How Ignorance is Murdering the Patriot Movement


Jesus wanted Lavoy Finicum dead.

If you don’t believe the above statement, then you are not a true patriot who supports the Bundy cause against government tyranny.  To paraphrase Bundy’s own statement, just as the Lord was guiding their actions during the Bundy Ranch standoff, the Lord guided them to take a stand in Harney County, Oregon.  And, now, one man, Robert ‘Lavoy’ Finicum, is dead and a large group of militiamen (and women) are threatening to make their final stand against the Federal government within the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.  The video below is Ammon Bundy explaining his intentions prior to arriving at Malheur.

Against the wishes of the Hammond family and the citizens of Harney County, Oregon, and against the advice of even the Oath Keepers organization and InfoWars, Bundy would not be deterred.  He was on a mission from God and, by God, he was going to make sure there were plenty of martyrs for his misguided cause.

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Lavoy Finicum, who was killed yesterday during his attempted arrest. Photo from

Lavoy Finicum (pictured above) had declared that he would choose death over surrender during this weeks-long confrontation.  (Read his own comments HERE)  He got his wish.  It must have been part of the Lord’s plan.  Finicum and Bundy are supposedly devout Mormons, although their actions seem to contradict that description.  So far, only one “eye-witness” account of the shooting has surfaced.  A woman calling herself Victoria Sharp claimed to be in the vehicle with Finicum, and others, including Ryan Bundy, at the time of the shooting.  Sharp claims Finicum was outside of the vehicle with his hands raised when he was gunned down.  She also claims to have witnessed this while admitting she was cowering on the floorboard of the back seat.  But, she used the phrase, “I swear to God!” so we should trust her on that.  She also admits that the shooting happened after the vehicle attempted to flee the authorities who had stopped them, the vehicle eventually crashing into a snowbank while under fire.  Sharp further claims that hundreds of rounds were fired and that authorities continued to pour rounds into the immobilized vehicle for, “Five or Ten minutes.”  Miraculously, Sharp was neither wounded, nor arrested.

In her recorded statements, Sharp also admits that the occupiers refused the orders of the authorities and declared that they were going to drive on through the roadblock in order to speak with the County Sheriff.  This was, of course, after state and federal authorities had the vehicles stopped and were attempting to apprehend the occupants.  Her full comments, recorded from a phone conversation, can be heard below.

Sharp, who is described as an “unidentified 18 year old woman” in various articles, has her version of events refuted by others who were on the scene in the video below.

This intention to only speak with the County Sheriff is a repetitious theme among the militia groups involved in the occupation of the refuge.  Ammon Bundy and Finicum both have made repeated reference to the County Sheriff and his “ultimate authority.”  One recent video shows Bundy confronting a Sheriff’s Deputy on the subject and declaring that federal authorities have no legal right to be in the county without the Sheriff’s invitation.  They referred to this particular video as the Sheriff “surrendering” his authority to the federal government.  This strange belief is founded upon a very peculiar interpretation of the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision in the Printz v United States case, which was decided in 1998.  By clicking the link you will be taken to the court’s decision.  You will also discover that there are no references to the authority of a County Sheriff.  The case involved the constitutionality of a portion of the Brady Bill, which mandated County Sheriffs would perform the duties required of the federal government.  This was found to be unconstitutional because local officials aren’t to be conscripted for federal work.  The decision resulted in the NICS system, which is operated by the FBI for firearm purchase background checks.  Somehow, many within the so-called patriot movement have taken this court case and perverted it to somehow say that a Sheriff is the ultimate authority within a county and even the state and federal governments can’t conduct business within his jurisdiction without his approval.  I challenge you to read through the court’s decision and attempt to find any such statement.

No County Sheriff has the authority to prevent the federal government from conducting federal business on federal property, up to and including enforcing federal law upon those occupying said federal property.  I’ve been trying to be more polite in my posts lately and I’ve refrained from the use of insulting language but, this one I have to run with.  If you think your local Sheriff can waltz into the federal building and evict the federal agencies in residence because he has the final say within his county, you are stupid.

Speaking of stupid, Pete Santilli, self-proclaimed internet journalist, was also arrested last night.  Many within the militia movement believe Santilli is an FBI informant and government-backed provocateur.  He has been arrested following major incidents in the past and apparently walks free afterward.  We shall see.

This ignorance of both the constitution and the law in general will be the undoing of the patriot movement.  Armed and, apparently, willing to fight and die for their cause, which they claim is the constitution, these militias continuously show themselves to be woefully ignorant of the very things they claim to defend.  This ignorance is what keeps other, more educated patriots away from their cause.  The ragtag group of militia militants currently holed-up in Malheur have thrown their support, and their lives, into the hands of misguided, ignorant, and dangerous people.  Leaders who can’t lead and who are guided by the voices in their head will be the death of your movement.  You have no choice but to throw off those leaders and seek out men and women who possess the necessary skills and intelligence to be effective in protecting liberty.  Currently, your movement does not possess them.

In my semi-tongue-in-cheek post offering advice to the movement, I made several suggestions.  Some of them were actually embraced by those at Malheur and some personalities were no longer allowed mic-time to spew their ignorance.  That was smart.  If you want to continue being smart and still have a cause to defend, you should listen to what others are telling you.  If not, you will simply further please the Lord by sending him more martyrs from your pointless, and unsupported, cause.  I hope most of you follow a different God than that embraced by leaders who lead their followers to slaughter.  That is exactly what was done.

Ammon Bundy, the ignorant pied piper of the so-called patriot movement, is nothing more than a cult leader who has used the name of God to justify his actions; actions that have now led to the death of others.  You occupiers keep chanting, “No more free Wacos!” but are completely unaware that, through your blind allegiance to a charlatan, you’ve created your own Branch Davidian religion – a religion of death and sorrow.  That is not a movement true patriots will endorse.

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  1. There’s not a large number of them threatening to stay out there. Most have left. There are fewer than six folks out still at the refuge. Check your facts.

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