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Recently, social and alternative media were abuzz with the claim that Home Depot had caved in to Islamic pressure and had trained it’s employees at Home Depot’s Dearborn, Michigan location in Islamic law, or Sharia.  You’ve no doubt seen it.  The claim originated from a so-called press release, actually a blurb of recent activities, posted to the website of CAIR’s Michigan office.  CAIR is the Council on American-Islamic Relations and was considered an un-named coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation criminal trial.  I can’t say I am fond of CAIR or it’s generally mouthy and belligerent representatives, but I thought there must be more to this incident that met the eye.  (There always is.)

I reached out to Home Depot personally and asked for an explanation and an official statement for the purposes of this article.  When I made contact, I asked if there was a precipitating incident that caused the necessity for the training provided to its employees.  They claim there was not.  In fact, the training was not at the behest of CAIR at all.  The management staff of the Dearborn, MI location requested this cultural training so that the store associates can better serve the customers in the area.  Dearborn boasts the largest concentration of Arab-Americans in the United States with a full third of the citizens being of Arab descent.  A third of those are immigrants to this country.  This training seminar occurred only at this one store location.

At the store’s request, CAIR provided cultural awareness training to some of the store employees, probably management staff.  Only certain employees attended the seminar.  The training was not about Sharia law but rather about cultural sensitivities that concern the Arab-American community.  In essence, this fear of Islamic rule over a city in our country is based in fantasy, not reality.  It is no different than the cultural awareness training our military and other government officials receive prior to arriving at a duty station OCONUS. (Outside Continental U.S.)  Below is the official statement provided to me by Home Depot’s Headquarters.


SUBJECT: Dearborn, Michigan – sensitivity training Ref#53640632 (KMM27281559V38096L0KM)

Dear Ross Elder,

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding this recent Diversity
training incident.  It’s not unusual for stores to tailor their
communications efforts to the local culture. A large number of our
customers in Dearborn, MI are Arab Americans, so this was a
well-intended effort by this one store to promote good customer service,
not Sharia Law.

The Home Depot appreciates your feedback, and believes again this was
only meant to be a well-intended effort by this one store to provide
good customer service in this community. We hope you can continue to
make us your Home Improvement store despite this incident.


The Home Depot Store Support Center
2455 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta,GA 30339 B/3
Phone Number 1-800-654-0688


And there you have it.  Sharia Law has not infected a major global corporation; employees of that organization are not being forced to abide by Islamic law; and Dearborn, MI isn’t planning to secede from the Union and form it’s own Islamic Republic along the Michigan/Ohio border.  Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the Islamophobia surrounding the issue but, honestly, I don’t think it will.  People who propose, promote, perpetuate, and believe these myths generally do not listen to reason or facts.  They listen only to those who share their beliefs.  None of them will ever read this particular article.  It is sad.  We have so much worth worrying about.  If we could just get people to worry about the right things, we might actually improve this place we call America.




75 thoughts on “Home Depot Responds to Sharia Law Claims

  1. Ross, Thank you for your follow-up and posting of the Home Depot official response to rumors of Sharia Law. I agree the headline about Sharia Law is erroneous. At the same time, your follow-up failed to include the fact that the Employer’s Guide used for the cultural training given to Home Depot inaccurately portrays both the First Amendment to our Constitution as well as a federal ACT. Did you read the CAIR Michigan employer’s guide which was the basis for the Home Depot training? Did you see where the CAIR Michigan employer’s guide refers to the First Amendment and another federal ACT; specifically it says “…employers must accommodate an employee’s religious pratices…” The guide goes on to claim things employer’s cannot do. It emphasizes preferential treatment that should be given to specific persons based on their culture and religion. Do you believe their guide accurately portrays our First Amendment and the federal ACT it names? Do you believe CAIR Michigan is perpetrating a falsehood by such statements and demands in their employer’s guide? Do you believe the training may be considered un-Constitutional?

    • OMG! That IS caving. Making special allowances that you dont make for other Americans… THAT’S CAVING! What a fluff piece of a moronic magnitude not seen since the film Dumb and Dumber. This ignorance of believing it not to be caving in makes you the dumbest.

    • Its just part of the ongoing Jihad. This is Jihad without the beheadings but it still insinuates their Satanistic belief into our society. Which will eventually lead to our destruction. I think every Catholic Parish in America should demand that Home Depot furnish fish lunches to all Catholic employees on Friday. I have not been in their store since I first read they were doing this. So the store could show it was being “understanding” and “inclusive”.

  2. I will be returning my credit card to home deport. This is the United States. I refuse to obey sharia law. Have a good life home deport without my credit card. I will now get one from Lowe’s hardware.

  3. I agree with both MaryAnn and LB on their concerns. I stopped shopping at Home Depot a number of years ago when they allowed their ‘orange aprons’ to be used in the gay pride parades. This occurrence as mentioned by LB is just another inroad into the rules and laws of our country. If a nationality wants to live in America from another country — they should abide by the rules and laws already in place not the other way around as MaryAnn mentioned.

    • I agree with you Ms. Sharon. Why come to another country just to make it like where you came from?? You may as well stay where you were. You come to another country to enjoy its freedoms and culture- to embrace them.

      • That is not why they are coming here – they do not want to assimilate to become US citizens, it is the opposite. To come here, first to have “freedom and quietly grow their numbers” secondly infiltrate, demand equality and accommodation and have the government “respect their culture” and multiply. Third to cry discrimination and demand the government let them have their way and the introduction of Sharia law. Lastly, to openly fight those who are not full supporters of their religion. To kill, destroy and take away the freedom from others that they so manipulatively demand. It is the handbook for takeover the Muslim’s have used for centuries. Use our democracy and freedom to infiltrate and destroy from within. Their leader here is one Barack Hussain Obama.

    • Good for you, Sharon Shone. I’ve been letting this slip. Home Depot was given a 75% rating by hrc.com in 2013 and probably higher now (I just searched for their ratings of corporations and can’t find the latest one). Lowe’s is still at 15%.

      But I’ve definitely cut down on these globalist megacorporations which support the queer deathstyle, amnesty and now Sharia Law (which “gays” should have every reason to fear).

  4. Immigrants from other countries are supposed to adapt to our culture, not the other way around. If they want things done the Arabic way, stay there. I am descended from Scotland, and I do not expect Haggis at McDonalds…get over yourself !!

    • This is correct…this also includes Mexicans and Africans, which have so far done quite well, and i am proud of them.

      • My question for you would simply be: What is OUR culture? America is a nation based on multiculturalism which advocates for social tolerance and justice for all races, creeds, and opinions. Your xenophobia is astounding in our modern society that promotes such things as civil rights. The first amendment says that the government shall not respect an establishment of religion. IF ANYTHING it is conservatives within my party that advocate the mixing of government with religion.

      • Tyler, our culture at one time and for the longest was the American way… Apple pie, hot dogs, and chevorlets, LOl! but its true! We believed a Jesus Christ and held reverence to its purpose-a culture of people that helped one another, a kinder softer people by majority. We had laws and religions that were regarded by all no matter the creed. Surely you can see that things have distinctively changed for the worse. We have to be in unity as a nation, not divided- recognizing and admonishing our nations purpose to be free and to regard the hierarchy of man’s needs. We are in confusion and disharmony now.

      • I live in AZ and formerly in OK and in neither place did Mexicans really try to assimilate and learn our language. If you look around you will see how America has gone overboard to accommodate them, ie; signs in English/Spanish, make a call to any larger company and press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. Where is MY number for Norwegian ? Now muslim women (who can’t even drive in their native country or they will be stoned to death) are allowed to have their drivers license taken in a burka with only their eyes showing and Americans even have to take their CAP off ! True Africans do assimilate and most prosper. American blacks (I will never use the term African/American because most don’t even have a clue where Africa even is) don’t because of their “Nigga” entitlement mentality and false sense of “racism”.

    • GO HOME! THERE YOU WILL FIND YOUR COUNTRY (SHARIAH) LAW! In the United states we have our own laws. If you would like to live here peacefully along side Cristians, jews and buddists welcome, but when your quaran says to kill people of other faiths you really need to go home where you will find peace, right?? You find peace amongst others of your religion right? Try going to any other country and tell them to change their laws, why not start with China? Boycott Home Depot!!! United we stand! Remember Sept 11, WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

  5. I am a General contractor in Utah. My volume of purchases exceed $40,000 per year. It’s not much compared to others but I will VOW to stop buying materials or do any shopping from Home Depot, whatsoever, if I ever find that they are supporting Shariah Law or Enabling Islamic dominance.

  6. Lowe’s has earned my support thru better customer service – and Home Depot’s flagrant political correctness.

  7. I saw this accusation in a facebook entry a couple weeks ago. My bullshit detector went off! As it turns out, I was 100% correct! I happen to trade solely with Lowe’s, but fair is fair

    • Your BS detector is way off. Yes they are teaching sharia law, yes they claim the bill of rights demands that businesses supply what ever a religion wants, yes they are giving special wages, hiring ect to muslims (no other mid-easterner). It’s my closest home depot, and I had friends that were forced to take this or get fired

    • Your bullshit detector is malfunctioning. The response from Home Depot was : They were only doing this in the store(s) in Dearborn, MI because of the large muslim population. IT WILL SPREAD. I don’t know if Lowes sells bullshit detectors, but you might try them. ?

  8. Sorry Home Depot and Ross Elder. You cannot spin it enough to cover up the catering to the Islamists. Every little bite they are given is a step toward their goal of taking over our way of life and installing theirs. If they so love the Islamic way and the severe restrictions on everyday life let them go back where they came from. We all know they won’t. They came here for the freedom offered by America. Those who insist on creeping toward Sharia Law are intent only on the eventual overthrow of the American government. Home Depot has lost thousands of dollars of my business in just the past month. They will lose more in the future.

  9. It is obvious that Home Depot has not watched the news there in Dearborn and seen firsthand how the Muslims publicly conduct themselves toward any belief that is not Muslim. Youtube is packed full of videos of Muslims stoning Christians in Dearborn, Michigan who are merely handing out literature inviting people to church. All the while the Police, the Chief who is himself a Muslim, stand by and allow the Christians to be assaulted. You will also see the Police arresting Christians for telling others about Christ, which they are commanded to do in Scripture, while allowing the Muslim teen thugs to throw rocks, bottles, spit and assault the Christians!

    And now Home Depot is teaching sensitivity toward this gang of religious thugs. Nope, I’ll be getting my lumber off of a tree before I step into another Home Depot.

  10. Wrong choice of outside organization to do the “sensitivity” training. CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, not worthy at all of any business dealing. I recommend Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of AIFD instead.

  11. Laughable the Home Depot employees need to get the same training that members of the military get when deployed in some foreign land.

  12. Menards, Lowes, Ace, TruValue, etc. so many to choose from. HD just keeps making stupid decisions. So don’t shop there.
    Cultural training in America for Americans to adapt to foreigners? When I travel I am expected to adapt to the culture I’m in; So why should we not expect foreigners to adapt to ours? Adapt or leave. Stores of any kind shouldn’t have to waste money on these training programs (those training costs will trickle into the cost of the goods or from the stock holder’s profits.) The foreigners need to learn American culture.

  13. How much sensitivity training was given to employees in the last 20 years so that they could take in the cultural requirements of other National groups, such as Italians, Poles, Jews, Hindus or Native Americans? How much Cultural Sensitivity Training goes on in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria to accommodate the needs of Christians, Jews and Hindus (Oh I forgot No Jews in Saudi Arabia Yemen, Iraq and Syria as the Culturally sensitive Muslims expelled them all by 1952) ? In South Africa we have Home Depot but they will not be seeing my credit cards again. I think that the Western nations are in the same thrall to Muslims today, as Europe was to Hitler from 1935-1939. And Bullies are never satisfied until they have you doing everything their way.

    • I don’t think it is a fair comparison to ask if third-world nations like Yemen and Iraq are doing similar things as the western world. But there are Christians in all the countries you mentioned.

      • Is it fair based on International law to ask them not to imprison and behead Americans and Christians most of which are their for a compassionate cause or work? How is it that they get by with their evil? They bring evil to a country, our country, that was founded on Christian principles. Americans have no idea how much of Sharia Law has infiltrated our courts, corporations and our constitution.

  14. I am a mechanical contractor, I have worked in several countries around the world, to which none offer sensitivity to my needs, or personal beliefs.
    I find it repulsive and discusting when I return to a country where I’m supposed to feel at home and comfortable, free from the beliefs and ideals that I’m forced to adhear to when traveling abroad, and yet find that I must cowar down and respect the beliefs of those who will willingly behead, kill, and justify the rape of women and children in the name of their beliefs.
    Make no mistake, this country is setting itself up for a collapse of structure by allowing these things to take place, as is evident in our own military, by allowing the existence of Muslim and Islamic practices, by those who have turned and killed fellow soldiers on our own military bases in the name of Allah.
    If you believe there is no existing Jihad, and believe there is no plan to destroy this country quietly from the inside, then I hope you are the first to loose your head at the hands of these ancient mindset savages.
    I have closed all commercial accounts with HD and no longer conduct business with them as of 1 year ago.
    I will not conduct business with an organization that cowars to a groups religious beliefs, but yet requires followers of Christian based beliefs to work on Sunday, our day of religious rest.

  15. I wonder if they are willing to put as much effort into training their employees in Christian ethics as they are seeking to infuse the Muslim life style and laws into their employee’s lives???

  16. I e-mailed Home Depot about this issue. Here’s the response I got:

    “I appreciate your feedback. It’s not unusual for stores to tailor their
    communications efforts to the local culture.

    A large number of our customers in Dearborn are Arab Americans, so this
    was a well-intended effort by this one store to promote good customer
    service, not Sharia Law.”

    Horsesh*t. One does NOT give in to the demands of Islam (not just “Arabs”) without bowing to Sharia Law. Notice that the responder used capital letters!)

    • :It’s not unusual for stores to tailor their communications efforts to local culture:,uh yes it is, very unusual, it’s called sucking ass !

    • Sharia law requires that Home Depot or any other corporate alliance give to Muslim causes some of which are terrorist affiliations.

  17. Unfortunately, this is concerning. There are several facts you state, but the one that troubles me most is when you compare military OCONUS training to sensetivity training here CONUS. Although the training may be similiar, the situations surrounding the requirement are very different. Anyone going to a different country should be educated in the hosting company’s cultures and etiquette (Hence, the training military personnel receive before going overseas). Shouldn’t that mean CAIR should train their people in our culture and etiquette, not us in their’s? The rest just comes down to common sense and courtesy. There’s something very disturbing in your way of thinking…

  18. Does Home Depot do the same thing where there are large groups of other religions ? NO, So I will no longer be buying ANYTHING at your stores! Islamics should be geting used to the way things are done here in America , not trying to change he way we have done things for years to benefit their own believers ! If they don’t like the way things are being done here , then they can go back to whatever sand hole they came from !

  19. At least we all now have a fair warning, when the loud booming siren sounds over the Home Depot speakers for another Muslim prayer time. The Muslim employees and customers have to stop what they are doing and drop to the floor for 30 minutes, or whatever the hell it is. I keep out of Home Depot stores at all costs, until there’s sensitivity training given for the Christians and Jews as well. The gay policy thing was already plenty bad enough, this is over the top. I find everything I need at Lowe’s or even Menard’s, they are great to deal with; no PC Police looking over my shoulder.

  20. When you started to BS about Islamophobia you lost any credibility. A phobia is an irrational fear and there is nothing irrational about fearing a culture that blows up buildings, beheads people, and attempts to force women to go around dressed like a tent, assaults women who wear normal street clothes, and trains their children to be terrorists! And since the “good Muslims” are strangely silent about these actions it makes me suspicious of them! Besides what accommodation do people need to buy nut bolts screws and lumber? Stupid! Are you supposed to remind your sales people to not put their arm around a Muslim woman or pull her headscarf off??? Maybe women are not suppose to wait on Muslim men? I’ll just shop somewhere else!

  21. I am not hostile towards Muslims nor am I against religious freedom. That being said, I DO know the power of capitalism and the profound effect that losing my business will have on Home Depots’ bottom line. These “Cultural sensitivity” classes are an affront to citizens in this country. You are asking employees, and, by extension, your customers, to embrace an ideal that has been forced upon them-Shariah customs and Muslim ideals. These ideals seem almost diametrically opposed to the laws and customs of THIS land. The bottom line is this; by all means, teach YOUR employees whatever you like, but as long as you engage in the practice of “brainwashing” your staff, you can be SURE you will NEVER get my business! If you think that is not much of a loss, consider this. I live in a small town that happens to have a Home Depot. I average about 25-30 trips to this store per year spending an average of $80 per trip. I have many friends and neighbors who do the same and we are ALL on the same page concerning this issue. Do the math.

  22. CAIR is hardly a benevolent organization, as this article purports it to be:
    CAIR was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic supremacist organization that pioneered 20th century Islamic terrorism and sanctions violence against civilians.

    CAIR only has about 5,000 members, despite a membership fee of just $10.

    CAIR represents the opinions of only 12% of Muslim-Americans according to Gallup.

    CAIR receives financial support from foreign powers who have also provided direct support to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and Hamas.

    CAIR has solicited money from sponsors of terror and received financial support from convicted terrorists.

    CAIR founders have praised terrorists to Muslim audiences and said that suicide bombers are acting on behalf of Islam.

    CAIR has raised funds for terrorists under the guise of helping 9/11 victims.

    CAIR board members have called for the overthrow of the United States and the imposition of Islamic law. CAIR has suggested applying Sharia punishment (ie. the death penalty) to users who criticize Islam on the Internet.

    At least 15 high-level CAIR staff members have been under federal investigation for ties to Islamic terror.

    CAIR has discouraged Muslim-Americans from cooperating with law enforcement and has spent more time and money advocating on behalf of convicted terrorists than for their victims. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/CAIR-Questions.htm

  23. Allahu snackdar March 15 Lowes parking lot free pork hotdogs we will be cutting up homedepot credit cards join us.

  24. I worked at a Home depot store part time last year so I have a first hand account of their bullshit. And I will tell you don’t shop there. This is a corrupt company with despicable values that needs to go out of business as soon as possible. The managers and associates are rude and disrespectful, they hated me because I’m a straight white male and I was nice to all of them at first. At Home depot management loves you if you are black/indian/mixed/muslim/gay or lesbian. You’ll see the word “diversity” on the walls in North American Home Depot stores. By “diversity” they really mean “anti-white” or “white genocide.” And the management had a massive diversity brainwashing effort taking place at my store, trying to brainwash associates and customers into this anti-white, pro black, pro muslim bullshit. So sure enough, a story like this breaks the news now. Goes right in line with what I experienced.

    I’m never shopping at home depot again and Lowe’s will be getting all of my business.

  25. The term “phobia ” has become a slur and an insult used against those who hold true beliefs and personal convictions on any subject. It is name calling by pseudo intellectuals who,in truth, are totally clueless. The same might be said of atheism “religiphobes ” or homosexuals ” heterophobes ” it is in fact idiocy at its finest. Islam has openly demonstrated its threat to non Muslims all over the world. The Islamic aim by their own words is world domination. The term ” islamaphobe that you and others so freely toss around to shame others that disagree with your actions is going to backfire right in your face. You mock the LORD GOD when you call a Christian or a Jew an islamaphobe.

  26. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. If any corporation in America uses CAIR for any thing what so ever, they deserve to be boycotted.

  27. I will never shop home Depot again. You are un American and don’t deserve my money I will tell everyone I know that you are worthless word of mouth better then advertising. If they want these laws go back where u came from

  28. What a week excuse to say military gets same training, yes we did, when we went into another country, not here in the U.S.A. when foreigners come here. Let them seek their own training when they come to our country. My wife and I both have HD cards. as soon as they are paid off they will be canceled. will not step foot into another Home Depot.

  29. Because the Home Depot Support Center said so? Yup, I’m gullible. Must be true, if their Support Center said so.

    I boycott the Home Depot because of their utter disregard for their customers, their support of the homosexual agenda, and now this.

    Been a while since I have used them, and can’t see ever going back. What do they have that Lowe’s of Menards doesn’t?

  30. ” Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the Islamophobia surrounding the issue but, honestly, I don’t think it will. People who propose, promote, perpetuate, and believe these myths generally do not listen to reason or facts. ” And those who refuse to acknowledge the arrogant and willfull taking-over of our culture by the muslims but instead resort to name-calling will pave the way to our destruction. The ones who ‘do not listen to reason’ are those people doing the beheading and immolating. And people like you have got to stop making ridiculous excuses for them.

    • I make no excuses for anyone. Making the comparison of Providing a class on better serving your community to beheading and oppression is rather idiotic and frightening simple-minded.

      Have you ever met a Muslim?

      • I met many Muslims during Desert Storm…they were waving white flags. They’re bullies when they are armed against innocent civilians and Christians…but as soon as they are opposed by a real, competent military force they buckle like a cheap lawn chair or Monica Lewinsky.

      • Kind of like they “buckled” in Afghanistan and Iraq?

        Having seen it first hand, I understand radical islam, islamization, and the threat of mass immigration and cultural influence. Unfortunately, cultural awareness training for store employees ain’t it. Any more than sexual harassment training is responsible for rape.

  31. With all due respect Ross, your meager attempt to persuade anyone of any good intentions by CAIR would only be believed by. Low information Democrat voter.
    Ever heard if assimilation. If they are here, they adapt to our way of life, not the other way around.
    I served in the Air Force over 20 years and was stationed in many OCONUS locations and the training we receive us to be considerate and respectful of the host countries customs and laws. They did not adapt to us…so respectfully sir you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about so kindly put down your phone and don’t bother the true Americans with your sympathetic, pathetic Islamic supporting drivel.

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