Everyone Has Ebola [YouTube Video]

I put this little video together this morning to augment my previous articles both here and on Rhino Den with regard to the Ebola outbreak.  I figure not everyone likes to read so I made it easy for you.  Just give it a listen.  Uploaded in low quality so it would load faster and stream easier, making it more available to everyone.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Has Ebola [YouTube Video]

  1. Definitely tripod next time. (or at least no horizontal lines behind you if you are going for the handheld look) Also it is out of focus but I guess it could just be fuzzy cause of the low res upload. You know you can upload at higher resolution and the individual watching can throttle it down using the gear button on youtube. Content was great

    • Yes, I intentionally uploaded at low res because I was in a hurry. With my connection, uploading in high res would have taken a couple of hours. I usually wait it out but I wanted to get it out quickly.

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