The Cuban Racial Crisis

Mark Cuban, a man whose name I have only recently come to know, and who apparently owns a basketball team, which doesn’t interest me because basketball interests me about as much as having my scrotum pierced, has been in the news a lot lately. So much so, in fact, that I became sufficiently irritated to pen this article.

Mark Cuban is a bigot and that only proves that liberals are bigots and the purveyors of all things discriminatory!

Yeah, no, not really.

I’m no fan of liberals, in general, and I fully understand the history of race relations in this country. The Democrat party likes to alter their history and convince people it was, in fact, the Republicans who voted against all of those civil rights bills and formed the KKK in order to suppress and oppress black people in this country. Unfortunately for the Democrats, most people in the U.S. can actually read.  This allows them the luxury of reading books on history that didn’t get printed at the public school printing office.

So, Mark Cuban IS a racist bigot!  No.  Sorry.  He isn’t.  You see, the only problem people have with what Cuban said during his interview on ESPN is that he had the nerve to actually say it.  The rest of you, living in your high castle, or riding on your very high horses, feel the same way.  And you know it.

Much of what our misguided, and generally sans-parental guidance, youth today have adopted manner of dress, behavior, and attitudes that were once the sole property of gang members and prison inmates.  Many of them dress the same way as gang members and generally misbehave, are disrespectful to authority, and, basically, are a bunch of useless assholes.  Sagging pants and a hoodie?  Yep, most people are going to assume you are a thug, regardless of your GPA.  Tattoos all over your neck and hands?  Yep, people are going to assume you are some sort of greasy, murderous, loser, regardless of your skin color.

Why? Because those are the stereotypes built over many years of encounters with criminals, inmates, and members of various gangs.  Here are a few photos to refresh your memory.  You tell me – if you were walking down a dark street and saw these people coming, would you not cross the street, or run screaming until you found your safe-space?

gang-hoodie gang-hoodie2 gang-hoodie3 gang-member-biker gang-tattoo gang-tattoos-gang-tattoo2

If your answer was, “Naw, man, I’m cool with all people.  I don’t discriminate.” Then, you are a liar, plain and simple.  A liar.  Just like Hillary Clinton.

I’m old enough to know where many of these so-called fashion trends originated.  When I see someone with tattoos on their elbows, backs of their arms, and back of their necks, I automatically assume they did prison time.  You see, those tattoo locations were easier to use while sitting with your back turned to someone at a bench in the yard.  Tattoos all the way down your arms and on your hands used to be something generally isolated to circus sideshow freaks and criminal biker gangs.  Not today.  Somehow, these criminal stereotypes became hip and trendy.  Now, you are just as likely to meet a geeky I.T. nerd with sleeve tattoos as you are a Hell’s Angel.  There is something fundamentally wrong with that.

Are you offended when people treat you negatively just because you look like an axe murderer, or that guy on the surveillance tape who robbed and murdered those people?  Then, it would seem, that the problem lies with you, not us.  Stop trying to look hard and give people the impression you are a thug and people will stop treating you like one.  The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” was never true.  You can, actually.  If the cover of that book says, “Hail Satan! I’m an axe murderer,” maybe you can judge that book.  Maybe you can take that book on its word that it is not a very pleasant and heart-warming book.

Maybe, just maybe, people can stop trying to create a controversy where none exists.  They could do this if they would just do one, very simple thing: Stop hating people simply because they believe differently than you.  That’s step one.

Step two?  Stop idolizing criminal culture and get back to being decent people.