The Patriot Deception – Traitors, InfoWars Edition, Part 1




For the purposes of this series, the broader definition of the word “Traitor” will be utilized.  This is due to the fact that some of the characters involved aren’t U.S. citizens and, therefore, cannot truly be traitors to our nation.  They can, however, be traitors to a cause, or a group of people.  They are traitors to the cause of liberty, and they are traitors to those who call themselves American Patriots. 


There are typically three reasons why a person commits treason.  The first, and probably most common, would be financial.  Many turncoats throughout history committed their acts for nothing more than a few thousand dollars.  Some, of course, for much more money but, the enticement of financial gain is a very powerful one, especially if the target of that enticement is currently in financial straits or is bitter over their low paying position.  Second would be ideology.  The turncoat no longer believes in the cause of his organization and finds themselves more properly aligned with those defined as the enemy.  Even in these cases, a financial incentive is usually at play.  The third reason, and the reason behind extensive background checks for those seeking a security clearance, is extortion, or blackmail.  Security clearance applications and investigations cover a wide variety of potentially attractive weaknesses in a person’s history.  Are you secretly gay? (A common blackmail approach in the days prior to an end to the ban on homosexuals in the military and defense fields.) Do you have a gambling habit?  Are you unfaithful to your spouse?  Do you have a drug habit?  Anything that could be considered embarrassing or detrimental to your livelihood or freedom was an opening through which enemy agents could sneak, gathering evidence with which to later blackmail you.  The latter is typically the person for whom we have the most sympathy.  The poor sap exposed himself to that sort of influence and was then left to their own devices as they attempted to keep the whole thing under wraps.

In the first installment of the Traitors series, which is only one aspect of the wider Patriot Deception exposé, I will introduce you to the people aiding in the Russian propaganda campaign.  The characters contained in this article are the ideologues, those dedicated to the support of Russia who, by their chosen loyalty, are traitors to the cause of liberty.

Meet Paul Joseph Watson

paul joseph watson

Photo via Google Images

Paul Joseph Watson is a British actor who is employed as the Editor at Large of InfoWars and Prison Planet, websites under the Alex Jones umbrella.  Inexplicably, Watson has emerged as a spokesperson for the liberty and patriot movements and he is responsible for much of the text articles found on both websites.  Watson is frequently interviewed on RT (Formerly Russia Today) and is often quoted within articles found on the RT family of websites.  He is also one of the most blatantly pro-Russian, anti-American personalities in media.

The website Accuracy In Media did an expose in a july 20, 2014 article that can be found HERE.  Even the announcement of a television series season is an opportunity for Watson to promote Russia and insult the imperialistic, evil agenda of the United States.  You can see Watson’s video about House of Cards HERE.  Any discerning reader needs only browse a collection of articles by Watson to understand his bias toward the Kremlin.  He makes no effort to conceal it and is quite generous with his opinions.  His articles appear on numerous sites outside of the Alex Jones network as well.  Global Research, TruthSeekers, and many others display postings by Watson.  He is one of the most prolific propagandists of our time.  Although I am sure Watson is seeing financial gain from his work, the frequency of it, and its unwavering support of the Kremlin, tends to indicate Watson’s motivations for his anti-U.S., Pro-Russian positions are founded in his personal belief system.

Considering that Russia is the quintessential surveillance state with a suspicious track record of now-deceased dissenters and journalists, it is clear that Watson cares nothing for liberty or freedom.  He is a traitor to the cause of liberty, and his own homeland.  His allegiance is to Russia, and his voice should not be among the Patriots.

Meet Paul Craig Roberts

paul craig roberts - rt

Economist.  Educated at the University of Virginia and Georgia Institute of Technology.  Roberts’ claim to fame is his one year position as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration.  He is touted as having been one of the authors of Reaganomics.  Now, he spends a great deal of time criticizing capitalism and siding with the Russians on various foreign affairs concerns.  He claims to be a republican but disagrees with the republican platform on virtually every level, including the war on terror.  Roberts is a frequent guest on both RT and InfoWars where he fits in among the anti-America, pro-Russia, fake-liberty crowd.

No further explanation of Roberts’ ideology is necessary after reviewing the articles archived on his own website.  (Follow the link below.) It would be difficult to find a more pro-Russian commenter without choosing them from the halls of the Kremlin itself.  Roberts’ motivations are founded in ideology.

A quote from King World News December 2014:  “The biggest black swan of all, Eric, if the Russians get thoroughly angry, all they have to do is call up the European governments and say, ‘We no longer sell natural gas or any other form of energy to members of NATO.’  The consequence would be the utter and total collapse of NATO.  Not even a puppet state like Germany is going to let the people freeze to death, let the factories be closed down, and let the unemployment rate hit 40 percent.  It’s just not going to happen — it would be the end of NATO.” -Paul Craig Roberts

For an unabashedly pro-Russian, anti-American opinion, you need look no further than this article by Roberts, titled, Washington is humanity’s worst enemy, posted at the following link in 2014.

Meet Kurt Nimmo

Image from YouTube screen capture.

Image from YouTube screen capture.

Kurt Nimmo is an American writer, poet, artist, and is the webmaster for  He, like Watson, are published in many places on the web, not just InfoWars.  He is often featured on RT and is quoted often in RT content.  He is also a venomous anti Zionist whose rants have resulted in some writers labeling Nimmo a neo-Nazi and holocaust denier.  Also like Watson, Nimmo seems to love all things Russia.  Since there are so many examples, I will only link to a few of them.

This one clearly expresses Nimmo’s hatred for the U.S. and NATO, as well as his undying support of the Russian regime.  Nimmo is motivated by ideology.  Nimmo writes on Ukraine HERE.

In one article, Nimmo expresses his agreement with Ward Churchill that American institutions are modern Nazi organizations and describes Sami Al-Arian, a convicted supporter of terrorism, as a humanitarian who simply wanted to help children.  Read that article HERE.

Some of Nimmo’s most outrageous quotes are compiled in an article about Nimmo at FrontPage Magazine.  Read it HERE.

For a more in depth view of Nimmo’s mind, type the following search term into your search engine of choice:  nimmo site: (or click for Google)

For a poet, Nimmo is not a very skilled writer.  In fact, one of his poems is about his struggle with hemorrhoids.  No, unfortunately, that isn’t a joke.  Bad poetry and poor writing aside, Nimmo seems to be skilled at web design and maintenance.  He has given InfoWars a very flashy, trendy look.  Nimmo is simply a Jew-hating Russophile.  He is anything but a patriot.

There is much more to come in the Patriot Deception series.  Stay tuned.


Ross Elder



6 thoughts on “The Patriot Deception – Traitors, InfoWars Edition, Part 1

  1. Infowars is fulfilling the Russian vision, for decades, to start a major civil war in the United States. Jones is a professional agitator. If he were truly Patriotic, he would use air time to organize. The only “church” I am aware of that Jones spoke at is the Unitarian Universalist “Church” of which his wife’s parents were members. The Unitarian Universalists continually promote Che Guevara events in their “churches” and are the driving force organizing Interfaith – as world religious “unity” is needed before a world government can be supported and successful.

  2. Geopolitical imperatives of nation-states is always at play. When Ferguson was spinning up, there were a LOT of people that started coming out of the woodwork, being quoted in various media. In digging up information on them, the all came back as Old School Reds. Just as the US has been meddling in Russia’s back, and sometimes, front yard, they’ll be doing the same here.

    A big part of the drama, is the battle between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, and we are all spoon fed information from BOTH sides, causing division. The trick is recognizing We The People LOSE, if we just choose one of these sides.

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  5. None of the sources cited “prove” that any member of Infowars “loves” or “promotes” Russia and all of its policies. None of the sources cited “prove” that any member of Infowars “hates the USA”. This is intellectually dishonest crap.

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