More FEMA Camp Proof! (Again, not really)

In a brand spanking new vide released on YouTube, Alex Jones takes a call from an anonymous guest who claims to be a Naval Aviator who will provide proof that FEMA camps really exist.  This anonymous source’s only supporting information is what some guy told him.  Oh, and he watched a lot of YouTube videos and is an avid follower of Alex Jones.  Therefore, what he has to say is valid and irrefutable.

I have embedded the video below.  You can skip forward to the 3 minute mark to get right to the meat of the shocking revelation.

Fascinating, isn’t it?  I mean, that is the perfect explanation as to why FEMA is building camps in which to incarcerate millions of innocent Americans.  Right?  Because it makes perfect sense – the Government can’t afford to pay their welfare benefits any longer so they will simply lock them all up in prisons.  It’s a good solution to an aggravating problem.  Let’s put all the welfare bums in prisons!


The national average for welfare in the United States is roughly $28,000.00 per year.

The national average for imprisonment in the United States is roughly $31,300.00 per year.

You’re losing $3,300.00 on the deal for every person involved.  Now, that is directly in line with how our government seems to think you manage fiscal responsibility, but seriously, does that actually make sense?

He includes welfare and food stamps in his “insider blockbuster shocking revelation.”  That comes out to roughly 60,000,000 people in the United States.  With prisons already overcrowded by every estimate, that would require building these FEMA camps from scratch.  Even using 1995 figures, the per-bed cost of building a prison is $74,000.00 PER BED.

The cost of building enough prison space to house all of the welfare and food stamp recipients in the United States would be over $4,440,000,000,000.00.  That’s 4.4 TRILLION dollars, for those who didn’t want to count the zeroes.  So, if the government doesn’t have the money to pay these people, how do they have the money to build new prisons to house them?  Trade Unions certainly don’t put their people to work for free.

Now, if you are talking about building barracks type accommodations for these reprobates, you could save a considerable amount of cash.  Let’s say half.  $2.2 trillion.

Aside from the fact that nobody has ever actually seen a FEMA concentration camp, fiscally it doesn’t even seem possible.  If they can afford to build new prisons to incarcerate them, they can afford to keep paying their welfare payments.  Unless, of course, they intend to exterminate them via wholesale slaughter once they get them into the camps.  If so, there is also no need to build the camps.  Besides, Americans seem intent on exterminating themselves without the help of Big Gov.  Chicago is managing its population rather brutally.

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