Ross on Russia, Fake News, and a Stupid Public

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There have been quite a number of chuckle – worthy articles, videos, and news items since our Presidential election. The items I seem to find the most amusing are created by those directly involved in the information warfare campaign against the American public.

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones seem obsessed with pointing out what “fake news” really is and how they are somehow the arbiters of truth on the web. I find it so absurd that I finally had to jot some of this down. It’s absurd because those two figures basically created the entire concept of fake news.

For years, these two men have modified, altered, misrepresented, and outright fabricated “news items” in order to pander to the alt-right fears of global domination by old, white men having secret meetings at Chuck E Cheese. For years, these two men have been the Kremlin’s mouthpieces, filling the heads of uneducated and unaware Americans with Russian propaganda disguised as “news.”

Now, these two are spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to label everything other than themselves as fake news. No news outlet is safe, of course. Any item they can even attempt to point out may be slightly inaccurate or slanted, now receives their label of fake news. Mind you, these are the same people who brought you FEMA concentration camps and U.S. Army training rotations designed for the rounding-up of black people. Totally legit items like that.

It is intentional, of course. They are attempting to adulterate and bastardize this new term in order to muddy the definition to the point of uselessness. That alone tells me they are, without a doubt, active participants in the quest to manipulate the minds of America’s citizens.

Pro-Russia is an understatement when describing them and those like them. Just a few minutes browsing Twitter or InfoWars/PrisonPlanet confirms this. It isn’t rocket surgery. The problem is that millions of people listen to these charlatans.

Did Russia manipulate election results in order to elect Donald Trump? No. Did Russia hack into voting machines to ensure a Trump victory? Nope. They didn’t need to do so. They already controlled the minds of millions of our citizens through their massive, misleading, manipulative propaganda campaign. And Americans, eager to reject anything from U.S. mainstream media outlets, went along willingly.

Because they’re stupid.

The latest scandal is Obama’s closing of Russian facilities in the U.S. and the ejection of 35 Russian agents. All over the so-called Alt-media outlets, words like “chaos” and “disaster” and “war” are being used. Many indicate that Obama is attempting to start a war with Russia before he leaves office. Because that’s what fake news outlets do; they gin up panic and fear in order to sell things. In this case, they are selling books, videos, subscriptions, and Russian influence.

Comically, many of these supposedly intelligent articles are authored by people who weren’t even alive during the Cold War and have no historical reference from which to draw their conclusions. During that time, U.S. officer were killed by our Soviet rivals while simply performing their duties. We didn’t go to war over that, but people think we will over the departure of some poorly-hidden spies. It’s absurd. Also, it tells you we know who they are and what they are doing. We could have ejected them at any time, just like Russia can with our own people there.

You were warned repeatedly for many years. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. If you haven’t read The Patriot Deception articles here on this website, you should do so.

If you want to be entertained and maybe learn something along the way, you should pick up my new novel, Patriot Deception, which was inspired by the articles mentioned. The link is at the top of this page. Until then, perhaps you should rethink your information sources…finally.