Standing Down with General Ham

“Stand down, General!”

“No, sir! I will not! We are going to save our people!”

General Carter Ham was subsequently placed under arrest by his deputy commander, relieved of duty, and drummed out of the Army he so loved.

At least that’s the story many right-wing conspiracy theorists want you to believe.  It’s a nice story.  A heroic tale.  It just isn’t true.

Not one credible source supports this conspiracy theory but that doesn’t seem to matter to the people who want to believe it.

“Yeah? Well, a guy I know who is married to a girl whose brother works with the SEALs says it’s absolutely true!”

Give it a rest, sunshine.

General Ham was not relieved of duty.  He handed over command of AFRICOM to his deputy, General Rodriguez, in a standard change of command ceremony attended by various luminaries, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  This ceremony occurred in April of 2013, several months after the tragedy in Benghazi.

But people want to create this caricature of General Ham as some rogue officer, a maverick who defies orders and serves as the quintessential patriot of our time.  If he is what people want to make him out to be, why hasn’t he come forward?  Why isn’t this super-patriot setting the record straight on the stand-down order?

“Obviously because the government has threatened him and will take away his pension!”

Really? He’s such a patriot that he will defy the commander in chief but he’s afraid of some pencil-necked geeks at the state department?  Really?

And, as comfortable as a General’s pension is, wouldn’t he stand to make millions, no, tens of millions writing a book and going on lecture tours as he proved to the world Obama is a muslim sympathizer who sacrificed our citizens intentionally?  His meager (sarcasm) pension wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket to that kind of money.

So, by your own conspiracy theory, you take Ham to the level of a George Washington and then reduce him to the level of any other greedy, cowardly, staffer in one simple step.  So, which is he? A patriot, or a coward?  He can’t be both.

Too many reliable sources have dispelled the alleged stand-down order from Obama for anyone of reasonable intelligence to still believe it.

General Ham, by all accounts, was a fine soldier and a great leader.  Stop sullying his reputation with your outrageous claims of his sudden cowardice and greed.