Evangelistic Conspiracy – The New Face of Fraud

When it comes to fraud, few occupations rank higher than the world of televangelism.  Angley, Copeland, Popoff, Swaggart, Osteen, Fallwell, Tilton, and Murdoch are all names that will be familiar to any viewer of Christian religious programming.  When confronted by their fraud, they typically beg forgiveness in a very public and tearful display of emotion, throw themselves to their knees before God and everybody, and then get up and go right back to their old tricks, their pockets still filled with tax-free donations.

But, this particular article isn’t about them.  No, not this one.  Perhaps one will show up in the future but this article is about the practice and tactics of conspiracy theorists.  How are those two subjects related, you ask?  Here we go!

The dimwitted not-so Seal, Jesse Ventura - a Vietnam Veteran of the Navy's UDT teams and nutjob conspiracy theorist.

The dimwitted not-so Seal, Jesse Ventura – a Vietnam Veteran of the Navy’s UDT teams and nutjob conspiracy theorist.

Televangelists are really just digital age versions of the old fire and brimstone revival ministers of the last century.  They whip congregations into a frenzy of worship with their charismatic personality, well produced stage presence, emotion-eliciting musical accompaniment, and threats of eternal damnation if the attendees don’t support the work of the Lord – primarily with their hard-earned money.

Evangelical fraud, Robert Tilton.

Evangelical fraud, Robert Tilton.

The problem is that they don’t believe it anymore than you do.  Your well thought out and expertly written prayer requests are just thrown into the trash.  Your donations, intended to satisfy your Biblical mandate of tithing, are used to purchase mansions and cars and private planes so these “ministers” can live a lavish, very un-Jesus-like lifestyle.  They don’t believe what they are preaching.  They believe in the power of fear, performance, and money.  It’s all about the money and it always has been.  Going far back into history in ancient Greece and Rome, some of the most ingenious innovations in technology were developed for use in the various temples dedicated to the many gods worshipped by those societies.  If you leave your sacrifice or monetary donation, birds flew through the room, statues move or speak, and things float into the sky.  It is just fraud and it always has been.

Conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, Alex Jones.

Conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, Alex Jones.

Modern conspiracy theorists are no different.  They have learned the tricks and illusions perfected by magicians and evangelists over hundreds of years.  They have adopted the tactics and stage performances once reserved for a good old fashioned tent revival.  Pageantry, production, moving themes and music, combined with a compelling speaker with a passionate delivery.  These are the hallmarks of a good salesman, televangelist, or illusionist.

There is always a bogeyman.  For religion, it is Lucifer, Satan, the Devil – that most perfect of all the angels who rebelled against God and was cast out, forever left to roam the earth attempting to lead mankind astray.  The solution?  Follow this charismatic leader and they will hold your hand as they lead you down the path of righteousness.

For conspiracy theorists, the bogeyman is generally a political system, the new world order, or some imaginary, secret society that is very secretly controlling anything and everything on the planet.  You are sheeple.  You need a shepherd.  The conspiracy theorist conveniently fills that role.  And, just like the traveling evangelist, they don’t believe what they are telling you.  The only thing that matters is that YOU believe it and that YOU continue to support their evangelical mission of “exposing the truth.”  Just like only Robert Tilton can save your soul from eternal damnation, only David Icke or Alex Jones can save you from the imaginary evils that they made up in order to create a fear within you that would make you support them.  They create the devil, make you afraid of it, and then offer you the opportunity to make them rich as they protect you from that same devil of their own creation.

It is always about money.  There is big money in God.  There is big money in effective conspiracy theories.  In both cases, the solution to the problem is always defined by how much money you can provide these frauds in order to support their cause.  The simple minded acolytes of these conspiracy frauds generally refer to us deniers as “sheeple” as a form of insult.  We are sheep being led to the slaughter by the secret conspiracy only they understand.  Unfortunately, they do not understand that it is they who are being led astray, sheep, shepherded by hucksters into a new era of idiocy and financial ruin.

Follow the money.  It is always there.  If televangelists believed their own teachings, they would be helping the poor and living simple lives, using the amassed millions from their followers to feed the hungry.  If wealthy conspiracy theorists like Jones and Ventura really believed the garbage they teach they would be hiding from civilization in an underground bunker off the grid.  But, not surprisingly, they aren’t.  Know why?  Because there’s more money to be made.  Enough is never enough.  They only need YOU to believe it.  They only need your money.

God will bless you if you can spare just $100, $50, even $5.  Whatever you can spare.

If you would only support our cause with your generous donations, we will show you the real evils of the world and teach you how to protect yourself from them.

Order now.  Operators are standing by.

Be a good sheep.


Ross Elder






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