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On Saturday, January 17th, 2015, the bodies of David Crowley, his wife Komel, and their five year old daughter Raniya were found by a neighbor inside their home in Apple Valley, Minnesota.  A handgun was found near the body of David Crowley and Apple Valley Police quickly steered their investigation toward a possible murder / suicide.

For those unfamiliar with David Crowley, he was the creator of a film concept titled, Gray State, a near-future Police State, tyrannical government, FEMA conspiracy film that’s movie trailer inspired and entertained conspiracy buffs everywhere.  From the III% movement to FEMA Camp paranoiacs to the Oath Keepers Organization, people applauded the “in the works” film and its message.  Crowley even spoke at a Ron Paul gathering in 2012, speaking on the subject of the emerging Police State and how inaction of the citizens could easily allow it to happen.

Here is the trailer for the non-existent film:

You can view Crowley’s speech at PAUL Fest HERE.

The trailer itself is pretty well done for an amateur filmmaker’s first project.  Crowley raised over $60,000.00 for “pre-production” costs on his IndieGoGo fundraiser in 2012 and apparently used that money to promote the film and cover costs of the trailer.  He had also been working on a documentary film titled, Gray State: The Rise, which would cover the same topics as the fictional, non-existent film. The Rise documentary “rough cut” is available on YouTube. See it HERE.

Indiegogo screenshot

Within minutes of the announcement of the Crowley family’s deaths, every conspiracy site from InfoWars to VeteransToday began promoting the idea that Crowley’s interest in, and planned exposure of, the emerging Police State are what led to their deaths.  Conspiracy theorists immediately proffered the idea that Crowley was murdered by the New World Order powers that be in order to silence him and ensure his film never saw the light of day.  “Suicided”, was the term of choice; a term conspiracy theorists use to describe someone who was murdered in a fashion to make it appear as a suicide.


Of course, short of having a video of the crime taking place, there is no real way to prove the conspiracy theorists aren’t correct.  Nothing I write here will sway their opinions.  Well, at least I don’t believe so.  Mostly because they never listen to anyone who has any common sense.  But, let’s give it a try, shall we?

On the conspiracy theory side of the equation there are many assertions being made about Crowley.  He was a perfectly happy man with a beautiful family and a bright future.  He was stable, never suicidal, and was one of the most honest and trustworthy people you could ever meet.  He had recently signed a $30 million dollar deal to finally have his movie put into production and the world was nothing but rainbows and unicorn poop all around.

And, apparently, very little of that is true.

Nick Ferraro (nferraro@pioneerpress.com) at TwinCities.com has followed the case closely and has written extensively about it since the bodies were discovered.  He provides frequent updates and has authored several follow-up articles as new information is released.  In his latest follow-up, dated January 23rd, David Crowley’s financial problems are discussed in greater detail including personal messages Crowley had sent to fellow film makers.  At this point, Ferraro is the only person writing anything of substance on the case that involves actual evidence and facts.  You can find Ferraro’s articles on this case by clicking his name above.  The link will take you to one of his stories and the related stories are listed to the right of that article.

You will notice I keep referring to it as the “non-existent film.”  That is because no film was ever made.  Not even a promotional, low-budget version to show potential investors.  Only the concept trailer was available.  A trailer was made about a concept for a movie that didn’t exist.  Crowley spent five years promoting and fundraising for a film that didn’t exist.  Can you imagine how many calls and emails he was getting on a daily basis from his supporters asking, “Dude, WTF?  Where’s my movie?”

There was no $30 million dollar deal.  There were no producers lining up to take on the project.  There were no deep-pocket promoters willing to back an inexperienced filmmaker’s first project.  In the end, there was nothing.  Crowley left a suicide note but the authorities have not revealed its contents as of yet.

Two things I found interesting about Crowley are that during his lecture at PAUL Fest, he referred to himself as a “combat infantryman” with two deployments.  Now, I may be splitting hairs here but, I have known, I don’t know, a few thousand infantrymen and I have never heard one refer to himself as a combat infantryman.  You’re just an infantryman.  The job of the infantry is combat so there is no need to distinguish yourself in such a redundant way.  It doesn’t make sense and it causes my suspicious mind to turn in interesting ways.  I wonder if Crowley was everything he claimed to be while he was pushing his non-existent movie to his followers.  And, a close friend of Crowley’s said in an interview that Crowley didn’t really believe in any of the conspiracy topics he covered in his film.  The friend claimed Crowley was simply exploiting a niche in the market as a means of breaking into the field of film making.

All of those suspicions build a house of cards that would easily begin to collapse if anyone asked the right questions and asked them forcefully enough.  Was Crowley broke and facing the possibility of being exposed as a fraud who had made thousands of dollars from something that didn’t exist?  We may never know.  We also don’t know what his previous experiences in combat, if they were real, may have done to his mind.  We don’t know what medications, if any, he may have been taking.  But, I do find it interesting that, with the emphasis on veteran suicide today, people seem to want to believe Crowley was himself the victim of the conspiracy from which he hoped to profit and not  yet another tragic veteran suicide.

One of the most important things the conspiracy theorists are ignoring is the fact that Crowley’s project was nothing new or ground-breaking.  No less than 100 films have already been made about a futuristic world of tyrannical police state oppression and atrocities.  From Omega Man to The Hunger Games and everywhere in between, the subject has been popular with Hollywood for decades.  The number goes even higher if you count all of Matt Damon’s films because his films tend to pain the U.S. government as the ultimate evil in the world and the cause of all the world’s problems.  None of those actors, producers, screen writers, or key grips got whacked because they were involved with those projects.  If the NWO didn’t care about actually successful films, why would they care about a film that was never going to be made?

In Ferraro’s latest update today, the medical examiner announced that the case was indeed a murder / suicide, with Crowley killing his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself.  Regardless of the cause, it is a horrible tragedy that will certainly be found on the pages of conspiracy websites for years to come.

UPDATE:  In Nick Ferraro’s latest article, dated January 23rd, David Crowley’s financial problems are revealed through a discussion with another film maker to whom Crowley confided.  Police also found no evidence of a struggle at the scene or evidence that anyone else was present at the time of the murder/suicide.  Read that article HERE.

A quote from the article:

-There were signs, however, that David Crowley may have been dealing with some financial issues with his planned feature film, “Gray State,” which the Army veteran scripted but had yet to bring into production. The script revolves around a police state, martial law crackdown and social breakdown.

According to a Facebook post Wednesday by David Kirk West — an Oregon writer, director and producer — Crowley showed his financial stress in three direct messages he sent him through the social-media website.

In a June 19 message, which West took a screenshot of and included in his Facebook post, Crowley asks, “how do you live with filmmaking as your profession? … don’t you panic when things get slow? Don’t you stress and worry. I can’t get away from evil thoughts some days.”

In a Nov. 24 message, Crowley said he wonders “how other filmmakers survive.”

“I finally went broke this week,” Crowley’s message reads.-


I will continue to follow the story and will update this post if anything ground-breaking should emerge.


Ross Elder


Updated January 24, 2015 – Edited paragraph on reporter Nick Ferraro of Twincities.com.  Edits did not save during initial posting.  Updated with links to new Ferraro article at TwinCities.com regarding Crowley’s financial problems. Added link to THE RISE documentary.















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  1. GRAY STATE does indeed exist as a movie in rough cut, and may be seen on YouTube.

    You may want to revise your text.

    • If you are talking about “Gray State: The Rise”, which is available in rough cut form on YouTube, that is a different project than the MOVIE Gray State, the trailer for which gained such popularity. The Rise is a documentary he was working on that covered the same topics and is NOT the film Gray State.

  2. One thing YOU’RE overlooking is the fact that immediately, before any investigation, the media were pushing the “murder-suicide” line. Don’t you find that suspicious?

    When you in the supposed mainstream media start tossing around phrases like “conspiracy theorists” it makes me suspicious of you. As a journalist, shouldn’t YOU be the “conspiracy theorist?” Isn’t it YOUR job to get to the bottom of things and make sure government is held accountable for its actions?

    You say there’s nothing ground-breaking about his movie. That’s a bogus argument. Have you seen the trailer? This thing was going to be harder-hitting than Schindler’s List.

    The fact is that you don’t know that he wasn’t murdered. Instead of finding ways to discredit those who think he was, maybe you should be trying to find out what really happened.


    • The media didn’t start pushing the muder/suicide line. That was the police and coroner who made that determination. The media didn’t label it as anything.

  3. Ask yourself, “what woukd Coco le roux do?” Boy if “they”eliminated everyone who is boldly screwing up our country, exposing lies by being the lie themselves, the whitehouse would be wisked up (with all of d.c) into a wizard of oz type tornado…in a perfect world.

  4. What an irony! You are making fun of conspiracy theorists while your own article is filled with “I wonder”, possibility, etc. In short, you are coming up with conspiracy theorists also. That said, your article gives me the weird feeling that you are one of the criminals behind David Crowley’s murder.

    • Yes other movies have been made about so called futuristic events which is actually happening now but the other movies have not been as close to the truth as this movie,so you need to either wake and look at what’s really going on in this world and help expose them b—— or just keep their d— in your mouth and shut up.

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. I was in a bit of a state of shock. Your level of retardation isn’t typically found in someone who actually knows how to operate a computer. When you come up with some actual facts that refute my assertions, feel free to share them.

  5. That’s exactly what I’m saying it don’t take a genius to see what’s going on so who is retarded you idiot and facts are everywhere ,look around ,do you seriously don’t see what’s going on?Another thing is the trailor itself shows enough to know what the movie is about without it actually being what you call made but Im threw writing cause you apparently are asleep still and maybe you will wake up one day or just be a slave but whatever you choose I don’t care one fact that I dur know is right now you still are asleep or apart of them.

  6. Lol…ok…well we all know your position which is on your knees to the nwo,so just keep chewing on it boy….

  7. Trust me when I say this,there IS evil forces in the world.don’t trust a man that can’t say Jesus is our Lord and savior.but this article leaves me to believe that Ross is a doosh.nothing more,probably less.but nothing of importance.

  8. There article is far from convincing that you actually have the scoop. It’s obvious to me who’s paying you.

  9. The article is far from convincing that you actually have the scoop. It’s obvious to me who’s paying you.

  10. Come on. Our government is known to murder innocent women and children.
    Our government has a long history of targeting “celebrities.” LONG HISTORY.
    We all know who killed this man and his family.

    • So, the government murdered a virtual nobody and his family over a film that was never made. Gotcha. No problem. Well, except all of the other 100 films on the same subject matter that were actually made and the writers, directors, and producers are alive and well. And the… 75,000 or so books on the subject, with authors still writing away about the police state. Makes perfect sense. You stick to that story.

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