Year Books ~ 281-704-2046 Where is Jones DL from 1990 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 ~ Where is Jones any of these years ` Where is Jones arrest record ? In Texas we already paid several Licensed Private Investigators .. He has NEVER been arrested ~ no record ~, Yet we have seen him arrested many times in TEXAS ~ hats 100% proof INTEL AGENT ~ He does not exist pre 1994 ~Ross ? didnt spend 1 dime looking at a thing ~ I have spent tens of thousands ~ Jones is STRATFOR ~ and I am wondering who Ross really is ~ Just a lazy journo? Or another BS artist ~ Ross ~ My # posted feel free to call ~

  15. The supposed young teenager Jones photos ? 99.9% dont realize Jones is the surname of Hicks Mother ~ His first two kids 1 boy and 1 girl are alive and well ~ The teenager Jones photos ? Son #1 ~ Hicks daughter works at infowars ~ Lee Ann McAdoo child number 2 ~ And to date Ross ? You have zero photos of the year book(s)of Jones ~ And ? Rockwell High was not built till 2008 ~ Jones is Hicks ~ Wiki Leaks is hardly proof of Jones Birth certificate ~ And when is a computer read out of name count as a birth certificate ? Where is Jones DL pr 1994 ?In Texas you get a license at 15 or 16 yet Jones didnt get one til 20 Years old ? Are you really saying Jones was 20 in 1994 ? Really ? LOL ~ Remember Jones freaking out at the Texas DPS Office about finger print scanners ? LOL ! If we could get Hicks Passport with his finger prints … They will Match Jones ..Oh wait ? Some one has and a documentary will be coming very soon !

  16. my question is if you look at a pic of Alex Jones in 1994? I believe, sorry but there is no way that the alex jones now is the same person sorry but something is going on here….is bill hicks his replacement who knows…but that is not the real alex jones that we see now…

    • Jones is not Hicks….although they do look somewhat alike, their persona is very different. Jones actually liked Hicks and is well aware of him. Hicks had real class…Jones is a blowhard country bumpkin for the most part. Yes, Jones does not look like he did in 1994….he’s much fatter and older.

  17. Alex Jones is not Bill Hicks. The voice is all wrong, and Alex Jones obviously does not have the comedic talent or timing of Bill Hicks.

    • Oh but he does. He’s an amazing actor, except for when trying to cry. You can’t cry if you don’t have a conscience, and in his case he can’t even mimic that part. He does many many voices all of which are quite convincing. If nothing else, his age compared to the real Alex Jones should set of many red flags.

  18. listen to their voices–completely different voices,that’s enough right there to put the whole thing to bed

  19. Alex was age 3 when Hicks was doing stand-up at age 16. Alex still looked young in the Waco video and Hicks at that age was already looking older than Alex. Plus the yearbook dates would be 13 years off.

    • Mr simple… You haven’t seen Hicks at Waco during Waco. It’s Alex Jones. And I have $20,000 posted in CASH. TP ANYONE even liar zio pawn Jones himself . To produce the yearbooks. Two years now idiots have screamed it’s a lie . Not one person has been able to produce the books. KRDL MEDIA Craig Westbrook . Real Texas Media. 281-704-2046…Almost 3 years now. I dare anyone . Locate Jones school . The yearbook . Classmates. It’s really ez… Kevin booth and Jones went to school together at Stratford high in Houston Texas. Hey Hicks/*Jones…Sue me for slander. I dare You.

    • This is Craig From KRDL Media ~
      To whom it may concern ~
      It doesn’t really matter who Jones is or isn’t ~ His words ~. His ZIONIST proclamation ~ proves to me . The
      pseudonym that is Jones or some other reality ~
      Is just a deeper test ~ I no longer care if its Hicks or not ~
      Stage names and anonymous authors have existed for centuries ~
      I wouldn’t blame anyone who did this as per say evil ~ Just if were talking OUR country it helps to know where the PREACHERS of POLITICAL Vitriol ~ Stand ~
      If its Hicks ? Hes good at what hes done ~ Maybe a twin , an older or younger brother ~ cousins ~ which is possible ~ I no longer care who he was ~
      I notice what people don’t talk about ~
      I notice what THEY SELL ~
      I recognize a sales pitch ~ an AGENDA ~ Many do not ~
      Many don’t care because the believe the printed and visual narrative they are fed on Television PROGRAMMING on the boob tube ~ The average american does not ever leave their state ~> Many never venture far beyond there home towns ~
      The perspective if they traveled a little .. Is as a TOURIST ~ Its not the same as living in a foreign land for a length of time ~
      There is no appreciation of alternative systems and alternative practices & rules ~
      The Good and the Bad ~
      All systems have issues ~
      My objection to Jones is the Hysteria he sells ~
      His rant on CNN with Morgan ~
      Was a slap in the face to Americans ~ That idiot ? Its like having the town drunk in charge of liquor inspections ~ He does NOT REPRESENT Myself or most other SANE gun owners who don’t look forward to the moment any one has to die from a weapon ~ Jones like McCain sells a FEAR PORN ~
      Both are Zionist Both a distraction but McCain an actual Killer ~ Jones just a political preacher pedaling healing tonics and miracle revitalization products ~
      Male enhancement ~ …..
      Yea ~ Represent who ? An eclectic mix of Ruport Murdoch , John Holmes , and Charleston Heston ?
      Israel is a nation of about 7 million ~ When 3.5 million are denied the vote ~ and You still call your self a democracy ? The 120 seats in the Knesset are elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency. The electoral threshold for the 2013 elections was 2%, but on 11 March 2014 the Knesset voted to raise the threshold to 3.25%.
      There is supposedly 5.8 million – The number of Israelis who can cast their vote
      There are 5,881,696 Israelis (citizens over the age of 18) who are eligible to vote on Tuesday, according to the Central Election Committee. Of these, around 5.3 million reside in Israel. Of these, 80 percent are Jewish, 15 percent are Arab (Muslims, Druze or Christians), and 5 percent are defined as “others,” according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. The total number of eligible voters has increased by 4 percent since the January 2013 elections for the 19th Knesset, when there were 5,656,705 eligible voters. Of those, 3,833,646 actually cast their vote – a voter turnout of 67.8 percent.
      If you have a population that is not counted The Palestinians ~ So you allow a handful of Israel citizens who are Non Jew to participate And you restrict the vote to 15 % of the Non Jew population ? That My Friends is a RIGGED System ~ a Religious RACIST supremacist heaven ~
      there are 6.2 million Jews and others in Israel, 1.7 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and 2.5 million Palestinians in the West Bank. There are 1.6 million Israeli Arabs, not including Druze. Thus there are 5.8 million Arabs and 6.2 million Jews
      So You just don’t COUNT the 5 million Arabs many are Christians~ 30% of the Palestinians ARE CHRISTIAN ~
      And you deny rights to HALF the physical population ` Steal their land ~ Destroy homes illegally invade HOMES use THE army to evict families who owned the land for 300 years prior ~ Then say ~` That GOD gave Israel their HOME ~??? Wake the F ~UP ~ America ~King David Hotel 1946 ~ USS LIBERTY ~ Lavone AFFAIR ~ Johnathan Pollard ~ The Israelis arrested on 911 ~ These are just WORDS its YOUR INVITATION to READ ~ INVESTIGATE ~ THINK ~
      911 was Israels greatest fundraiser EVER ~
      JFK was killed 7 days after giving a speech warning of ?
      A MASSIVE Conspiracy to Enslave America ~
      Think I’m Lying ?
      Well then all you people in disbelief ~Angry at what You think I’m ignorant about ? ~ Cognitive disonence ~ ~ ~ Look it up ~ THINK ~
      KnowYourRealEnemy ~
      KRDL Texas only REAL: Independent MEDIA ~

  20. The kid in the yearbook IS Alex Jones. He started the Alex Jones radio show and when he was 23ish, he disappeared and was replaced by Bill Hicks running the show under Alex Jones name. There are not three people involved unless you count Kevin Booth. He’s been in with Hicks aka Alex Jones since the beginning of the takeover. What I want to know is where is the real Alex Jones as shown in the yearbook and many other photos and videos from his childhood and after starting the radio show.

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