Russian Agents aren’t all Spies

A fascinating article from a new acquaintance.


Everybody loves spy movies. Books about espionage have been extremely popular since at least the days of James Fennimore Cooper’s “The Spy” went to print. They remain at the top of the list of popular genres to this day with no signs of waining. So it can only be a testament to the secrecy which espionage practitioners diligently keep that so much of what is written about espionage simply isn’t true. Within the west the most common villain of the spy novel is the Soviet or Russian spy of the infamous KGB and its successors, the FSB and SVR. One of the most common and prolific misperceptions shared by the general public about Russian “agents” is that, amidst various clandestine assassinations and black-bag jobs, their primary goal is always to seek out classified information and steal it. The reality is, the job of the overwhelming majority of Russian intelligence officers, by…

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