Upturning the Page – The Deconstruction of Dan Page – UPDATED

UPDATE:  I forwarded Page’s information to a well-known Stolen Valor investigator at This Ain’t Hell.  They requested and received Page’s official active duty military records.  They posted their results to their website.  Read my update on the Page case and view the records yourself by clicking HERE.

Most of you may not be aware that I have been looking into the background of Sergeant Major Daniel Page since May.  I was sent a link to his Oath Keepers speech in Missouri by someone who wanted me to look into the various conspiracies Page promoted during his conspiracy rant/bible study session.  Page, of course, came to everyone’s attention during the upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri when he was suspended after allegedly getting physical with reporters.

Once I saw the video, I became more interested in finding out the truth about Page himself.  You see, much of his story didn’t make sense.  I don’t mean his nonsense conspiracy theories, I mean the story of his life.  You can watch the hour long lecture below.

In the video, which I’m sure most of you didn’t watch (who has that kind of time?), you will hear many claims from Page.  First, that he is a Green Beret – U.S. Army Special Forces.  He also claims to have been drafted in 1969, served in the Airborne Infantry and Rangers, and joined Special Forces after his first tour in Nam (Source – Radio interview with TruNews, 7/10/2014).  Then you will hear him claim that he was (a) Command Sergeant Major for AFRICOM and was in charge of all Special Forces and Rangers within that command.  You will also hear Page claim that he has “fought in every war since Vietnam” and “I was the very first soldier – I was the very first one in Afghanistan.  When the war started, I was already there.”

He also claims that Colonel Campbell, Commander of Special Operations Command Europe, told him (Page) about the attack of 9/11/01 before it happened.  He was told this in August of 1999.  And, again quoting Page, “30 days later you know what happened.”  Page apparently doesn’t own a calendar.  I’m still trying to find a “Colonel Campbell” among the many officers who have served with SOCEUR, but so far to no avail.  The Commander of SOCEUR seems to be a Major General grade command, however.  So, it is unlikely a simple Colonel held the post of Commander, SOCEUR.

Page also claims that there are 18,000 Spetznaz (Russian) troops at Fort Leonard Wood.  Fort Carson has 25,000 Spetznaz and Fort Polk has 1,400.  Page never explains what these Russian Spec Ops troops are doing or how it is important to the future of America.

Dan Page 2

So, our team began looking into Dan Page.  Due to some very cool connections and sources, we were first able to confirm that Page IS NOT a Green Beret.  Page worked in Civil Affairs.  This was the easiest to assume because Page has posted several photographs of himself in uniform.   A Civil Affairs patch is what appears on his uniform.  Now, how does that support the fact that Page is not SF?  You tell me one person who is SF qualified who does not wear that long tab on his uniform.  Hell, I know a 65 year old Colonel who came out of retirement to serve one last tour in Afghanistan with an SFAT team and HE still wore the SF tab he earned when he was a much younger man.  Also, Page wears the same CA patch as his Shoulder Sleeve Insignia – Former Wartime Service patch.  That’s a “Combat Patch” for you guys who never read a regulation.  That tells me one thing – that the CA patch was the only combat patch he ever earned.  If, as he says, he was an SF super soldier who served in combat in every war between Vietnam and Iraq, at some point he would have earned a Special Forces or SOC combat patch.  Soldiers HATE wearing their current unit patch as their combat patch.  The uniform looks much better with contrasting, or conflicting patches.  When they have the option, they don’t do it.  Now, a Sergeant Major may do it to show pride in their current unit and to serve as an example to the underlings, but, truthfully, my battalion XO still wore his SF combat patch.  Those who earned a Ranger Regiment scroll combat patch basically never take it off.  I think they sleep in those things.

Aside from that, another contact confirmed that Page never went through selection or attended the SF Q-Course.  He’s a fraud.  He is a stolen valor jackass.

Since he likes to portray himself as an accomplished soldier who has, “Killed a lot of people” (his words) he would have also earned a Combat Infantryman’s Badge.  At a minimum, a Combat Action Badge.  The absence of this CIB tells me he never actually served in combat with any Infantry or SF unit.  He also does not wear airborne wings, which a career Special Forces soldier would have.

Do regulations require that you wear all of these things if you earned them?  No.  It does not.  It is optional.  But, you show me one Sergeant Major in his uniform and I guarantee you he will be wearing at least something that indicates his wartime accomplishments.  Hell, even the ones who received their awards under fraudulent circumstances wear them.  No, I will not name names.  But, I could.

page slide 2


A contact at AFRICOM very adamantly stated that Page was never a CSM of, or with, AFRICOM.  Sources are currently investigating just what role Page may have played in Djibouti.  Trust me, when a bunch of Sergeant Majors get pissed off at someone making claims that aren’t true, you need to hide under a very large rock for a very long time.  You should take that advice, Dan.

As more information comes in, I will present it to the public.  Dan Page is a stolen valor dirtbag and should be publicly shamed for the rest of his life.  That process will start here.  You’re welcome.

Stay tuned for part two.






18 thoughts on “Upturning the Page – The Deconstruction of Dan Page – UPDATED

  1. Hahahahahaha! Yeah, I was in Vietnam, too, and I successfully completed the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course). And NOBODY with a Combat Action Badge (which is incidental combat) has killed “lots of people”. In fact, people that zealously talk to strangers about their many kills are in almost every case flat out liars. I suspect that Dan Page is one of those. We will know very shortly as some of a soldier’s records can be acquired without the consent of the soldiers.

    When it happens, you’ll see it on several stolen valor (small s, small v) sites such as Guardian of Valor, Military Phonies, This Ain’t Hell,,,, SF Posers and others.

  2. He claims that he has killed at 1500 yards, he’s not on the list of snipers with confirmed kills further than 1250 yards. He’s not listed in AKO so he’s not active, Reserves or National Guard. I’ll let you know when I get his records.

    • Excellent. I know of two other groups who are requesting his records as well. One of which is an association of retired and former Special Forces soldiers. They aren’t happy with Mister Page either. I look forward to seeing the results of your investigation.

  3. I also attempted to at find him at AFRICOM using google and even went to a list of sgt majors and could not find him either a few months ago. Glad you are taking the time to research this. Somebody asked for him to speak at the meeting. Maybe he was just spying on the Oath Keepers for STL?

  4. Not one question as to what his purpose might be or who he is actually working for in re: his “psychological” operations?

    • That’s because nobody believes Page is working for anyone. If he were actually conducting psychological operations, he wouldn’t be walking around telling everyone he is working in psychological operations. Page is just a loon with a head full of conspiracy theories (which he made up) who is embellishing his military record for the purposes of building credibility so he can be seen as an expert. From my understanding, he didn’t even know what oath keepers was when he agreed to speak before the group.

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  6. hey. Russ, as much as I’d like to believe sergeant major Daniel page as much as I’d like to believe you, on the same token, is there any proof I can verify what you’re sources have told you. it’s just as easy to jump on the bandwagon to discredit someone as it is to jump on the same bandwagon to follow someone.

    so before I jump on that bandwagon to discredit sergeant major Daniel Page, I am wondering if you would give me due diligence to reference those sources that you used to discredit him.. hell, for all I know you could be out there just for that reason to discredit him. We don’t have enough Patriots out here as it is, so before I end up believing your story or his.. give me the opportunity to decide for myself with the proper facts.


    • Sorry it took me too long to reply to this. I don’t actually check the comments very often. Anyway, regarding your question, I sent a FOIA request for Page’s records months ago and have not received a reply as of yet. I received a reply about one other FOIA I sent that same week about 12 days ago so it is taking them a long time to satisfy this request. I may send another. I want to post the actual record, even though people with access to those records have already confirmed the information. I agree that saying someone verified it carries less weight than showing the actual documents. So, I’m still waiting for them.

    • Good point, did this guy ever give u a response-with some verifiable credentials? Hard to know what to believe these days:(
      Gareth Page in Victoria BC Canada-I am not related in any way to Mr Page, just same name:)

      • I actually have an update on Mr Page coming up in a couple of weeks, if all goes as planned. Another investigative website is doing a thorough records search as we speak.

  7. I would like to thank you for your research into this poser. I am currently the CSM of the 51st FSB of the TNSG and am a veteran of Operation Just cause and Desert Shield / Storm and a cib airborne wins air assault wings wearing CSM that is also a Jungle Expert I served in 1/508th In Panama and 2/327 in Saudi and Iraq so I agree with you I know a lot of long tabbers and they don’t go with out it, my commanding General is a long tabber and a ranger and still wears both proudly. Thank you again for exposing this idiot.

  8. Even if he was only the mail man in the army-who cares. At least he is standing up to ring alarm bells that something is deeply wrong in America today. The range of geopolitical issues may vary but if you need more information to see if I am talking out my ass. I have been closely watching the ‘x22report’ on YouTube. It will certainly provide you with more information than this imposter can or likely ever. However I must say I am deeply disappointed in the forces. Finally I thought someone was speaking out from the inside. But it obviously sounds like you know alot more about the military than Mr. Page ever will, I did sense quite a bit of fear mongering in his speech. Why would he discuss any of the precursors to ww3, the financial collapse, or whatever. He just kept claiming there wasnt even time to go into. Sounds kinda like the news. He was nailing some really critical focus points that definitely deserve thought from intelligent people rather than politicians. If anyone tried to challenge him, he would act tough-end of story. Thanks for your info, I know this was a while ago, where is Dan now? Most people who believe his story will think you are a disinformation agent or working for the NSA or something. Real critical thinking comes from evaluating a situation based on both sides of the argument. That’s what I try to do. Once again, if he can even raise 10 even 15 pairs of eyebrows with this info. That might have a rippple effect until someone reads this from ur site. I sometimes wonder why the fk would someone really do this. Hes not retarded, even though all indications suggest he may be. Would the elite go so far as to get the conspiracy people talking just enough until they expose him to once again ridicule the last of humanity that and label them freaks and conspiracy theories. Quite possibly, but its a stretch, they have too much on there plate as it is. Once again, please check out ‘x22report’ on YouTube. The world will finally make alot more sense than Mr. Page ever will. Take care:)
    Gareth Page in Victoria BC Canada-no relation we just happen to have the last name:)

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  10. I thank you all for disclosing this information. I am a prior sevice vet of operation desert shield, the truth is sometimes hard to swallow but at least its the truth. Lets hope that the powers in charge don’t turn on there own people because nobody wins in the end if force is requireded. But the people will stand there ground if needed services connected and non serviced connected.

  11. I just do not like people that brag about having served and lie about their accomplishments. The real ones that served deserve better. The way he challenged people and claimed how much of bad ass he is or was, sounded phony. A person that is all that does not brag about it. There is and will always be someone tougher.

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