Three years. That’s how long it has been since I contributed to this blog. Although people still visit this site and review previous articles here, (over a million people, in fact) only a handful have approached me to ask why I’ve been silent for so long.

The polite and mostly true answer is I’ve been busy. Working a day job, running a small business on the side, training, occasionally writing, and a busy home life have taken up most of my free time. There is also another answer. One more difficult to explain.


The world is full of them. When your hobby is debunking idiocy, confronting idiots, and publicly shaming people who seem to embrace their idiocy, it can quickly become a full time job. There are so many. Like, not even kidding, I’ve reached the unscientific conclusion that the vast majority of the human race is…stupid. Not just, “I never studied Greek literature” stupid, or, “My school never taught about Vietnam” stupid but literally incapable of formulating an intelligent thought stupid.

And, holy shit, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with everyone having so much free time while they sit around yammering on the internet, the amount of stupid in the world is increasing exponentially. I thank God every day that I am an essential worker and haven’t had to sit around at home all day reading all those stupid ramblings. The pandemic of stupid is quicky outpacing Covid-19 in its longterm effects.

Wear a mask. Don’t wear a mask. Masks are tyranny and a precursor to the mark of the beast. If you don’t wear a mask you’re a murderer just like Hitler. Both sides are idiots who miss the larger point in the grand scheme of things.

Since the Trump administration began, the amount of fake news, propaganda, outright lies, intentional deceit, and active measures implemented by foreign entities has grown to such a degree it simply can’t be addressed. Again, both sides are guilty.

The Russians are still using the Active Measures I identified and warned about in early 2015. China and Iran are also heavily invested in these programs. Still, after many used my research as a foundation to conduct their own research, none of whom once mentioned me or gave this blog any credit, and after now a couple of years of Russia, Russia, Russia…no one has made even a moderate attempt to put a stop to it.

Alex Jones is as popular as ever, even though he has been proven time and again to be nothing more than a clown and a charlatan. He’s just the ringleader in a circus he no longer controls.

Conspiracy theories, Active Measures, outright lies and propaganda are so ubiquitous today, no one has the time to address it. No one. Someone may take the time to debunk one social media meme here and there. I still do on occasion but they are so simple and easily debunked that no lengthy article is needed here. A paragraph or two is usually sufficient. I could probably keep it to one paragraph if I cut back on how often I use the words stupid and idiot.

It isn’t that I no longer conduct research to prove things one way or another. I just don’t type out 2,000 words to explain it any longer. I share the information with family and friends as I try to keep the idiocy at least outside my own circle. That’s more difficult than it may seem. Young people get all of their information from social media these days. I’ve had to lay out facts and give some pretty intense lessons to my own children after they’ve filled their minds with the social media versions of numerous recent events.

It is a losing battle, trying to defeat idiocy. From the halls of the United Nations right on down to the person repairing the elevator in your office building, embracing stupid seems to be the new normal. Information is so easy to access today. Well, I should say bad information is so easy to access. Getting good information still takes effort. Sometimes a lot of it and far too few take the time necessary to find it. Facebook is faster and easier. Just scroll until you find a meme that fits your weird beliefs, then share it among your fellow idiots so you can begin an idiotfest of idiotness dressed up in wokeness and [insert word of choice] justice.

The Crusade against idiocy is ongoing. We’re just losing. Without new weapons and tactics with which to fight, we will lose. The longterm effects of that defeat could mean the end of civilization as we know it. At this point, I’m kind of cheering it on. Let it burn. Perhaps one day people who still know how to read will build something out of the ashes.

R. E.