You Can’t Stop What’s Coming

No, really. You can’t.

Just over seven years ago, I created this website as a way of putting my thoughts out there into the world. Soon, it became a way for me to bring some rational thought to what I saw as a direct threat to the American public: Fake News and conspiracy theories. Over the years, we did some great work here. Primarily, I highlighted the problems surrounding the conspiracy theorist’s favorite phrase: Do Your Own Research! I may have an article, or perhaps another small book, (I discussed this issue with my other book, Just Stop.) coming in the hear future on this specific topic. People enjoy doing their own research, especially if it leads to a rabbit hole of lizard people and globalist, cannibal, child molesters. They just do it wrong. But that is for another day.

It is already here.

I wasn’t alone in my quest to keep the brains of my fellow Americans from melting into psychosis after being filled with ridiculous claims and provably false ideas. There were many other writers and media figures working against the plague of disinformation, propaganda, and lunacy. We failed. All of us. It is that simple.

“You can’t stop what is coming!” The catchphrase of Qanon worldwide, seems to be the one prediction the movement actually got right. We couldn’t. We tried. We tried to prevent obviously poorly manufactured conspiracies from infecting the masses but it simply wasn’t possible. The internet, that damned amazing invention of humankind that has literally changed the world for the better, and worse, made it impossible to counter the narratives spreading across the country and the globe. The task with which we assigned ourselves was not just difficult and challenging. It was impossible.

In the beginning, there were only a few. Alex Jones. Jesse Ventura. David Icke. Richard Belzer. The John Birch Society, and a few others. More if you added in other conspiracies related to UFOs, aliens, and off-world activities. A small army of researchers, journalists, and rational thinkers could do battle with them in the arena of ideas and we were often successful in pulling at least some of those listeners/readers from the edge of the rabbit hole before they fell in and were lost forever. That is now an impossible task.

A Million Voices – All Screaming Incoherent Bullshit

You can’t debate a million of them. You can’t debate a thousand of them. One person can’t debate a hundred of them. We thought truth and evidence and rational thought processes would be enough to counter the spewed insanity. We were wrong.

Myself, I was always opposed to censorship. I think it is unamerican. I think it violates one of the principles of this country that has set us apart from much of the world. Free speech is a fundamental part of our freedom here in this amazing country. It is who we are. Because of that belief, I am on record, in the written word as well as public appearances and radio interviews, stating that I opposed the de-platforming of these insane voices and attempts to keep them out of the discourse. I felt that was counter to my ideas of freedom and the protections of our constitution. I won’t get into the debate over social media censorship by a private organization and censorship through government tyranny. That is a different animal. I just wanted to be clear that I was always opposed to silencing people simply because they had peculiar, or even dangerous, ideas.

I Was Wrong. I Was Very, Very Wrong

I assumed that once these insane ideas were out in the open, and people could see and hear them in the harsh light of day, they would die. The majority of people would laugh at them, reject them, and the de-platforming would be unnecessary because their audience would fade away on its own. The exact opposite happened. Sure, the majority of people did laugh and reject the craziness. But…it appears that millions did not. Yes, millions. This is a frightening number of crazies who believe insane ideas.

Lin Wood, one of the attorneys assisting President Trump in his attempts to overturn the election results from 2020, has over one million followers on Twitter. Wood also claims that Chief Justice Roberts is a pedophile rapist who was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Wood also claims that many politicians are being blackmailed because they were forced to rape children then murder those children, all on video tape, and those tapes are in his possession. Wood also seems to cling to a notion that Vice President Pence, as President of the Senate, can somehow overrule the election results and simply declare that President Trump won reelection. This is apparently just easy-peasy, and a well-known constitutional standard. (It’s not but whatever.)

Granted, I’m sure many of those followers on Twitter are simply gazing at the train wreck and unable to look away but how many of them actually share his beliefs? Even half that number is frightening.

Here is a link to one of the blackmail Tweets.

Even on a smaller scale, Qanon and InfoWars conspiracy pushers like Millie Weaver (, who couldn’t even be considered a leader within the conspiracy theory world, has over 276,000 followers on Twitter. You may recall Millie making the news in August of 2020 after being arrested for domestic violence against her mother. Of course, what she and her cohorts told the world was that the arrest was orchestrated by the deep state in order to prevent her from releasing a documentary titled, ShadowGate. The all-powerful globalist deep state, who can orchestrate basically anything including 9/11 and the JFK assassination without leaving any evidence apparently couldn’t keep Millie from releasing her cheap “documentary” however. I guess she is just that good. Hundreds of people donated to Millie’s “Legal Defense Against The Deep State” as well, leaving her with a nest egg of over $170,000.00 CAD. (Canadian dollars) Although the charges were later dropped and Weaver didn’t even have to post bond/bail, she’s keeping the money. Because reasons.

One of Weaver’s main “whistleblowers” is a woman named Terpsechore Maras-Lindeman. Maras-Lindeman has been exposed as a fraud numerous times on the internet, with posts and articles on virtually every social media platform and numerous media reports. There are even posts outing her as a fraudster on the Dark Web and ZeroNet. There is a pretty serious breakdown of Maras-Lindeman in the Knowledge Fight podcast linked below but she was recently in the news after submitting an affidavit for Sidney Powell’s “Kraken” case in Wisconsin. The affidavit is another convoluted, distorted, and outright incorrect “investigation” into election fraud. Her background and her affidavit were exposed in a recent Washington Post article found HERE.

The documentary itself is a cheap, backyard production that was probably thrown together on a weekend. In it, even their basic assertions are easily debunked with a few minutes in front of a search engine. For a complete breakdown and debunking of Weaver’s ShadowGate documentary, follow the link posted below. Warning: The Podcast goes through every detail of the documentary and actually researches the things Weaver and her cohorts claimed to research. The Podcast is 3.5 hours long -Two hours longer than the actual documentary. Of course, the Shadowgate research is shown to be so faulty it becomes a pretty good comedy routine.


None of us would have ever imagined that a new King of conspiracies would emerge to dethrone those who came before. We didn’t see it coming and we couldn’t stop what was coming. The Q crowd was finally correct about something. It just wasn’t what they said it would be. The new King of conspiracies is our country’s own President.

Donald Trump, with his 88.5 MILLION Twitter followers, has put Jones, Icke, Wood, Weaver, et al., to utter shame.

Now the question is not whether these extremists should be silenced, but how to silence them. Many of the extremists are fleeing traditional social media like Facebook and Twitter and migrating to alternatives like Parler and MeWe. They will have their own platforms and soapboxes and their numbers will continue to grow. The future of political discourse in America is going to be a battle between ideas and complete nonsense, where unfounded, unprovable conspiracy theories are presented in debate the same way new economic approaches, tax revenue generation, and foreign policy approaches are presented. If you stay on the more common social media platforms you may see less of the chaos as others congregate with likeminded psychos on Parler, but it will still be there. You’ll next hear about their latest conspiracy theory on the floor of congress when one of the freshmen representatives calls for congressional hearings into just how many children John Roberts raped and murdered for the globalist cabal.

We are entering a very dark time for our country. Yes, some foreign influence helped us along but mostly it is just us. It is our own mental illness. The pied pipers led the way but we didn’t have to let them. We did. And now we will suffer the consequences of our own inaction.

Ross Elder

For Open Resources LLC