I Spent Weeks Among the Q Crowd. Here’s what I learned.

They’re all crazy.

This would be a very short article if we left it there but you certainly could leave it there. Just there. That would be all you needed.

Knowing my readers as I do, I suppose I should continue writing. So, here we go.

You can’t stop what’s coming. Trust the plan. Where we go one, we go all.

– basically everyone who follows Q.

Anyone who has followed my writing for any length of time knows I have a very low tolerance for scams, frauds, fakes, and BS. Because of that, I ignored the Q question for a couple of years. To me, it was so blatantly a scam that I really didn’t believe it worth my time. Boy, how times have changed.

Q is the anonymous moniker of a mysterious character who emerged after the election of President Trump. Originally seen on internet forum 4Chan, the group has now successfully spread to virtually every social media platform in the known world. First appearing as a poster on 4Chan, the person, or persons, migrated to 8Chan, which later became 8Kun, which is located on the “Dark Web” as an Onion site. (If you don’t understand that last sentence, count yourself among the blessed. Just don’t try to figure it out. You’ll regret it.)

Much has been written about the supposed origins of Q so I won’t reinvent the wheel here. Suffice to say there are suspects involved and some of them intentionally hint at their suspected involvement but never really come clean about it. The most popular theory currently is that Jim Watkins, the man who owned 8Chan and currently owns 8Kun, is either the original Q, or he is one of several people all posting as Q. Some suspect his son, Ron Watkins, who used to be one of the administrators at 8Chan, quit and went off on his own out of protest over the whole Qanon hoax.

In a very fat nutshell, Qanon supporters believe President Trump is a savior-like figure who is leading a secret war against destructive deep state actors and global pedophile rings. President Trump is a very stable genius and is like way smarter than everyone else so we have to just trust him that this is what he is doing and everything is a part of “the plan” even if it appears otherwise. I hope you are following along so far. Trust me, it hasn’t even gotten weird yet.

Various hints have been dropped that would indicate the Q in the name…Q…denotes the vaunted Q Security Clearance. This is a US Department of Energy designation for people who have access to nuclear information and material. How a nuclear worker or scientist would be closely embedded with Trump’s staff and know all there is to know about the war on pedophile rings and uber-secret operations against the deep state is anyone’s guess, but how dare you question the plan? You have to trust the plan. You can’t stop what is coming. Or, whatever.

The person, or persons, who claim to be the deep insider Q sends out what are known as, “drops” that contain cryptic information, strange codes, sometimes links to news articles, and generally meaningless gibberish. These Q-drops are then sucked up by the Qanon community and they put their heads together on the internet and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out just what Q was trying to tell them. They have to do this because Q never actually tells them. It is intentionally vague and meaningless. This adds to the mystery of the whole thing. Now the Qanon adherents get to think of themselves as super important researchers, investigators, and breadmakers. Yes, I just wrote breadmaker. You see, Q drops crumbs for his believers to follow. They put those crumbs together into a dough and somewhere out of the other end of the rabbit hole comes bread. Don’t get all weird on me. I had nothing to do with that. That stupid was fully organic to the movement.

I’m attempting to keep the history portion brief so we can get into the meat of this article. We will call this a so-so overview from 30,000 feet for now and move on. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about Qanon and I have no interest in duplicating any of that work.

My trip down the rabbit hole

As is my usual way, in order to understand how to address a conspiracy theory, you have to actually understand what the theorists believe. You have to go out there and listen to them, read their posts and articles, watch their videos, and participate in the subsequent conversations among the followers of said conspiracy theory.

One Star! Do Not Recommend!

– me

As the 2020 election approached, and with a pandemic keeping most people home with little to do, I found myself a little, well, bored. A few of my connections kept asking if I was keeping up with the Qanon weirdness and I always had to answer, “No. That’s silly.” Eventually, I got bored enough that I decided to browse the conspiracy theory and get a temperature check. I suggest you go back to the top and read the first three words of this article if you are wondering what that temperature reading told me.

What you will learn from following Qanon is, well, nothing. As mentioned above, Q never actually tells his/her followers what the drop means for the community. The community is supposed to “do their own research” and figure it out themselves. This psychological game has led to some lesser known conspiracies within the conspiracy. A few notables are mentioned below.

  • John McCain didn’t die from a long battle with illness. He was secretly put on trial for treason and then executed following his conviction.
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. is not dead and he is just waiting for the right time to reveal himself and help Trump overthrow the Deep State.
  • Bill Gates is basically Satan.
  • Robert Mueller’s investigation was really a secret plot in coordination with President Trump to force the evil Deep State actors to reveal themselves.
  • You can’t trust ANY media source. Only listen to President Trump.
  • The CIA, NSA, Pentagon, big tech companies, all news media, and Congress are involved in an active coup to eliminate Trump and fully implement the New World Order.
  • Even Alex Jones is part of the coup and he works for Mossad. Or the CIA. Or somebody. Regardless, he is a bad person because he thinks the whole Q thing is stupid.

Many of those who push Qanon are active on Twitter so that is where I went. I created several accounts and used them to browse and interact with the Q folks. The first thing I realized was that many of them have followings that number into the tens of thousands. Some, hundreds of thousands. This tells you how widespread and pervasive the Qanon conspiracy theory is. Although the entire movement has been dismissed by most in politics and the media, obviously it resonates with a very large segment of our society.

They're also dumb. Really dumb.

In many instances, Q dropped a seemingly random number or sequence of numbers. The Qanon crowd then takes that number and scours the internet for any references that may prove enlightening. In one case, an avid Q follower found an electronics item with the same stock number, so the assumption was that Q was trying to tell people about some super-secret, powerful item being used to help fight the pedo deep state. The follower, with more than forty-thousand followers, called it a chipset and posted the number to their Twitter.

What they posted was a fuse holder for a computer motherboard. When one of their followers pointed this out, they replied it is part of the chipset. Anyone who has looked at a circuit board for a computer in, oh, I don’t know, since chips and chipsets were created, knows a standard power fuse holder has nothing to do with a chipset. Many of these Qanon proponents try to pass themselves off as experts on technology and hacking and researching. The inevitable result of reading what they have to say is an overwhelming sense of despair at just how stupid people are in this supposedly advanced and enlightened age.


The Qanon movement, much like any other cult-like group, eventually turns on its own members and causes rifts between factions. If your “breadmaker” has an analysis that differs from the other guy’s “breadmaker” then obviously that other guy’s breadmaker is a plant by the deep state trying to deceive the true believers.

There are literal (text, Twitter) fights among the various factions, each accusing the other of being fake or a plant for the pedo deep state.


Except President Trump, of course. Everyone else, though, is obviously a child-sex-trafficking pedophile rapist, if they were ever seen with Epstein. If you are a member of the Hollywood elite, obviously you are also a pedophile sex trafficker, even of you were never seen with Epstein. You were just sneaky.

If they believe you are part of the global pedophile cabal but have no evidence you were ever on Epstein’s private island, they’ll just make up a new list and put your name on it. That’s why there are several versions of the Epstein flight logs on the internet that differ greatly from the actual list released as part of a lawsuit.


If Trump fires someone, it is because they were part of the deep state coup. If he fires someone he himself appointed, he first appointed them to expose them as part of the deep state coup, and then fired them once it was proven. Either way, Trump knew it all along and was the only one who knew. To Qanon cultists, Trump is infallible. If something he does doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because he is eleventy times smarter than you and he’s playing 4D chess while you play tiddlywinks.


Over the last several months, as the Mueller investigation revealed little, the Durham investigation generated no arrests, Hillary, Obama, Holder, and John Podesta didn’t get arrested, many of those who followed Q have given up. The cryptic posts, never with any explanation and never producing any results, eventually causes the most discerning conspiracy theorists to move on to better things. They can only “trust the plan” for so long before they lose interest. Especially for a plan that never materializes. Some have become anti-Q as they try to show others that Q’s promises and predictions have never come true. They are alone in the wilderness, it seems. The die hard Q folks will hang on as long as they can.

With Trump apparently losing his reelection bid, something the Qanon proponents assured everyone would be a Trump victory, many more Q followers are jumping ship. For the die hards, the projected election loss is only a smoke screen. For many, it is by Trump’s own design so he can prove deep state election fraud and show that the elites “select” our leaders instead of the people electing them to office. This is all part of Trump’s genius plan. He really won by a landslide. This is just a game he is playing with the doubters so he can prove a point.

Yes, they are that stupid.


After weeks of watching them, I have come to the conclusion that those who push the Qanon theories the hardest aren’t actual believers. They push theories that defy logic and common sense, many of them even being impossible, but I believe they are just playing on people’s gullibility in order to grow their own audience. They have podcasts and videos and articles and websites that need traffic in order to make money. So, they push whatever nonsense will bring traffic to their sites and help them generate revenue. Most of them don’t seem to have actual jobs. They make their living selling ads and begging for support through various subscription services and donation options. It costs a lot of money to fight the deep state. Please, support the cause and donate generously. 100% FUNDED BY THE PEOPLE!


Fraud always seems to spawn other fraud. This is true of Qanon as well. Pushers caught up in the fraud of Q having secret knowledge and access have to portray themselves as insiders as well. This way they can “verify” Q’s imaginary insights and offer additional information available only to their financial supporters. Special “members only” articles and chats seem to be all the rage.

Among them are those who call themselves journalists because they post “articles” on Reddit; those who call themselves producers because they have a YouTube channel; and those who pose as former government officials, military insiders, and intelligence operatives. The fraud to real person ratio is probably too close to call. When you dig up who they are and perform a simple background check, you find they are nothing like their Q-persona and never held any position of importance in the government, regardless of their online claims.

There are felons and convicted con artists among the pushers, of course. Any scam this big is going to attract nefarious characters seeking to profit from it. It is like when an undercover city cop goes to buy some drugs from the undercover DEA guy who set up shop in the County Sheriff’s abandoned house they turned into a fake drug dealer den. They’re all lying. They just don’t know they’re all lying until guns get drawn and handcuffs come out.

You’re under arrest! No, YOU’RE under arrest! You can’t arrest me! I already arrested YOU!


Until the hoaxers behind Q are reliably outed or come forward, we don’t know who is actually behind it. Everyone has their suspects but no one has hard proof. I suspect that the hoaxers will come forward eventually. It will be some time, though. I believe they were doing it just for laughs and as a way of showing how gullible people can be. Now, their running joke has become an actual cult movement with very real consequences and very real threats of violence. Now would not be the time to pull the rug out from under a large group of unstable mental midgets who are already upset their chosen political messiah, President Trump, will be filling out change-of-address forms at the post office come January.

Some will never go away. Trump himself could announce that the Qanon thing is a hoax and a deep state plot to defraud his political allies and they would continue to “trust the plan” and assume it was all part of the grander plan of Trump exposing the pedophile deep state. 4D chess turned up to eleven, and all that. You can’t stop what’s coming.

I will end this post with familiar words everyone should remember. You read them a few minutes ago, just under the title.

They’re all crazy.

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  1. Thanks for taking the dive into this cesspool. Now I don’t need to. You hit it spot on: “They have podcasts and videos and articles and websites that need traffic in order to make money.” Could it be that the Q’s are just another cult, like Jim Jones without any religious overtones and no tasty Kool-Aid?

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