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Ross Elder with Army Ranger Hall of Famer, Mad Max Mullen. 2012.

Ross Elder is a freelance researcher and writer, a former columnist for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, author of the novels Patriot Deception and The Fireman Saga, and has contributed work to various online media outlets. With an extensive background in investigative work, he spends a lot of his free time researching conspiracy theories and the personalities behind them. He often consults with other researchers to help them in their own work.

The author awaits air transport in Marmal.  Mazar e-Sharif, Afghanistan.  2012.

The author awaits air transport in Marmal. Mazar e-Sharif, Afghanistan. 2012.

You can follow Ross on twitter @RossElderWrites

Ross’ books are available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.  Follow the links below to find them:

Ross Elder’s Author Page at Amazon.com

Ross Elder participating in a Combat Carbine Course with the Alliance Police Training Center in Alliance, Ohio.

Ross Elder participating in a Combat Carbine Course with the Alliance Police Training Center in Alliance, Ohio.

6 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Hey Ross,
    I have an innovation for knives. I would like to demo it for you. If it is not the strongest application of the knife, perhaps you could explain what we’re missing.
    If it is as strong or a lot stronger as anything you have ever seen, perhaps you could write a little blurb in your magazine (sic) about us.

    Thanks, Paul Gustafson

      • I didnt understand this option. I just replied on the Reply click. This is good though. Ill attach a clip showing WaK / Extreme conditions. Here, everything is actually mounted on the users mitten. Put on mittens, knife and sheath as one

  2. Thanks Ross,
    I am with an enabling system for all applications of knife. The military application is the largest elephant in the room, but it’s in a very large room.
    Deployment is immediate & available for one or both hands at once. The sheath is at the wrist (watchband), and the lanyard is such that the deployment (launch) brings the knife to the hand (hands) in grip. The user cannot drop or lose possession of the knife (knives). The user no longer need be concerned for his (her) hand slipping down on the cutting edge. The user may switch forward to reverse grip at will, with the knife coming to frwd. or rev. grip in ‘standing tang’ orientation, with a little practice & limited skill.
    (even less skill required with double edge, as then there is no ”backward grip” available.
    We call the innovation “With a Knife”. The separation between “WaK” & I “have a knife” is out there somewhere. For the pocket folder, “With a Knife” brings a whole other identity. In the pocket, the user is prepared. The same knife in “WaK”, the user is ready. The everyday carry (EDC), is now 24/7 (EDC). No pocket, belt, or web gear required.
    (one of our favorite reckonings) With a knife in both hands, jump into the swimming pool, swim to the other end, turn around, swim back. (no sheathing allowed) 1st back with both knives wins. Bleeding gets penalized.
    Ross, there is a lot here. Most, if not all of martial arts w / knife needs to be re-examined. I understand that you may not be convinced by my futile attempt to describe or explain it to you. I really hope you can accommodate a live presentation.
    (another attempt at reckoning) If you want a knife, there are a lot of knives to choose from. If you need a knife, you need to get “With a Knife.”
    Give us a look. … Give us a try. We’re glad to help you get familiar with it and field test a few configurations and decide for yourself if you like.
    p.s. We wear our knives outside our gloves in extreme conditions. Too cold for a knife? or Take gloves off to use knife? OLD SCHOOL. Very Old. … “With a Knife” … Very new.
    Thanks, Ross

  3. Ross, Thanks for your article. I hate reading stories that only tell a little of the truth for shock value!!! Thank you for your service to our country!!! Have a wonderful, blessed day. Cindi McCormick

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