The Domolition of Building 7 – You are all idiots

In yet another mind-numbing assault on my BS detector, Ed Gawrelak recently shared another conspiracy video on my Facebook timeline asking me to dig into it.  I really don’t know where Ed finds this stuff, but I can just see him smiling and giggling as he send these things to my Facebook page.  He must get a special, tingling, primordial thrill out of making me pull out what is left of my hair.  (Thanks, Ed.  All the best!)

The video posted to my timeline is seen below.

Despite the videos encouragement to “watch it again” I recommend you not waste your time doing so.  To describe the fake explosions as amateurish would be an understatement.  In some cases, the holes in the buildings appear before the explosions.  In other cases, going frame by frame in my video editor software, the explosions occur in a different place than the resulting hole left behind.  But the final straw was when I noticed that, once the building starts to collapse, most of the holes completely disappear.  The hoax factor of the video was irrefutable.  But, because I am a good researcher, I decided to find proof that it was faked anyway so I could share it with the less than intelligent people who believe it to be true.

I couldn’t figure out why it as edited so tightly.  That will be explained momentarily.

I couldn’t find a single photo or video of this angle of the building.  9/11 being one of the most photographed and recorded incidents in history, I just couldn’t fathom that I wouldn’t be able to find the original video from which this hoax was made.

It doesn’t exist!  I had to assume that perhaps the hoaxer himself was on the scene videotaping the incident and then decided to create the hoax video from his own video footage.  And I was wrong.

A few minutes into studying this video today, I came across the name Eddie Current.  I had heard the name before but I just couldn’t place it.  So, my search terms changed to, “Eddie Current hoax video.”


The video version being shared by “9/11 truthers” who, for the most part are completely retarded, is digitally zoomed in and cropped so tightly because the edited version is eliminating a few elements of the video.  Those elements include a UFO AND the words “This is a hoax” embedded along the right margin of the original video.  I couldn’t find a matching photo or video because Current even reversed the video so that it is an opposite image of real news camera footage.  None of these elements have deterred most of the conspiratards who keep sharing the video and declaring it the “smoking gun” of the building 7 conspiracy.

Thankfully, I found Edie’s own video explaining what he did and why.  That video is found below and is quite funny.  Essentially, Current wondered just how gullible the 9/11 truthers actually were so he created the hoax, UFO and hoax statement included, and waited to see what happened.  Well, exactly what he expected to happen, happened.  They gobbled it up, edited it, and shared it all over the world.  Pretty freakin’ sad, actually.  Eddie’s video is embedded below.  Give it a watch and learn the truth so that the next time one of those retards tries to use this obviously fake video as their “evidence” of a grand conspiracy you can set them straight.

Then punch them in the junk.

I happen to know one of the first responders who was on scene during the building 7 incident and I have all of the information I need with regard to that incident.  Please don’t send me junk emails and videos on the subject.  If you believe 9/11 was some grand conspiracy perpetrated by the same government that can’t build a website or take care of our veterans in hospitals designed specifically for veteran use, you are not worth my time in a debate.

Now, Eddie Current’s video explanation.  Enjoy.