Your Just Stop Moment: Stop Acting Like It’s Okay

WARNING: This will be brief and brutal.  If you are a whiny little punk, you should probably close this page and go find your safe space.  And some balls.

Just Stop.  Stop acting like suicide is okay.  Stop calling people who commit suicide “victims” of suicide.  They aren’t victims of it, they are perpetrators.

We all know the Veterans Administration is messed up beyond belief.  We know that.  But to say there is no help available to those who are struggling is simply not true.  Help is out there but, in many cases, people simply aren’t asking for it or searching it out.  It isn’t just veterans either.  It’s EMO idiot teenagers, drug addicts, and a variety of people with mental health disorders.  The situation that has reached crisis status is the mental health industry.  They simply aren’t doing their job.  Maybe we need to march on Washington and demand the figurative heads of the bureaucrats who aren’t fixing it.  Not just maybe, we should.  But that isn’t the core issue I want to deal with in this posting.

What I keep seeing that set me off on this little rant is a continuous string of postings about those who commit suicide that nearly achieve the status of being lionized.  Lionized for what?  For killing themselves?  Stop it!  Suicide is not okay and every time we act as though the person who committed it did so because they were victimized we are creating a de facto justification for the act.  I am especially disgusted by those who leave children and a spouse behind to deal with their selfish decision.

When a parent commits suicide, their children are THREE TIMES more likely to commit suicide themselves.  Their children are TWICE as likely to deal with lifelong emotional issues and chronic depression.  What kind of thoughtless and selfish person wants to do that to their own children?  Not anyone who is worthy of my sympathy.  Get help.  If someone else needs help, FORCE THEM TO GET IT.  They think they are only hurting themselves and they are wrong.  They are destroying the lives of those around them and those who love them.  You can hate me all you want but don’t ask me to hold up the latest perpetrator of suicide as someone worthy of our admiration and respect.  I’m not doing it anymore.