Connecting Vets: Origins of the conspiracy of the 305th Military Intel Batt

Sharing this article from Jack Murphy at Connecting Vets. I was able to contribute some research to this one.

Star witness of ‘Kraken’ lawsuit washed out of intel training in the Army

Sidney Powell

Photo credit Drew Angerer / Staff

By Jack Murphy

Acting in an independent capacity as a lawyer, Sidney Powell and her team have filed a collection of lawsuits aimed at proving widespread election fraud led President Donald Trump to lose his re-election bid. So far, these lawsuits have been dismissed as evidence of said fraud has not been forthcoming.

In one embarrassing episode, a star witness in one of the affidavits Powell filed was given the code name “Spyder” to protect his identity, but his name was accidentally released due to sloppy work on the part of her legal team in which his true name is visible in the PDF file’s bookmarks. Reuters reporter Brad Heath first caught the mistake.

“Spyder” is in fact 43-year-old Joshua Merritt who works as an information technology consultant in Texas, The Washington Post reported. In his sworn affidavit which claims widespread election fraud he writes, “I was an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence.”

Army records indicate that Merritt never served in intelligence and did not complete his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) required to work in the field.

“He kept washing out of courses,” Army spokesperson Meredith Mingledorff told the Post, citing his education records. “He’s not an intelligence analyst.”

Contacted by reporters, Merritt conceded that this affidavit statement that he was an intelligence analyst is misleading and that he signed that statement without reading it carefully. He blamed the mistake on Powell’s legal team in an interview with The Washington Post.

For an AIT training unit, the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion has received quite a bit of press in recent weeks. Not only does it come up in Merritt’s affidavit, but retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney has been a prominent voice spreading a false conspiracy about the battalion fighting election fraud.

Powell, “also found out, through the Kraken, and the Kraken is the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion that works these kind of problems that we have Chinese and Iranian involvement,” McInerney recently said in an interview with fellow conspiracy theorist and former CIA officer Michael Scheuer.


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