Ebola Virus Patented by U.S. Government – TRUE

Does that freak you out a little bit?

Do you now have visions of Walking Dead-like hordes seeking out new victims, making your life-long dream of continuous headshots with survival at stake a reality?  Can you see a FEMA camp on the horizon where you will be enslaved, “For your own protection?”

Give it a rest, Nancy.

Yes, it is true that the Ebola Virus, more specifically one particular strain of it, was patented by the U.S. Department of Health.  Originally filed in 2009, it was finalized and published in 2012 under patent number US20120251502 A1.  If you copy and paste that patent number into your search engine, it will give you all of the information you need.  The patent is displayed in Google’s patents section under this link –EBOLA PATENT.



Actually, it is pretty simple.  It is for your own good.  I know, I know, you have heard that before – probably right before something painful happened.  But, we really mean it this time.

The U.S. Government patented this strain, the EboBun strain, for several reasons.  First, and foremost, to prevent a Corporation from patenting it, and thereby gaining the rights to charge people for access to it to conduct medical research.  Big Pharma, who all of the conspiracy theorists love to hate, would do just that.  Some scientist would conduct all of the analysis and research and then make billions from others who need that research to work on a cure.  Boom.  Follow the money.  The U.S. grants access to this patented virus FREE OF CHARGE.

If you actually read the patent information, which I discourage because you will want to scratch your own eyes out – yes, I read it, so trust me, you will find several other reasons for this patent.  It appears to also be a patent on a modified version of the strain that makes it less dangerous with which to work during research.  It explains the methods used to dissect the virus and break it down into it’s major components, explains research methods, and a explains the procedure for detection of the virus in patients.


Admittedly, it is a rare circumstance where we can say the government was acting in our best interests but, in this case, it does appear to be the truth.  The government patent is not given because the government created the Ebola virus.  The patent is issued for the modified virus that makes it safer for researchers.  The patent is held to ensure access to this research virus by medical researchers who are creating early detection protocols, treatments, and someday, a cure.

Stop reading websites like Western Journalism and Intellihub.  Throw in ViralSurvival and American Patriot as well.  They are doing nothing but profiting from ignorance.

Until next time, train safe, train hard, and don’t get Ebola.