UPDATED: Chris Stevens Torture Photo – Not Chris Stevens


Sometime following the attack on the U.S. Foreign Service facility in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, a website calling itself Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, an old nickname for the U.S. Marine Corps, created a image meme directed at Hillary Clinton. The idea behind the meme is that Clinton was somehow responsible for the Benghazi attack and her State Department abandoned our personnel there, leading to their deaths. The meme includes a graphic photo purported to be Ambassador Chris Stevens in the process of being tortured and killed by his captors. The photo appears below.

The poster created by

The poster created by “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children”

Although there are no attributions to the photo at the center of the poster, thousands of people have shared this image across social media. If you search for the words, “Hillary what difference does it make”, search engines return thousands of hits on photos and over 2 million web pages. The photo within the above meme is frequently attached to those words.

I have seen this Benghazi meme on so many social media pages that I decided to inform people of its questionable provenance. I thought that would be helpful and that people would appreciate being told the truth. Boy, was I ever wrong. The negative reaction to the truth made me a little pissy, so I started being less nice about it. Here is a screen shot of my gentle prodding. Notice the replies to my comment.

FB reaction

When I would attempt to explain the photo, I would be attacked and insulted. So, instead of walking away and just letting people bathe in their ignorance, I thought I would do this simple article. While compiling this article, I wished one of my categories for my website was, “Friggin Idiots.” Perhaps I will add that later. In essence, if you are sharing these memes and photos without any idea of their origins or legitimacy, you are a friggin idiot and should have your internet connection cut for a minimum of 48 years.



But, Ross, PROVE it isn’t Stevens! Go ahead! Cuz you CAN’T and you’re a shill for the New World Order!

Okay, fine. I will do that in a moment. But, first, I will tell you that I followed my normal procedure for debunking this particular social media plague. That process is explained in my upcoming book, available on Amazon December 30th, 2014, titled, Just Stop – A brief guide to rational thought for the modern conspiracy theorist. This particular meme fit into the category of, “It fits the narrative just too well.” So, here we go.

The official reports, as well as many photographs and even a video posted by CNN, show ambassador Stevens fully clothed, uninjured, other than soot from the fire, being pulled from the rubble of the building and carried off – presumably to the hospital in which he was later found. The people surrounding Stevens at the time were not being violent toward him. They were helping him. So, the assertion Stevens was raped, brutalized, beaten, burned, and tortured prior to his death seems to have no credibility. Since the government has not released the official autopsy reports as of yet, at least not that I can find, we can’t say for sure, but the witness statements and other evidence do not support the torture/rape/beating narrative.

Chris Stevens real 1

chris stevens real 2

The photos above are known to be of Ambassador Stevens at the time he was pulled from the Benghazi facility and transported to a local hospital. But, I suppose that doesn’t really prove anything, does it? He could have been tortured, raped, beaten, and murdered after these photos were taken. So, you got me. That isn’t proof.

Are Chris Stevens and his Benghazi Killers time travelers?

Yeah, that’s what I asked. Weird, huh? Here is the bottom line – read it, remember it, and spread it around generously. Tell all those friggin idiots on social media that they are exactly that – friggin idiots – and get them to stop spreading the lie.

By the way, I am not a Hillary supporter. I have never liked that woman, if that’s what she is. I was alive during the Clinton years and I have never had an ounce of respect for her or her husband. They disgust me. A draft dodging rapist and a die-hard Marxist radical – the perfect couple. How she emerged as an important political figure when her only previous experience was as a crooked lawyer who married a Governor is beyond me. She is the epitome of fraud and corruption. How the hell did she become a Senator from New York? But, that is for another day. The Democrat party shafted her and stole the nomination from her during her Presidential campaign and gave it to Obama instead. I kinda have mixed feelings about how that played out. We, the people, got screwed either way. But, I digress. On with the news.




Now that you have reviewed the above links, which I assume to have since you can’t really follow along from here without doing so, do I even need to write more on this subject?

I do?


All of those links posted above are on the subject of torture, generally in Latin America, but also in Bagram, Afghanistan. They also prove that the photo has been floating around the internet since at least 2009. Chris Stevens did not travel back in time in order to be tortured so that idiots on the internet could make an anti-Hillary meme. Not even the best conspiracy theorists could wrap their heads around that one.

The photo appears to be evidence in an investigation into official government sanctioned torture used against persons in Latin America, mostly Honduras, Uruguay, Brazil, and Bolivia. The photo, only one of several of the same incident, probably predates 2009 by several years and may date back to the late 80s. Most of the articles associated with the photo are centered around Uruguay and a CIA agent named Dan Mitrione, who taught Latin American police forces how to use torture, including the types shown in the fake Stevens photo, to extract confessions. Mitrione is rumored to have kidnapped homeless people to use as guinea pigs for his police training sessions and then later killing them and dumping their bodies. I don’t have any way of verifying if that information is true. I just thought you might like the conspiratorial aspect of the history. Mitrione was kidnapped and killed in Uruguay in 1970. Sounds like he got what he deserved.

Stop it.

Just Stop.

Get brutally honest and assertive with these internet idiots who create and share these fake stories. They are despicable and need to be stopped.

Go Get ’em!


I was wrapped up in other projects and didn’t have time to investigate the origins of the torture photo included in the fake Stevens meme. When I asked for assistance, Rich Snyder, an old Cold War army buddy who is a computer science major and engineer, quickly went to work and within minutes, 4 minutes to be exact, located the origins of the photo.

From 2004, the link below explains that this was a torture training session conducted at an army facility in Argentina.


The article is in Spanish but can be translated via Google Translate. The translated text is below.


104 thoughts on “UPDATED: Chris Stevens Torture Photo – Not Chris Stevens

  1. But what about the fast acting Cancer that the CIA used on Chavez? Deflection by the New World Order, Ross to blind us to the time travel torture technique!

  2. This is reminiscent of a picture that was circulating the net of a little girl that was crying and a man that was standing next to her and the caption claimed that this little girl was weeping because she was given in marriage to this man in an Islamic arranged marriage of a man of about 30 years old to this little girl. I began to do some research and was able to find the video that the picture of the little girl came from.

    It seems that this little girl was part of a program on a special day when several children were assigned a portion of the Koran to quote in front of Muslims gathered for this day. In the video the little girl begins to quote her chosen passage and gets stumped momentarily. She gets embarrassed and begins to cry. The man stands up and begins to help the little girl complete the passage. The picture that was pulled from this video was where the man was letting the little girl know that it was OK to start over. No “pedophile marriage” was ever involved.
    I am by no means a fan of the Islamic pedophile cult. Nevertheless you cannot win a lasting or true victory if the basis of your attack is false. To post a picture on a supposed “conservative” website and lying about the subject of the photo is much more evil than the crime that one is attempting to expose. I have since found out that the particular site that did this was not what it was claiming to be. Truth needs no help to destroy lies. Truth in and of itself is so powerful that once it is revealed there is no need to defend or retreat.

    The crimes committed against the Ambassador and those who sought to defend our embassy in Benghazi by the local terrorists, and even worse, Secretary of State Clinton, the State Department, and the President of the United States, were so vile and reprehensible that we don’t need old pictures of torture to bolster and outrage the American voter. All is needed is the truth. Expose the core truth and you will never need a fake photo to enrage.

    • I could not have said it better myself. I especially liked this part.’ Truth needs no help to destroy lies. Truth in and of itself is so powerful that once it is revealed there is no need to defend or retreat.’ I may have to share this one.

      • This is absolutely true I am friends with the family and the breaking story was written by his cousin it is his account of what happened even when he went to DC to pick up his cousin body this is stevens the pictures were realeassd by the terrorists that killed him ansar al sharia I will repost his letter given to me personally . I also know how this family has been blackmailed lost there jobs by the Obama mafia for telling the truth..
        .media doesn’t report truth anymore…

    • I hope this is correct, when I first saw this I wanted to go kill that man, they are such savages.

  3. Mr. Elder is angry at the reaction to, what he calls, his “gentle prodding.” Well, I read the “gentle prodding” posts by Mr. Elder and laughed. In his first post he calls people “IDIOTS,” then in another he calls them “MORONS.” And then in yet another, he mocks them by sarcastically referring to them as “geniuses.”

    My conclusion is that Mr. Elder is a stranger to the art of “gentle prodding.”

      • Just because you claim the photo is from the 80’s, doesn’t mean you’re correct. You simply supply one half azz “source” and claim he’s an expert. So. That hardly warrants factual information. All three pictures look to be taken at the same time, certainly not a difference of 30 years. The fact is we’ll never know. However, it’s no secret that these barbaric savages torture their enemy. We’ve seen it all too often, sadly. Your attempt to convince readers Stevens was found by a group of American sympathizing islamic muslims and rushed to the hospital for treatment is simply too far fetched for anyone with even subpar intelligence to believe. Your insecure nature of insulting and brow beating those who disagree with your write up speaks volumes about your character and your overall integrity. Of course, minimizing and pitiful attempts at disproving the torture, rape, beating of a fellow American has to eat at ones conscience.

      • Wow. Just, wow. We didn’t simply “suggest” the photo isn’t Stevens, it was proven beyond any question. Also, if you would pull your head out of your ass, maybe you could read interviews with the men who were there in Benghazi. They will tell the same story I propose. Because I’m right.

        The factual information is that a photo cannot be of Stevens in Benghazi when it has been on the internet for more than a decade. Stevens was many things but Time Lord wasn’t one of them.

    • Of course whether or not Mr Elder was a little bit rude in his chat online is WAY WAY more important than the whole issue of whether or not the Ambassador was brutally tortured and Clinton etc knew it, not to mention all the issues around CIA teaching torture to other people and the extreme horrific brutality inflicted upon human beings by other human beings etc etc. I’m afraid all of that distracted me from noticing that Mr Elder occassionally got a bit cross with those nice people on social media sites. I’m so glad you were here, cmm912, to remind us what REALLY matters.

  4. it doesn’t matter if that’s him or someone else. This is what they do to people. THAT you can’t denie! What are you trying to say? That he’s alive and well? You are the moron! The man was brutally murdered while Hillary and Obama did nothing. Why are you trying to minimize that? It doesn’t matter if that’s him or another man. Stevens suffered the same fate as that person. These people are barbarians and this is what they do. Sounds like you’re just trying to prop up Hillary’s “what difference does it make at this point” statement. You’re quiveling over a stupid photo when the photo itself is proof of who these people are and what they do. You are the idiot. You are the moron so STFU all ready!

    • Dear Pam,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I don’t check comments very often, mostly because they are ignorant vomit like the one you posted.

      Why does it matter? Because the truth always matters. Some who claim to be patriots apparently don’t care if what they believe is actually true. I do. Nowhere in the article does it say Stevens is alive. Only a retard could possibly make the leap in logic you accomplished. We know why happened to Stevens. He was not tortured, he was not raped, and the only real photos showing him being carried away are photos of the people who pulled him from the building and rushed him to a hospital.

      This article isn’t about Hillary Clinton at all. It is about the lie contained within this popular social media image. If you are willing to excuse lies from people you like, you have no moral standing to be outraged by the lies of those you oppose.

      • Your an idiot. Hillary is a murderer. She needs to rot in Hell…after she rots in prison. The barbarians that pulled Chris Stevens from rubble DEAD, (that you can only ASSume took him to the hospital) are probably the same barbaric individuals that MURDERED him. Get your head out of your A$$. It is know in that part of the world it is routine to sodomize and disgrace the dead. MORON.

      • she obviously did not read your entire article. You mentioned his autopsy and that you do not like Clinton outright. If i had to deal with people like her on the regular…. cant blame you for calling them all idiots.

      • As far as apatriot’s comment goes… do some fact checking idiot. Not every person in Libya is a violent fundamentalist. The government cannot cover everything up. The Libyans who pulled him from the fire were citizens who found him hours later and were trying to help him. By this time the group that attacked the embassy was launching a second attack at a second military compound that resulted in the deaths of two CIA members. Do you really think they took the time to dig through the rubble after they burned that building? He may look alive in those images and he may have been technically but that man was braindead at that point. There was no torture, no rape, he died of smoke inhalation. IDIOTS!

      • Thank you Mr. Elder…..your research made me think, really think about what the social media is trying to make us do (think). It makes me feel good that Mr. Stevens might not be tortured and raped after all; that alone, I thank you sir.

      • “If you are willing to excuse lies from people you like, you have no moral standing to be outraged by the lies of those you oppose.”

        Well said!

      • Sir, i appreciate you sharing the truth. Well, we all know he died, i dontknow how to put this in to words but knowing that he did not died in such a brutal way is a great confort because no one deserves to die that way. Sir, may i know how Ambassador Stevens really died? What is important aside from knowing the truth about Ambassador Stevens’ death but also knowing how are responsible.

      • The official story is that he died of smoke inhalation as a result of the building fire started by the terrorist attack on the compound. He was locked in the facility’s safe-room during the attack. But they haven’t released the official autopsy to the public. The real photos of him after the attack seem to confirm that, however.

    • Pam..Pam .. Pam. You’re the worst kind of American. “This is what they do to people” , “These people are barbarians and this is what they do”. Who are you referring to exactly? You mean to tell me all the people in Benghazi do this -even though this picture is from Argentina which is in Latin American, and Benghazi is in Libya, not sure if you understand they are very different places. You assume all Libyans are barbarians who at burning and torturing people? So, is it safe to say that all Americans are mass murders because of the Aurora theater shooting? What happened to this man is horrible, but your statement is truly moronic. Why don’t you read all the facts before you type. And you spelled “deny” wrong 🙂

  5. I thought the original sequence of events as reported by other than the Communist in chief and is staff and his state controlled media, was that Stevens was hijacked by terrorists after he was dragged out of the building because that’s the first chance they could get at him. No time travel necessary. After they were done with him his body was recovered and pronounced dead.

  6. Sorry for my ignorance, I have only started taking an interest in “phony, corrupt” American politics, but why did Latin America and more importantly Chavez get it so bad? What was the objective? He was bloody helping the LA economy and his people.
    As I have stated, sorry for my lack of knowledge, but it is a lot to take in.

  7. Why does a 2004 article and photo appear on a Spanish news website and everything else on the page is 2015?

    • You lost me but maybe this will help. Read the article.

      Beyond that, the article from 2004 is the source of the torture photo in the “Hillary 2016” meme, erroneously claiming to be a photo of Ambassador Stevens. The photo was originally part of that 2004 investigation into a torture training facility.

      Bottom line, the photo hit the internet in 2004, 8 years before the Benghazi incident.

  8. Stephens was murdered, right? Does having the wrong photo mean Clinton is innocent of his death? Grow a brain.

    • If you don’t understand the difference, it may be you who needs to grow a brain. This post is about the accuracy of the propaganda, not whether Stevens (and if you really gave a shit or understood the situation you might have spelled his name correctly.) Was murdered. There was enough blame to go around with regard to Benghazi without resorting to fiction in order to make conservatives look stupid, which is the intent of much of this type of propaganda.

  9. Maybe so many people wouldn’t have gotten angry if Ross didn’t start his statement with “all you idiots” Maybe if he had been a little nicer those idiots wouldn’t have gotten so mad. Maybe it would have been a discussion on it instead of a heated arguement.

    • People need to be angry. They should be angry. Angry that supposed conservatives sought to intentionally deceive them; Angry that they blindly followed the crowd without doing their own research; angry that they were so easily pulled into the deception. People need to be shocked out of their current state of ignorance.

      Especially conservatives need to realize there are people and organizations out there that claim to be conservative but only exist to make conservatives look uneducated and ignorant.

  10. What Obama and Hillary Rotten Cankles, respectively,has done and will do (if elected), to the U.S., is far, far uglier than the photo, no matter who it is or when it was taken.
    That corpse is what America looks like now….depleted,beaten to death, violated, and dead, but not yet buried.


    • The photos of Stevens in the white t-shirt ARE of Stevens. But not the ones in the torture/hillary poster/meme. I thought that was pretty clear in the article. Like, painfully clear.

      • I just saw 13 Hours, and this is what I have to say: Hillary and all u Hillary lovers can go back to the hell from whence you came. You murdered several wonderful American Patriots and you should be hanged!

  12. Has the autopsy on Stevens been released yet? And if not, why not? Wouldn’t that mean something?

  13. Ross Elder I found your story while checking the facts on the Stevens picture/ story an idiot I work with posted on Facebook. Thank you for being so blunt it’s refreshing. Yes people are stupid and do not want the facts.

  14. The way I see it, this is simply an attempt to get a rise out of people. If this post was designed to inform he would not have been so aggressive or insulting. Honestly it is a little amusing. Though it bothers me how many people indulged this narcissistic imbecile. But mostly, amusing.

  15. Ross,
    I was doing research on Ambassador Chris Stevens this morning when I found your site. I read the whole article, and clicked on the links and read those that you provided.
    I am a conservative and all I can say is, I’ve not come to any conclusion as of yet, about the torture picture not being Stevens. I will say that if someone out there used that picture as a lie, shame on them. That’s not how a true conservative acts! That being said, there’s actually sites out there that refute yours. (Doesn’t mean they’re correct).
    And as of yet, August 22nd, 2015, there is NO autopsy report out on Stevens. Now, I realize you’re not responsible for that, but if he did indeed die of only smoke inhalation, why isn’t there a report so the American people can view it? It would be refreshing to see that you’ve done research on that particular subject and added it to your site and your book. It then at least looks as though you were willing to cover all bases. And it IS relevant to the subject at hand.
    I seem also to realize that you’re trying your best to get the “truth” out to people about the meme that went viral, and for that, I commend you. I, like you, cannot stomach hilery and many like her in the obama regime. She’s a danger to all of America. I hope that your book will also reflect that as well. Basically so that you do not just look like another clinton supporter.
    The obama administration, is evil and they all lie. I think that ‘we the people’ take things like that photo to heart because we’ve been lied to so many times that something like that photo (true or not) is taken to heart.
    Thorough research is essential to the truth. No matter the subject. The Benghazi attack was planned out and brutal, no matter how Stevens died. The obama regime needed desperately to shut him up. I wish you luck in your endeavor. The only thing I see you’ll have problems with is people are going to say, it matters not how he died … he was indeed murdered, the question is, how he ended up that way!
    *Side note, for those of you whom think I do not know or understand English, I do not ever capitalize anyone’s name that I personally do not respect. Thus you’ll see that obama and clinton is not repected by me*

    • You do realize that a picture from several years prior to Stevens’ death can’t be a picture of Stevens, right? The photo used in that meme cannot, in any way, be Stevens.

      As for the autopsy, I am as curious to see the report as anyone. It will probably be a few years before it is made public.

  16. Ross: The picture is from the Argentina “Dirty War”, 1983 of Argentinian troops training in torture techniques and used to be archived on several Argentinian news sites. It was removed from their archives before the year 2000. I diligently researched and had this information several years ago, disseminating it throughout TEA Party and conservative websites only to be told by people that my information was wrong. To the people that wish to spread this photograph as being Am. Christopher Stevens, I will be happy to provide a sworn statement and testify to the in-accuracy of this photo in a court of law. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

  17. You are such a fucking vulture. You know as well as I do that these images do in fact show the true fate of poor Mr. Stevens. You just jumped on this to promote your no talent-hack book. You are slime.

    • If you read the article, you should be well aware that the evidence is proven. Irrefutably proven. Those torture photos are not of Chris Stevens. You can continue to believe they are, if you wish, but you’ll just look like a fool. This is the problem with much of the so-called patriot movement today. It is populated with…. stupid people.

  18. I don’t believe in ufos, conspiracy theories, or the damned Loch Ness Monster. What I do believe is that this administration is deceitful and venomous. Anyone with an independent and free thinking mind can see that Hillary and the Obama Administration are liars and set to accomplish their own objectives. What those could be are above my pay grade in trying to understand. But they are anti-American and anti-Democratic Republic.

    • Anyone with an independent and free thinking mind can see that this meme is a torture photo from Latin America and would not continue to try to pass it off as Chris Stevens.

    • Apparently those objectives are above your IQ level and rational thinking skill level as well. I bet you don’t believe in global warming …cmon, please make me right so I can laugh. Your entire rant boils down to four words you stated, “in trying to understand,” because you refuse to do so and would instead choose to finger-point, hate-monger and remain ignorant about the FACTS of life and how things really are.

  19. “….but the witness statements and other evidence do not support the torture/rape/beating narrative.” -Ross Elder

    No, you are not a Clinton hack. Nope, you are a real deal journalist. There is nothing to see here, move on.

    Clinton, Obama, and Rice (three of the most powerful people on earth)- Sec of State, POTUS, and The US Amb to the UN all lied over and over about these assaults on the US. They lied and stated that it was spontaneous and that a Youtube video was to blame- not anti-US terror. What a bunch of pathetic idiots who support these type leaders and write blogs doing or saying ANYTHING to “cover” for them.

    Who cares about the origin of a picture or the details about exactly what type of pain and suffering these men went through? We all know they are dead and any reasonable person knows Clinton, Obama and Rice covered the truth about what happened.

    They watched in real-time while terrorists invaded our buildings and kill our people. Their rewards? One was elected POTUS, the other was promoted to be in charge of the security of our nation, the other plans on being the next POTUS.

    They don’t need cover; they need to be exposed for what they are- liars. Please use you energy to expose them rather than cover for their lies. Who cares about a stupid argument about a picture? I don’t.

    • So let me see if I can understand this? You want to expose them for liars by passing off a fake meme??? Does anyone else see the stupidity in that??

    • I’m wondering if you read the same article I wrote? At no point did I suggest there was no suffering. At no point did I mention there was no wrongdoing on the part of the administration. You may not care about the provenance of a photo used in a false ad bit I do. The truth matters. The minute so-called conservatives throw away their commitment to truth, they cease to be true conservatives. I’m sorry you don’t care about the photo but it makes me wonder why you bothered to review the research. The photo was the whole point. It is a lie. Tortured and raped was also a lie. If those are the kinds of lies being promoted, it should not be done in the name of anything “conservative” because it is what we expect from liberals.

  20. The picture is a lie; spontaneous protestors is why they accidentally sort of died. Stevens was not tortured; man I’m happy to hear that. I thought for a while there that he was tortured. I thought terrorists bombed his compound. I thought there was a long battle involving guns and fire and explosions. I thought American leaders almost abandoned them or something like that. I thought he was dragged through the streets by Libyans. I thought he and three other Americans died while our leaders watched from a bunker in Washington DC- stupid me.

    I’m glad I can go back to trusting our wholesome Democrat leaders. Great story Ross Elder. Do you have any “Hilary 2016” bumper stickers for sale? I’d love to get some from your stash and put hem on my truck so the world will know she tells the truth and a despicable Youtube video about The Prophet was the real cause of the “spontaneous protestors” who were in no way terrorists. Man that was a close one; those conservative nuts almost had me believing Hilary Clinton was less than honest. Thank you sir for exposing the truth and on behalf of our next dear leader, Hilary Clinton, thank you.

  21. “The assertion Stevens was raped, brutalized, beaten, burned, and tortured prior to his death seems to have no credibility.” -Ross Elder

    Hey Ross, pull your liberal head out of the sand. Terrorists killed Stevens and Hillary tried to cover for them. Are you paid to cover for her?

    If you are the ultimate truth detector, how to do buy the narrative that Stevens was not tortured at the hands of terrorists? Or do not consider what he went through to be torture?

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to relate in any degree to liberal apologists.

    Ok, now it’s your turn to respond and avoid the subject and attack me.

    The subject is you are a liberal apologist trying to cover for Clinton, Rice and Obama.

    • My initial response is simple: You’re an idiot.

      Beyond that, you go find ONE piece of actual evidence supporting your assertions. One. Just one. Stevens died of smoke inhalation as a result of being in the safe room during the fire. Yes it was the result of a terrorist attack. Only an idiot would read anything I’ve written on the subject and believe I have ever stated otherwise. I am not, nor have I ever been, a liberal. You know what liberals do? Promote and believe lies. Thus, if either of us are a liberal, it would have to be you. Go back to watching infowars and Russia Today. They need your support. I, however, do not.

  22. Thank you for pointing-out that Stevens was in a “safe room”. I thought for a while there our leaders lied to us about he whole thing. Now I know UN Amb. Susan Rice, Sec of State Hillary Clinton, and US President Obama were telling the truth all along and it is those damn conservatives that are telling all the lies again about Benghazi. Oh the gall of those puppets to post a photo that is a lie- an outed lie! They have been caught in the act! Thank you Ross Elder for you investigative masterpiece. There should be hearings and those who lied about this shocking despicable photo should go to jail. Next thing you know they will be posting deplorable youtube videos about The Prophet and the peaceful religion that he offers the world.

  23. Ross, thanks for taking time to expose the lie of the circulated picture. When I read these responses I’m shocked at how many people read headlines, lead ins, and a word here or there, then attempt to engage in an illectual debate. It’s easy to understand you are not a Clinton supporter. It is a fact, that picture is not Ambassador Stevens, as it was on the Internet in 2009, before the attack took place. It is vital we have truth in disclosure. If Ambassador Stevens wasn’t tortured, does it make his death less of a tragedy? No, the tragedy happens when people use this mans death to further a case for hate against the “liberal agenda”. I too am not a Clinton supporter, nor did I vote for Obama. I want absolute truth, not fear tactics, and hate bait.

  24. This comment is for those who think you know Ross Elder well enough to call him names, and accuse him of being a Hillary supporter, and worse. Educate yourself before you speak, it saves everyone time. He has more US Military experience than any of you. He has actually fought for this country on foreign soil, yes for your freedom. After years of this dedication, work and sacrifice, he is merely trying to continue his support of our country by sharing FACTS, not drama/fear/hate tactics. And when someone puts his life on the line, and tries to let you know, here’s the truth, believe what you want, but make sure your believes are based on truth and you still fly back with ignorance, then yes, I think he has every right to call you exactly what you are.

  25. Just a thought, but maybe if you didn’t start out calling people “idiots” in your Facebook crusade… Just a thought.

    • This is the most often lodged complaint about my style of debunking. Perhaps I should rake a moment to explain myself.

      I don’t just wake up in the morning, pick a target, and decide to travel the innerwebz shouting, “IDIOT!” or, “JACKASS!” No, that isn’t what I do.

      Something, a post, a rant, an image, crosses my social media feed and I begin my research to determine whether it is true, or false. Most of the time the falsehood is so obvious I only do the research so I can back up my debunking with facts and figures. Then, I contact the person who posted it, either in comments or a direct message. I inform them of the erroneous nature of their post and advise them to take it down or retract their statement. It is usually after many contacts and refusals to tell the truth that I create my debunking articles.

      What I usually get is this answer: “So what if it isn’t true? Don’t you see what ‘so-and-so’ is doing to ‘Merica?!” Or, “The other side lies all the time! We have to fight fire with fire!”

      Neither answer is acceptable to me. As a conservative who believes in the constitution and the founding principles of this nation, I refuse to allow other so-called conservatives, people who have chosen to speak for others, to spread a lie in my name. It tarnishes the very concept of being a conservative. If you have to lie to make your point, then, perhaps, you don’t have a very good point.

      It is after these attempts to correct the falsehood, and being frustrated by people’s willingness to deceive and unwillingness to listen to truth, that I end up calling people idiots. Because, honestly, someone who knows the truth and refuses to acknowledge it, is simply an idiot. And a charlatan. And a false prophet.

      So, I don’t call people names quickly or easily. I do it when it is appropriate. People who believe everything they see on the internet and have total disregard for the truth are not worthy of my kindness. They are worthy of contempt and that is what I give them.

  26. Thanks for getting out the truth. It’s very clear some people do not want and actively hate the truth. Here is another link that shows this photo was taken way before 2012. This one goes back to 2006 and was archived by the Wayback Machine and you cannot tamper with the date that the Wayback Machine does a screen capture of something. The date is at the top of the page, March 4 2006, long before the Benghazi attack. Irrefutable proof means nothing to some people


    • Do I support the military? Well, considering that I spent much of my adult life in the military, yes. Yes, I do. If you don’t, that’s your prerogative. It also makes you a shitbird.

  27. Don’t you find it aggravating talking to the general public? They’re too stupid to be reasoned with, and the occasional wise person does not make up for the abuse of the mindless masses. Point is, Ross, that people are ruled by a government they can’t affect or control and the ones who do control it also control education making sure that the people are never in a position to understand it or what it means for them. Only one thing can change this bleak existence, giving people actual control of government. The time when swift decisions by individuals was preferable to the process of referendums is over so we no longer have to make a compromise between democracy and quick and effectual government. Today we can be all polled as to our intentions on any government bill or action and the views of the populace will be apparent the same day. We no longer need kindly old men to run our government for us, we need IT professionals and bureaucrats to run things and they can simply take their marching orders from the public. I know their are morons who will call this mob rule but that means those morons believe elections are just mobs choosing leaders. What does the word democracy or democrat mean? It doesn’t stand for a choice of leaders. Democracy means not having leaders. In a democracy people are asked what they want their government to do. “Democratic leader” is an oxymoron and the fact that none of you knows this means the people who are keeping you stupid have been very successful. Another popular reason for not doing this is the belief that average people are too stupid to understand what to do. If the American public is too stupid to run their own country then the first task of a democratic government would be to educate them. Democracy means ‘rule by the people’ not ‘people get a chance to choose who will rule over them’. Don’t vote for Hillary, in fact, don’t vote for anybody. The only thing that lets them claim to the world that they are our leaders is your acceptance of them and their process. Don’t vote, if you believe in democracy then don’t vote for or take part in undemocratic systems. It’s the only way to make the pocket-filling-bastards go-away.

    • Sophie Scholl and her brother were the leaders and (probably) the creators of the White Rose. They were anti-Nazis who were eventually caught by the Gestapo and murdered. What is that doing here in this conversation? And even if it isn’t Stevens in the picture, it’s still some poor tortured person. Disgusting

    • So how do you decide which one of us in the general public is too stupid to be reasoned with? Not voting at all, by the way, will probably be ‘fixed’ by the Electoral College. I trust them less than the person in the voting booth next to me. Nobody can keep somebody stupid unless they allow it. We don’t need more bureaucrats either. Sadly, you seem have forgotten it is always supposed to be members of the public giving orders to the government. And no, I have not read your entire rant. I have limits as to how many assumed positions I apparently occupy. But I will say this: if you have never raised your right hand to protect America and the Constitution, then I can see no reason for me or for anyone else to waste their time reading your ignorant finger pointing rant.

  28. I al the same way anout people spreading crazy lies to discredit canidates, even if I would never vote for them anyway. Rediculous and thanks for the article.

  29. Hillary will make a great President, I mean the country is stuffed anyhow so what harm can she possibly do.. Plus the President is only a paid stooge but for who? Now don’t say the voters or I will puke.

  30. I am a French Canadian woman and I must say I really enjoyed reading this. I took the time to read it all so my comment will only be about what the article is actually about instead of ranting about other things.

    I came across someone who shared this meme and the first thing I did was search the image. Myself, I will not share or talk about something before having the facts and the truth. I am thinking if people got offended by the ‘IDIOT’ comment all I can assume is you may have been one of those ‘IDIOTS’ who have shared a false meme or article and now you are getting all defensive about it. An easy way to prevent yourself from looking like an ‘IDIOT’ is just mainly researching what you share before you decide to share it.

    It was honestly very easy to find out the truth and yes, it is important to know the truth and facts. If you argue that it is not important where the image came from, well then I must agree with Ross and you are an ‘IDIOT’.

  31. This is absolutely true I am friends with the family and the breaking story was written by his cousin it is his account of what happened even when he went to DC to pick up his cousin body this is stevens the pictures were realeassd by the terrorists that killed him ansar al sharia I will repost his letter given to me personally . I also know how this family has been blackmailed lost there jobs by the Obama mafia for telling the truth..
    .media doesn’t report truth anymore…

    • ere is my story. A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving multiple tips about an Al Queda cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11 in response to the killing of Bin Laden. For the next several days, the state dept and WH were asked for a security force and were denied at least six times. Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all clear that the Consulate in Benghazi was safe and there was no need for a security force other than his 3 personal guards (one being my cousin) and a few Libyans who were not armed. Then the attack and murders occurred.

      Immediately the WH claimed it was a protest gone bad over a you tube video. Obama made a quick speech in the Rose Garden on Sept.12 before catching a plane to Vegas to campaign. He made a generic statement at the end of his speech after placing the blame on an overheated protest over the video. He said “No act of terror will shake the resolve of America. Later that day and over the next 2 days, the liberal media began saying Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 men died of smoke inhalation. This was not the case.

      Out of respect for my cousin, I’m not going to be specific about his murder. However Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered. His genitals were cut off, he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed and burned. He was drug thru the streets and left for dead. This is eyewitness testimony of a local Dr. who found the Ambassador in a ditch and tried to save his life. He had no idea who he was. The other 3 men, including my cousin, met similar fates. And deaths due to smoke inhalation is a 100% fabricated LIE. The next week I drove my aunt and Uncle and 2 others to DC to receive his body. We met with Hillary, Panetta, and Susan Rice. ALL of whom apologized and said it was a protest gone bad over a video and exited the area. Next, Obama entered with the same story and didn’t apologize and wasn’t sympathetic. My aunt cried to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away. I tried to get his attention, but didn’t. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room where I was held till the proceedings were over.

      America, I saw firsthand how cold this man is. What kind of liar he is. Most of you haven’t a clue about this tyrant and yet you support him. And act like every word he says is Gospel. These murders and the fast and furious cover ups make Watergate look like a kid who told his bff’s secret to the class.

  32. People arguing if this is real or not are so misguided I’m surprised these idiots can even find their way to leave a comment. The man is dead, was murdered. For the sake of him, his family and other innocents involved, stop being arrogant jackasses and let him rest in peace. Would you really want a fake or real photo of you like this surfacing at all?? Much less idiots who have the audacity to argue its authenticity!!! Try spending REAL time mourning his death and remember all the days he lived instead of focusing on some photo. This is what’s wrong with society, idiots fussing over a photo instead of having insight on the man himself. Why don’t you idiots put yourself in his family’s shoes. Would you rather be posted on the internet like this or remembered for the work you did trying to make the world a better place?? If you wanna argue the authenticity of this disturbing photo rather than remembering the man in general, you are no better than the monsters who did it. Social media will be the downfall of man because of crap like this where people would rather argue about idiotic BS rather than focus on the point in hand. RIP!

  33. He still died and so did the others. Moot point. Death is death with or w/out torture. Punishment is due to the traitors in the white house…starting with the puppet…

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  35. It does MATTER if it’s him or not. Imagine that picture being your son, father, brother, friend..whatever the case. If that picture was reported to be my son having his life end like that. I would die myself. Let alone it being spread around and it not be him or it not be true. It does matter to his family.

  36. You used your own website as a source! My god if thats not gross ignorance to ethical media and reporting events I think you maybe on par with MSNBC. Seriously even if this isn’t news according to you this is still grossly incompetent method of debate.

    • You aren’t too bright, are you? I didn’t use my own website as a source. I linked to a different article on my website that contains the original source. It seems you know quite a lot about gross ignorance.

      • Yeah I pointed it out you linked your own site, regardless, also that so called source in your unbiased work isn’t all that solid. Although you strike me as the liberal who would throw a pool party in the middle of a drought. Keep up that projectionist attitude and I’ll let you get back to supporting grossly incompetent politicians that will only sink our nation into debt disrepair.

      • So, the men who were actually there at the time it happened, the only eye-witnesses to the event, aren’t reliable sources? One has to wonder who you do believe to be a reliable source then. Jesus, maybe?

        And, believe me, you aren’t the first person to attempt an insult by calling me a liberal. I’ve been a conservative longer than you’ve been alive so… I dunno, maybe you have issues. Since you have no idea which politicians I support, your final statement is just stupid. Borderline retarded. When I endorse a candidate, I’ll let you know.

  37. Wow.. that was some reading!!!
    I just happen to be a Hillary supporter (that should get me some haters) and a 53 year old moderate liberal with many conservative points of view. I also do my homework which is how I ended up here.
    I may not agree with Ross Elder’s point of views (especially the one about expecting lies from a liberal, which would mean you will not believe anything I am posting now), but I 100% agree with his statement, “If you are willing to excuse lies from people you like, you have no moral standing to be outraged by the lies of those you oppose.”. This is why I spend so many hours doing research that takes me to both liberal and conservative pages, in search of information that they are not afraid to share the actual unedited source of that information. I also 100% respect Ross Elder because he is not afraid to debunk an item that is popular among his peers, in order to save those peers embarrassment. By peers, I do not mean those people that refuse to accept the truth, I mean those that thanked you for bringing the truth to light.
    I personally would be very interested in which candidate you end up endorsing . No matter what, someone is going to become our next President and that someone is going to be a Democrat or a Republican. I very much want for the Republicans to pick the very best person they have. I will be voting Democrat but if my side loses, I do not want for the country to lose.
    Okay Haters…… Go For It!!!!

  38. I found this article researching after reacting badly to the meme you debunk here on a friends page. I mean to look into the matter more, but I will say you and others who debunk the meme are providing good researchable facts whereas those who criticize this position are not thus far.
    My issue over these, (and I’ve seen both the picture claimed as fake, and the picture of Stevens being dragged from the building as memes,) falls into the realm of common decency. we see these memes in the same forums we see the “disrespect our flag and go to jail” and the “honor and care for our servicemen”memes. The self serving click and share hypocrisy of it all astounds me. This man died in the service of his country. Pasting a reputed photo of his death on a Facebook page with a political message seemes kinda like taking a whiz on the tomb of the unknown soldier to me. Can anybody explain to me why even if the photo were legit, it seems like the right thing to do? Do you honor the fallen by branding a picture of them you wouldn’t show your children for the purpose of a political position?

  39. I have a couple questions, though….

    The Benghazi photo in question (with the cattle prod) seems to defy your clip about torture techniques. Look at the characters with (whomever it is), the expression on the face of the man who one would assume is part of the torture process …he looks more concerned then your article hinted at by those who would be carrying out an intentional torture. Look at the hands and clothing also of those around him. Why do THEY look sooted and hands darkened?

    Also, now that the Benghazi movie is out and according to those who may have as much information or more than you have here, Chris Stevens was dead when he arrived at the hospital. It was actually a RUMOR that he was alive to lure the U.S. soldiers back into open fire.

    What about it ?

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