The Patriot Deception – The Disinformation Asset



noun: disinformation
  1. false information that is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media.

Many have inquired as to why Alex Jones was not included in the Patriot Deception – Traitors exposé. There were several reasons but the simplest is that the characters revealed in that piece were ideologically aligned with Russia. Although Jones is openly assisting in this information warfare campaign, I don’t believe him to be an ideologue. I believe him to be an opportunist. This description does nothing to diminish the impact of his treason but it does place him in a different category than those mentioned previously.

The Patriot Deception series has been viewed by a wide audience that includes bloggers, political pundits, media personnel, politicians, and an assortment of military and intelligence personnel. Of course it has also been read by a large number of InfoWars fans and Kremlin junkies ranging from the Putin fan club types to actively involved disinformation agents of the Kremlin itself. As a result, there has been no shortage of trolls and Putin-lovers available to insult and attack me. In fact, they are now using my Twitter handle as a hashtag after blocking me so I wouldn’t be aware of their continued assault on my online acquaintances. I see them anyway. Mostly because they aren’t particularly intelligent people. What I find shocking is that the attacks primarily come from Americans, not Russians. Perhaps Russia’s American assets are more dedicated to their mission than their Russian counterparts?

Apparently, Jones and the InfoWars staff were also made aware of this series which prompted them to repost an older video in which Jones threatens to punch in the face anyone who calls him a Russian agent, something Jones pronounces as “Rooskie agent.” The InfoWars Facebook page reissued the short “Rooskie” video the day after The Patriot Deception – Introduction hit the web. The video itself existed because I am not the only person who has accused Jones of working in the interests of Russia. In fact, the accusations have existed for several years. I became aware of these previous pieces during my research for this series. Those previous accusations failed to gain traction, however, and the Patriot Movement within the United States has continued to blindly follow the propaganda issued by the Kremlin and perpetuated by Alex Jones and his staff.

I diligently searched for an out for Jones. Generously providing him with benefit of the doubt, I allowed for the possibility Jones was simply a fool, a puppet being manipulated by those behind the scenes at InfoWars, such as the characters described in my Traitors piece. I found no way of excusing him, however. I do not believe Jones is an idiot, something he would have to be in order to be duped so completely by the likes of Paul Joseph Watson and Kurt Nimmo. Although Jones is obviously not the brains behind the content found on InfoWars and Prison Planet, he is most certainly aware of his organization’s obvious slant toward mother Russia.

Aside from his fear-mongering and profiting from Russia’s ever expanding Information Warfare budget, Jones is also an economic hypocrite. Himself a member of the 1%, (or 5%, depending on which measurement used) Jones often froths at the mouth as he rails against the rich who are sucking the world dry in order to maintain their hold on their powerful positions within the elite. His followers suck it up, ignoring facts and choosing to be led astray by a snake oil salesman. Granted, Jones does not actually sell snake oil but, available in his InfoWars Life Store, you can purchase such amazing products as Lung Cleanse and Liver Shield, which, oddly enough, are oils that come in a bottle, just like the charlatans of old. Therefore, in addition to spewing Russian propaganda to the masses, by definition, Jones is, in fact, a snake oil salesman.

Almost frightening is the ease with which Jones succeeds in his ruse. His website,, is appropriately named. He openly informs you that his operation is one giant Information Warfare campaign. He also warns you, “Because there’s a war on for your mind.” To the unwashed masses who hang on his every word, he is a messiah of the information age. For those who lived through and fought the Cold War, he is as subtle as a Nikita Khrushchev speech. How and why Jones allowed himself to be sucked into the role of Kremlin propagandist is anyone’s guess. I would suspect his motivation was strictly financial. This is mostly due to the fact that Jones doesn’t appear to tow the Russian line himself, leaving that role to his writers and editors. Jones plays the affable buffoon while others attempt to rationalize Russian aggression and excuse death and destruction committed by the Kremlin, all the while proclaiming the United States the greatest threat to world peace.

We will discuss Jones further during this series but, for now, there are bigger targets in my sights. I will brace myself for the onslaught of dueling challenges that are sure to follow.

Ross Elder



10 thoughts on “The Patriot Deception – The Disinformation Asset

  1. It’s more of like trying to establish an equilibrium or a balance. Issues do exist with the party you mention however, tiptoeing through the tulips with Obama and a host of others, on any given situation, in my opinion, is the path leading to destruction of one type or another. More accurately perhaps, would be a question or reflection, of whether one desires to maintain a traditional America or remodel the nation into maybe a Eurpoean slum, possibly edging upon a fourth world nation, as the president and his fellow socialists, prefer. Something and some group, obviously, is seeking to profit from disharmony. No shortages on that score. Then again, I’m an old knuckledragger whose better days are behind myself, and I view too much of what the generation that should be most concerned with America, behaving like immature and irresponsible fools. We have too many fools, in congress. So how is it, if I am reading you correctly, that Patriots are being led down the wrong path, while the other fork in the road has pitfalls of jihad, homosexuality, illegal aliens (what part of “illegal” is not understood), what else.., social medicine, free college tution, welfare, et ano?
    I like your writing but I am questioning if I am visiting the wrong blog (?). I am not trying to be surly in my comment.

    • You may have to go back and read through each of the Patriot Deception posts in order to follow my position. (you may have done so, I don’t know.) You will notice that I have not spoken about opposition to Obama being the intent of this deception. It has nothing to do with Obama. Alex Jones and InfoWars, as well as all of the subordinate websites, have opposed every president since Jones came on the scene in the 90s. It has had little to do with the politics of the president and much to do with promoting an anti-American philosophy. The so-called patriot movement in the U.S. seems to be broken into two camps; those who are rationally conservative and support the philosophies of our founding, and those who are being manipulated by conspiracy theorists and propaganda agents.

      Patriots who follow the Jones crowd are being misled because Jones and his employees are, and have always, supported our enemies. The premise of this entire series is to show how Russia is using this fringe movement to distribute propaganda and disinformation. Russia is attempting to promote a political movement within the United States that will benefit Russia. Infowars, prison planet, and those who do the lion’s share of the writing for those two organizations are actively aiding the Kremlin to this end.

      More than half of the people in this country disagree with Obama and are disheartened by what his administration has done to America and its image abroad and that includes me. This, however, has nothing to do with Obama at all. This is about a group of people who have chosen to support Russia against our own country and they are doing so in a way to influence large numbers of voters who will in turn influence Washington on Russia’s behalf. We will discuss Ron Paul in the near future and then the pieces will begin to come together. The infowars camp loves Paul. There is a reason for it. Russia wants them to.

      • I tend to agree, as too many, have been saying some wild stuff, which, in my opinion, would possibly lead to a shooting war, for all the wrong reasons. Someone or some thing is, behind it, and they are seeking something to benefit by it. The field of all current politicians in line for 2016, is in my opinion, disappointing, and I just might, go with Biden if he decides to run and can distance himself from Obama. Maybe, Biden could express our core values as Americans. The factions of those that I have noticed, that seek violence or ruination in America, have their own agendas, and there are too many satellite factions that have some wild ideas. The Patriots that I associate with on blogs, seek a stronger, united America, based upon constitutional law, and traditional values.
        I have read your work for a while in the Wp reader. Very interesting and well written.

      • I have yet to be impressed with any of the offerings for 2016. They all lack charisma and a unifying message, which is exactly what this country needs after so many years of chaos and failure.

  2. Please keep up the good work . You are one of the few voices of real reason with actual verifiable facts!
    in my early 20’s i feel for a lot of this conspiracy crap. Than i saw Loose change and was in disbelief about how someone could try and say pancaking was proof of explosives even with my limited engineering background i could call bullsh*t( I Liked Beer and partying too much to finish that round of college ).
    since than i have been on a James Randi kind of quest to show my friends and family the truth when they get suck in to these things and let me say since finding your web page it has made my life easier. also please start making you tube videos again i enjoyed them!

  3. What verifiable facts? Why is being rich a crime? I make decent money, probably as much as alot of drug dealers. Am I automatically to be put in with that group beause of our finanical bottom line. It seems you equate jones with the other elites who are committing crimes. (and can be shown to do so with “verifiable” facts) What verifiable proof do you have that the supplements he sells are nothing but snake oil? All I have read so far is theories based on observations made on the web. Although I admit I am new here and haven’t read many of your articles, but so far they seem high in accusation and speculation and low in “verifiable” facts. At least in regards to your attacks against Alex Jones. I admit I am a fan of his, but I am no religious zeolot for him, and I realize that what you claim could be true. I like to think I have an open mind here, so please refer me to the proof behind your statements. Whether it is in your other articles I haven’t read or in other web sources. Or just go ahead and attack me as a Alex Jones nut if you don’t have any real proof of your allegations.

    • No one said being rich is a crime.

      You’ll have to start from the beginning of the series to get the whole picture. Patriot Deception – Introduction is the first. All the proof is laid out in the series.

  4. I can only keep sharing your work and hope people care to learn. I’m trying to figure out if those I know, who are fooled, are mentally unstable or brainwashed. The brainwashing seems to inspire mental unstable behavior. Thank you for all your hard work!

  5. Alex is great as is his products. The lung cleanse has helped me clear my lungs from 22 years of herbal blunt smoking and the liver shield helped me rid my body of toxins and I am now gaining weight after being dangerously underweight. the iodine is top notch as other products. Dr. Ed Group is fantastic.

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