I’m A Professional Killer – I Think Mateen Acted Alone

Now That’s a catchy headline, isn’t it?  Makes you want to immediately click over and read the awesome material beneath it.

It is a trick used daily to grab your attention and add some sort of extra credibility to the author.  Articles, especially “New Patriot” rants, love using this trick.  Just look around.  You’ll see plenty of articles that begin with interesting things like, “I’m a former Navy SEAL and…” or, “Former SWAT Officer says…” or, “I was a cop….”.  This brings me to my new debunk article regarding the Pulse Nighclub massacre in Orlando Florida.  I will refrain from calling anyone an idiot in this article.  This will be a first so, pay attention.

First, let me explain the headline.  I am a former professional killer.  Anyone who served in the ground forces of the United States military can make that claim.  All army personnel are trained as basic infantrymen and are then given an added skill that will be their normal occupation.  I held several MOSs throughout my career but the one that never changed was: Soldier, Basic, OD green in color, One Each.  A soldier’s job is to put rounds downrange in the direction of the enemies of freedom until they cease to be among the living.  Killers.  Defenders of freedom.  In my day, being professional while doing so was important.  That doesn’t seem to carry the same weight today but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  For years, I was trained in, trained others in, and practiced the art of killing.  But, there’s a problem.  I never trained to walk into a gay bar and mow down a bunch of unarmed, inebriated partiers.  Neither did anyone else, at least not anyone on our side.

When an article begins with, “I’m former NYPD: Here’s Why I Think…”  It really means zero.  Less than zero.  Nada.  No bueno, bupkis.

John Cardillo, a radio talk show host from Miami and former New York City police officer, began his opinion piece with those very words.  In it, and you can read it HERE if you wish, Cardillo makes several statements about why Omar Mateen could not have possibly pulled off this massacre alone.  These statements are fully based on his “Professional Opinion” and he makes that clear but, he is using his status as a former police officer to give that extra touch of credibility to his conspiracy theory.  I don’t know how long Cardillo wore the NYPD badge.  His bio says, “In the 90s” which could mean 9 years or 9 months.  It isn’t relevant though.  He does describe himself as a “Cop” and not a Detective, and that distinction is also evident in his theory.


Johnny thinks that you have to possess a level of fitness on the order of a professional athlete in order to function sufficiently to pull a trigger 300 times.  Oh, and change magazines too.  Because we all know that everyone who knows their way around a gun is also a CrossFit junky.  John says, and this is a quote from his theory, “Of course this all assumes that you have the physical attributes to be tactically proficient. Attributes you would need to be a great athlete in any other sport.”  Now, I am no athlete by any stretch of the imagination.  I haven’t gone for a run since the last time Uncle Sam told me I didn’t have to.  Running sucks.  You people who do that for fun have something wired wrong in your head.  Seriously.  I learned how to shoot better so I wouldn’t have to run so much.  Very few members of the military are world-class athletes.  Some are world-class idi… oops..  world-class jerks though.

Cardillo goes on to suggest that only a former Delta Force Operator would possess the skills needed to achieve that number of hits during a shootout.  His assertion is based on the FBI statistic that shows police officers only average about a 20% hit ratio during officer involved shootings.  Doing some basic math, one can (incorrectly) assume that in order to achieve 103 hits, the shooter would have to fire more than 500 rounds.  People also like to use military statistics that show soldiers fire an average of 250,000 (not a typo) rounds for each insurgent killed in our ongoing Global War On Terrorism.  I know, I know.  People prefer to think that our soldiers are all expert marksmen who can drop a Taliban goat herder at 700 meters with one shot.  Well, guess again.  A soldier only has to hit 51% of his targets during qualification in order to be deemed fit for battle.  And that is during peacetime.  If we were in a war such as WWII?  If you can carry the rifle, you are going to the front.  A simple search on Google or Military.com will give you a good idea of what a firefight actually looks like.  Soldiers react to fire by returning fire and, in many cases, they don’t even see the enemy.  They are shooting in an assumed direction of enemy contact.  Taking fire from a 3rd floor window? Seventy soldiers will return fire at that building and keep doing so until they run black on ammo.  It’s that simple.  One shot, one kill, is for snipers.  For the regular Joes, send as many rounds in the enemy’s direction as possible.  Someone is bound to hit him.

Those situations are vastly different, to the point of being absurd as a comparison, to walking into a crowded room full of unarmed and unaware people who are clumped together in a nice cluster of victims.  There have been reports that the exits were chained and locked as well.  The victims had nowhere to run.  They were trapped.  If that report is true, whoever is in charge of that building should spend the rest of their life in prison because they are responsible for many more people dying than should have.  Basically, in those circumstances, a blind man, firing from the hip, could get 100 hits.  Considering that there have been zero reports that any of the victims made any attempt to physically stop the shooter, I’m surprised there weren’t 300 bodies in that club.

He Just Bought The Gun!  No way he knew how to operate it!

Cardillo also contends that, since Mateen had purchased the firearm only a week prior to the shooting, it isn’t possible for him to be proficient in the functioning of that rifle.  Therefore, there must have been more than one shooter.  That assertion is foolish.  Just because Mateen didn’t own an AR15-style rifle doesn’t mean he was unfamiliar with it.  The man had been an armed security officer for seven years.  Assuming he knew nothing about firearms is ridiculous.  He could have been trained on that type of firearm by the security company with which he was employed.  Or, he could have rented a similar rifle at his local gun range 10,000 times before ever buying one.  Borrow one from a friend for familiarization?  That would be absurd, right?  Wrong.

In essence, Cardillo, who most have previously labeled a right-wing loon, shows his lack of knowledge of firearms, shooting incidents, and good old fashioned detective work.  Oh, I forgot.  He wasn’t a detective but, he is an idio….  that was close.

The investigators have not even released a count of how many shell casings were recovered from the scene at this point.  To begin speculation on how many rounds it would have required – and I’ve read estimates of upwards of 2,000, which is absolutely stupid – is amateurish, foolish, and puts your lack of common sense on full display.

Mateen was engaged by police multiple times during this terrorist attack; first by the off duty officer working security, then by other officers who were nearby at the time of the incident. In those tight spaces, with so many people attempting to escape, it is not unreasonable to speculate that at least some of the victims were caught in the crossfire and were not shot by Mateen at all, but by police. This is a horrific thing to consider but it is not out of line with historical precedent considering the dynamic and chaotic environment.

Although Cardillo, the former cop, spends much time explaining the typically poor marksmanship of police as a way of indicating that Mateen could not have acted alone, not once does he mention crossfire. He says police have a very poor hit rate during shootouts but neglects to even suggest that some of the victims may have been shot by police during the incident. Not once. So, Johnny thinks Mateen possessed superhuman marksmanship skill and so must the police, since they never missed Mateen and struck a bystander.

So far, in the reports that have been made public, there is no indication Mateen was wounded prior to the SWAT team encounter that ended the ordeal. Yet, police say they engaged Mateen multiple times during the incident. Those bullets went somewhere, Mister Cardillo.


Here’s a link to my little book, JUST STOP, which will educate you on how to not look like an idiot in public.  (See, I didn’t actually CALL anyone an idiot, did I?)  Read it.  Share it.  Tell a friend.