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JUST STOP – A Brief Guide To Rational Thought For The Modern Conspiracy Theorist, a new nonfiction work by Ross Elder, takes a detailed and often humorous look into the mind of the average conspiracy theorist.  Using real examples taken from today and yesterday, we examine how, and why, they think the way they think.  You will be given some simple guidance on how to prevent coming to wrong conclusions and learn some simple investigative techniques that will better guide you away from the lunacy of the typical conspiracy theory.

JUST STOP will hit Amazon in Kindle format (there is a kindle app for every type of device, pc, tablet, mac, smartphone, etc.) and in paperback on Tuesday, December 30th, 2014.  You can pre-order your Kindle copy today at the link below.


If you are a fan of this website, you will love JUST STOP.



3 thoughts on “JUST STOP – new nonfiction from Ross Elder

  1. I like the sound of this. All too often I hear people dishing out absurd conspiracy theories and if someone challenges them, they’re like, “Well, I have the right to my opinion!” Yes, but not the right to your own facts. If the sky is blue, I don’t have to respect your opinion that it is red.

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  3. Ross,
    I was doing research on Ambassador Chris Stevens this morning when I found your site. I read the whole article, and clicked on the links and read those that you provided.
    I am a conservative and all I can say is, I’ve not come to any conclusion as of yet, about the torture picture not being Stevens. I will say that if someone out there used that picture as a lie, shame on them. That’s not how a true conservative acts! That being said, there’s actually sites out there that refute yours. (Doesn’t mean they’re correct).
    And as of yet, August 22nd, 2015, there is NO autopsy report out on Stevens. Now, I realize you’re not responsible for that, but if he did indeed die of only smoke inhalation, why isn’t there a report so the American people can view it? It would be refreshing to see that you’ve done research on that particular subject and added it to your site and your book. It then at least looks as though you were willing to cover all bases. And it IS relevant to the subject at hand.
    I seem also to realize that you’re trying your best to get the “truth” out to people about the meme that went viral, and for that, I commend you. I, like you, cannot stomach hilery and many like her in the obama regime. She’s a danger to all of America. I hope that your book will also reflect that as well. Basically so that you do not just look like another clinton supporter.
    The obama administration, is evil and they all lie. I think that ‘we the people’ take things like that photo to heart because we’ve been lied to so many times that something like that photo (true or not) is taken to heart.
    Thorough research is essential to the truth. No matter the subject. The Benghazi attack was planned out and brutal, no matter how Stevens died. The obama regime needed desperately to shut him up. I wish you luck in your endeavor. The only thing I see you’ll have problems with is people are going to say, it matters not how he died … he was indeed murdered, the question is, how he ended up that way!
    *Side note, for those of you whom think I do not know or understand English, I do not ever capitalize anyone’s name that I personally do not respect. Thus you’ll see that obama and clinton is not repected by me*

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