You Didn’t Build That – A Reality Check

“You didn’t build that!” – President Obama, 2012.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs,” Hillary Clinton, 2014.

These were the sentiments of two of the most influential political figures in modern American politics.  Although a source of comedic relief for conservatives, the statements resulted in a wide variety of explanations and “what they really meant…” apologists trying to make sense of it all.  Rationalizations and imaginations went into overdrive.

The point President Obama tried to make was that many factors were involved in your success.  You received an education.  You found a job.  You traveled on paved roads and had access to medical care to stay healthy enough to work.  You had electricity and a heated home in the winter.  All of those things, which you were obviously gifted by the benevolent and loving government, contributed to your success.  They gave you the ability to open that small business that you grew into a corporation that employs hundreds of people.  You didn’t build it.  You had lots of help.

I believe Clinton was attempting to echo these sentiments when she made her own ridiculous remarks.  If you will remember, Hillary was also fond of the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”


First of all, do they believe that Government created those things?  Education, pavement, an electrical grid, internet access, and medicine?  Granted, the government now meddles in and more or less controls all of those services, but they existed long before our federal government scammed their way into them.

And, it does NOT take a village to raise a child.  It only takes loving parents.  My neighbor didn’t raise me, nor did she help raise me.  The guy down the street with the salvage yard had absolutely zero to do with my upbringing other than fear when his angry dog got out and chased me down the street while I rode my bicycle.  I HATE that guy and his stupid dog too.

I’m still trying to find any possible answer to who does create jobs in this country if it isn’t corporations and businesses.  Yes, the government loves creating jobs for more government.  They do so every year and it seems that it really doesn’t matter which political party is running the country at the time.  There are two growth industries in Ohio as I type this – Healthcare and Government.  That is the most sad sentence I’ve typed in a very long time.


That school we attended?  WE built that.  OUR tax dollars laid that foundation and stacked those bricks so our children could escape the elements while they learned the brilliance of mind-numbing American Literature and complex mathematics that they will never apply to a single situation for the rest of their lives.  WE built that.

The roads we travel to get to that school and our jobs?  Yeah, WE built that too.  Again, our tax dollars at work.  Healthcare?  Again, yes.  Either via the free market system or government intervention utilizing OUR money, we built that.  The government didn’t bless us with some miracle of innovation that illuminated our homes.  Private industry built that and when the government again took control and meddled in it, they did so with OUR money.  WE built that, no matter how you look at it.

So, for anyone to say that those innovations and luxuries helped you build something and therefore you were undeserving or somehow scammed the system, it is total lunacy.  It wasn’t some free gift from good ol’ Uncle Sam.  WE PAID FOR IT.  IT’S OURS.  That business owner didn’t steal the street he drove on to get to his factory.  He didn’t steal the property upon which he constructed his facility.  He didn’t steal the electricity from the city to power it.  All of those goods and services that assisted in the ability to create a business were bought and paid for by the very people creating the business and being employed by it.

This socialist idea that for one person to gain wealth they must steal it from others is, and always has been, complete nonsense.  But, this is the foundation of these remarks by our illustrious leaders.  (cough cough – sorry, I always choke on those words when I’m talking about any politician.)

WE THE PEOPLE built this country.  We did it with our blood, sweat, and tears.  We built it using a will of iron and a determination never before seen in the history of civilization.  When one of us decides to take their available capital and invest it in the future by creating a business that will employ others and provide a needed good or service, that should be celebrated and praised, not denigrated and loathed because one person threw back their shoulders and said, “I’m doing this!  Let’s go for it.”  That is the spirit that created this nation. 

We desperately need new leaders who embody that spirit.  Leaders who aren’t afraid to love their country.  Leaders who actually lead.

Until then, you have Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, and an entire chorus of empty heads to echo their idiocy.  Get in gear, America.