Breaking Away – Two Worlds In Conflict

If you follow the madness on my Facebook pages (You can join in on the fun HERE, or on my author’s page HERE.) you saw my post yesterday evening about our need to leave a part of humanity behind.  I thought I would expand on those thoughts for a moment in order to further explain my point of view.

The premise of my rant was that half of humanity is working diligently to increase scientific understanding and are building spaceships to travel the solar system in search of answers to the questions of life.  The other half of humanity is still fighting over ancient disagreements and killing each other over religious ideology and interpretations of ancient, meaningless books.  This comprises my Two Worlds theory.  I don’t mean in the old First World, Second World, Third World determination.  I mean there are two separate paths being taken by humanity.

The Enlightened and The Unevolved

Try as we might over a period of some 200 years, we have been unsuccessful in dragging the other group into the modern era.  In fact, it seems the harder we try, the harder they fight against our efforts and DEvolve back into ancient ways of life.  As we in the enlightened world debate the merits of the death penalty enacted under the rule of law, the unevolved world is still mutilating bodies and dancing in the street while holding aloft severed heads.  As we develop newer, faster methods of communication, the unevolved are still living in their mud huts, riding on donkeys, and selling their children into indentured servitude.  Trillions of dollars have been wasted in our efforts and thousands of lives have been sacrificed for this endeavor.  It is money we can never recover and lives that cannot be replaced.  They were wasted.

It Is Time To Give Up

I believe it is time we gave up on the idea of the rest of the world catching up to us.  The globalist belief that the world would be a better place if we could just get all groups of people on the same page and at the same level of development is a failure.  You will notice that China and India are gobbling up resources in a mad rush of industrialization over the last decade.  They are emerging industrialized nations that are trying to reach that bar set by Western Civilization.  They are still way behind, but they will catch up eventually.  They should be a part of the Enlightened World.  But the idea that ALL nations could somehow achieve the same level of civilization is a pipe-dream of massive proportions.  Much of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East will NEVER achieve the level of civilization we have enjoyed for more than 100 years.  Things are advancing so rapidly that we can’t even keep up, let alone expect cave dwelling illiterates to catch us.


Their cultures are stagnant, trapped in an ancient ideology that has no desire to advance.  They don’t want to be a part of a civilized world with scientific advancements and fantastic technology.  They want to live in their mud huts and hate their neighbor for being of the wrong denomination.  We can’t fix that.  You can’t fix stupid, especially when stupid wants to remain stupid.  We need to let them die.


There is a theory called the breakaway civilization.  It is not my theory.  It has existed for decades.  It can encompass many ideas, including breaking away from this planet in order to carry on our civilization in the event of global disaster; a secret group of people who are highly advanced by comparison who separates itself from the rest of humanity and lives in secret outside of our knowledge; and various other ideas that even include the lost people of Atlantis.  Don’t let that throw you off.  It’s a weird world we live in.

I believe we need to BE the breakaway civilization.  Now.  Not in the future, but now.  The rest of the world neither wants, nor deserves, to be a part of what we as a species can accomplish.  The divide that separates the enlightened and the unevolved is currently so wide that it can never be spanned by efforts on either side.  The best they can hope for is to be allowed to continue in their ways.  We could destroy them for the sake of saving humanity, but not a single politician on earth has the nerve to even suggest such a thing.  The only option is to leave them in place, isolate them, and ignore them.  We need to stop our efforts to save them.  You can’t save those who do not want to be saved.  We need to gather those who wish to be a part of our ever changing, ever advancing civilization, separate ourselves from the unevolved heathens of our planet, and work toward an amazing future.

The thought process used to be that the earth could finally know peace if all peoples were held in the same regard and felt equal with one another.  We now know this to be completely untrue.  We have offered, we have ensured, we have fought, and we have sacrificed for the sake of these other cultures only to be left in a constant state of war against them and their incomprehensible beliefs.  They do not deserved to be a part of our future.

We will travel the stars one day.  Rest assured, not a single mud hut dwelling, donkey riding, illiterate will be on that ship.  We should stop thinking it is possible and just get on with the business of advancing the human race into the next phase of existence.  In order to save ourselves, we must abandon others.  And when they try to force themselves upon the enlightened, they should be killed in large numbers.  There is no other option.

I stand ready to hear your thoughts.

Welcome to the future.