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Following the Grand Jury decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown, much of the internet has been abuzz with allegations that Michael Brown had an extensive criminal record and was not the “gentle giant” as described by family and friends.  Although I highly doubt the assertion by a Brown family friend that Michael was, “Spreading the word of Jesus” at the time he was confronted by Wilson, I also began to doubt the allegations of an extensive criminal history for this young man.  A couple of other websites have already taken a stab at debunking the criminal record claim but they failed miserably in that attempt.  Vaunted Snopes.com simply ended their investigation by indicating that the records shown don’t appear to be the right Michael Brown.  That isn’t good enough for any real investigator, so I will set the record straight and tell you why.

Bear in mind, a lack of a criminal history doesn’t mean anything with regard to this deadly interaction.  And this post is in no way meant as a confirmation that the police were in the wrong in this encounter.  You’ve most likely read my article titled, Shooting The Unarmed Man, in which I show how clear justification can be made for the use of deadly force when encountering unarmed attackers.  But, in the interest of clear information and an attempt to stop the flood of idiocy surrounding this incident on both sides, I will now explain what is, and is not, part of Michael Brown’s history.




The assertion that Brown had an extensive criminal history including a charge of 2nd Degree Murder as a juvenile began with a few Tweets sent out by pseudo-journalist and owner/operator of GotNews.com, a website that bills itself as, “Independent, Unbiased, and Unafraid.”  Although those tweets were sent out in August of 2014, they gained new traction after the Grand Jury returned a decision of “Not True” in its investigation.  The fact that the St Louis County Prosecutor’s office had informed the press in August that Brown had neither felony, nor misdemeanor convictions on his record was completely ignored by Johnson.  His tweets are below.



Johnson then filed a lawsuit to have Brown’s record released to the public but his suit was thrown out by the courts which stated the suit had no merit.  The county then reiterated their earlier statement that Brown had no felony convictions on his record.  These facts didn’t hinder that bastion of internet truth and wisdom, WesternJournalism.com, from repeating the allegations and promoting the idea that Brown was a violent criminal with a long history and basically deserved to be killed whether he did anything wrong or not.

Well, not so much.  Johnson claims his information came from a “source” within the Ferguson PD.  Without a shred of evidence, I am going to blame it on Officer Dan Page, St Louis County Police – a stolen valor jackass for whom I still patiently await the arrival of his military records.  It probably wasn’t Page who “leaked” all over Johnson, but I just felt like insulting that douchebag one more time.

Some other genius decided to do some due diligence and search for Brown’s criminal records in an actual database.  He then posted the results for all the world to see while proclaiming that it was PROOF Michael Brown was a violent criminal.  Below is the post created by this genius researcher.  I don’t know from who it originated because these things spread like an STD at a Tijuana whore house once they hit the internet.

Mike Brown charges

Now, you may not know this but, Michael Brown is a very common name.  It is almost like John Smith.  The above listed charges seem to stem from a serious night of debauchery by a man named Michael R. Brown, not Michael Brown, Jr., the person of interest in this story.  The two men were even born in different years but this doesn’t seem to deter any would-be pseudo-journalist with an internet connection.  There are NO listings in the database for Michael Brown, Jr. with a date of birth of May 20th, 1996, in the publicly available adult records for Missouri.  None.  Michael Brown, Jr. became an adult when he turned 18 on May 20th, 2014.

Could this all be some sort of mistake?  A typo, perhaps?  Or a conspiracy to hide the truth?  Nope.  Here’s why.

Missouri has what is called discretionary bind-over in their juvenile court system.  Anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 may be charged as an adult if the offense, or a history of offenses, deems that reasonable.  They can hold you over in the juvenile system to the age of 21 as long as “good cause” is shown that would necessitate your incarceration past the age of 18.  In Missouri, if a juvenile has a past criminal history and commits an offense at the age of 17, the juvenile system has no jurisdiction.  The person is automatically charged as an adult and processed through that system.  Therefore, if Brown had a juvenile record AND committed the above listed offenses in November of 2013, he would have automatically been charged as an adult and those records would be a part of his adult criminal record which would then be available to the public.  But, they are not.  Again, there are no convictions or even charges on his adult record and, according to the St Louis Prosecutor’s office, none on his juvenile record.  It simply isn’t possible in the State of Missouri for a young man to have this many charges, including a stealth conviction for 2nd degree murder, to be out walking the streets, graduating High School, and shoplifting cigars from a convenience store.

If you would like to read the statutes yourself, if you are into mental flagellation and enjoy putting yourself into a coma, they are available online.  Review the following statutes with an attorney, or your favorite Facebook genius.  Even they should be able to decipher them.  Personally, both myself and my attorney, who has 15 years of experience in the juvenile court system, albeit not in Missouri, reviewed these statutes attempting to find any possible means by which Brown could have a hidden criminal record that nobody can find.  We were unsuccessful.

Missouri Revised Statutes:

211.041, 211.071, 211.073, 211.181.1

They are available at the following link:  Missouri Legislature

Was Michael Brown a brilliant, generous, caring angel of mercy?  Nope.  By all accounts, he was pretty much a jackass who learned how to use his considerable size to his advantage by bullying and victimizing people in his neighborhood.  I’m sure he was very popular.

Was Michael Brown a murderous criminal mastermind who was well on his way to dominating the St Louis crime syndicate?  No, not that either.  But, there seems to be no shortage of people bent on demonizing this man and trying to diminish the meaning of his life.  I suspect much of this is based in racism, which isn’t something I say very often.  I say that because I’ve seen the response comments and pictures posted in the comments of pages that carried the fraudulent criminal record post.

Black lives matter.  So does the truth.  In this case, the truth is on Brown’s side.  That’s probably not something that will be true often in this situation.







18 thoughts on “Michael Brown’s Criminal Record

  1. It all goes to semantics and details. To be fair, I don’t believe Johnson ever claimed Brown was *convicted* of any crime, only arrests. And he didn’t say when, so it could have been before he was 17. Just sayin’…

    • Very true. The prosecutor’s office, if they are to be believed (trust me, I know lawyers lie for a living), said Brown had no felony convictions and was not facing charges at the time of his death. That leaves a lot of room for other, more minor things. He also lived with his Grandmother instead of his mother or father. This probably insinuates that there were issues with some form of behavior, either his or his family’s, that led to him living with his grandmother. So, there could be family court issues, etc that we may never know.

  2. All the attempts to villify unarmed youth, oops, men too young to buy a beer, that died from excessive force (to vindicate an officers use of deadly force) strikes me as poignant. Once it was an acceptable defense for rape victims to be on trial …as if their outfit or running an errand after dark made them culpable for crimes committed against them. Even justification based on age is backwards. Do they check DOB before deciding if they can kill someone giving them a hassle?!

    • It appears from reliable witnesses to the grand jury, whose testimony remained consistently the same, that Officer Wilson feared for his life when Mr. Brown turned and came back toward Officer Wilson in what several witnesses appeared menacing and life threatening and Officer Wilson did what he had to do to protect his life. I am reasonably confident that Officer Wilson will never forget and will always regret what happened on August 9th. But remember it wasn’t Officer Wilson who made bad decisions, it was Michael Brown.

    • That seems like a very irrational comparison. A man attacking a police officer and being killed in the process bears no resemblance to placing a rape victim on trial as being culpable in what happened to them. That’s just ridiculous.

  3. We don’t need his criminal records to see what a violent thug he was. Just look at the store’s camera footage. It clearly shows 6’4″ 295 lb. Michael Brown committing a robbery and assaulting a small elderly clerk. Where was the outrage over that?? Brown acted like a gang banger who wasn’t afraid of the clerk or being turned in. This is gang styled intimidation. Once it infects a town or neighborhood life becomes extremely dangerous for all who live there. This is what the jewish run media wants in America. They want blacks out of control. Why else would they promote such misleading stories as “this was just a poor black teenager killed in the prime of his life”? Why would they say he was a gentle giant after watching that store video? Why would the jewish owned media not stop such assertions and tell those spreading them that they were wrong?? Why did the jewish owned media continue to fan the flames of hatred towards this policemen long after everyone knew Michael Brown was a criminal and that many of the eyewitness stories were just lies? When America Wakes from its long imposed sleep they will see the jews for exactly what they are. If you want to know what God thinks of jews look up John 8 vs 44 where Christ tells you exactly what the jews are.

    • “Jewish run media”? What’s your problem? Can we look up your criminal record and find you’re an anti semite bigot race bater?

  4. How does a so called “Jewish run media” invalidate the truth about the Thug Brown? It wasn’t the “Jewish run media” that said he was a “gentle giant,” it was his mother that said that.
    Brown was out of control as witnessed by the video that was recorded in the store that is owned by an American immigrant from India, not “the Jewish run media.” Had there been a legally armed citizen in that store when that robbery occurred that citizen would have been justified for planting a bullet right in the torso of Brown for his actions in that store.
    So, for the anonymous idiot called “LiberalsRCommies” (which I believe they are) get over your Jews own the world conspiracy fairy tale and land long enough to see the level ground for what it is. You won’t because you’ll either accuse me of being a Jew sympathizer, a worshiper of George Bush, or a member of the Illuminati, or a disciple of Obama,or a Republicommie, or a follower of Rush, or a….

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  6. “Black lives matter. So does the truth. In this case, the truth is on Brown’s side. That’s probably not something that will be true often in this situation.” -Ross Elder

    Hey Ross, you forgot the hashtags and you forgot “hands up”. Come on man are you down with the cause or not?

    • Before you go full retard again, might I suggest you go back and read my other posts regarding violence and police shootings? It might save you a lot of time typing ridiculous things.

  7. “much of this is based in racism… I say that because I’ve seen the response comments and pictures posted in the comments…” -Ross Elder

    Hands Up Ross Hands Up, don’t forget that is the marching orders of your lib masters, Hands Up, just keep repeating it and the world will believe Brown had his hands up and a racist white man shot him while he had his Hands Up.

    The only problem with your story line is the grand jury is in. Your side was wrong. A few honest black witnesses said he did not have his hands up. It was a good try though by you and the other libs to paint an honest cop as a racist.

    • You seriously don’t read anything I write. I wrote an entire BOOK on hands up don’t shoot being a lie. It’s called JUST STOP, available on Amazon. You, more than anyone, should read it.

    • Ashley do you actually read the articles Ross’ posts? Because if you do you have a big problem with comprehension. You may want to go do some studying or go ask Bernie Sanders for some free college!!!

  8. Now I see the light. When Ross Elder wrote, “much of this is based in racism” he was not trying to make the cop look bad. He was just pointing-out that the cop was a White racist who shot an unarmed Black man dead in the street. I get it now. It took me a while, but now I understand. For a moment there, I was one of those idiots who, in the words of Ross Elder, was “… bent on demonizing this man (Mr. Brown).” Thank you for helping me wake up. If I had only gone to college and learned from the wise professors I would have known that it is all the fault of Whitey. From now on, when I wake-up each morning, I will repeat three times the phrase, “I am Whitey; it’s all my fault.”

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