The Coming Cull

Much has been written regarding the mass sexual assaults of New Years Eve in Germany.  Many eloquent writers have addressed the issue and many well-qualified journalists have laid bare the facts and details.  I have no intention of repeating their efforts.  I thought I would address the public in my usual manner – straight forward, clearly stated, and unambiguous.

Photo by Markus Boehm/Getty Images

Photo by Markus Boehm/Getty Images

Europe, in its attempts to be inclusive, tolerant, and politically correct, seems to be committing cultural suicide.  The mere fact that something of this nature could occur as though it was perfectly normal is both frightening and disgusting.  The U.S. is also planning a massive influx of refugees over the next few years.  We don’t yet know if the perpetrators of these attacks were recent refugees or if they are thoroughly “Euro-ized” citizens.  Either way, the sheer numbers currently spreading throughout Europe should be a concern for any sovereign nation.

Don’t let modern America fool you.  Immigrants and refugees from these less than third world nations should not be fooled by the currently trendy pacified, pathetic, effeminate, politically correct, pussy hipster crowd.  They should not be fooled by our pathetically weak, willing to submit politicians.  No, they aren’t really America.

You see, despite all of our advances and our attempts to become a civil, cultured, completely passive and tolerant society, The United States is still a nation of rebels.  We are still just a little behind our European cousins when it comes to just about all things except simple concepts like freedom, guns, and bloodied knuckles.  We are a nation of warriors, whether they be uniformed members of our armed forces, or some leather clad, tattooed bikers.  We like to fight.  We think it’s fun.

If this is your “culture”, don’t bring it here.  Count this as a warning, I suppose.  We aren’t going to whine about it and beg someone to help us or talk about it at length with Doctor Phil.  No, if you bring your savage ways to our streets, there will be a culling.  Not of our citizens, but of you.  There will be a blood-letting the likes of which has not been seen in this nation in 150 years.  European men may sit back and cower as their women are groped and assaulted but we will not.  Insult, accost, assault, or otherwise harm one of the women I care for and I won’t even waste a bullet on your backwards ass.  I’ll beat you to death and piss on your corpse in the street.  We are armed, intolerant when it comes to savages, and generally mean spirited.

Honestly, I don’t care what you think about my thoughts on this.  You can be a pussy if you want to be.  This is America, after all.


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