Patriot Deception in Paperback

My newest novel, Patriot Deception, inspired by the very real investigation into Russian Active Measures directed at the American Patriot movement, is now available in paperback. It makes the perfect gift for those still confused about fake news, propaganda, and foreign meddling in our political processes. It’s also filled with intrigue, humor, and realistic…


The Kindle version of my latest novel, PATRIOT DECEPTION, is now available for Kindle and all Kindle apps for smart devices. The print version will be available very soon! Pick up your Kindle copy at the link below! After you’ve read it, please leave a review. PATRIOT DECEPTION

The Cuban Racial Crisis

Mark Cuban, a man whose name I have only recently come to know, and who apparently owns a basketball team, which doesn’t interest me because basketball interests me about as much as having my scrotum pierced, has been in the news a lot lately. So much so, in fact, that I became sufficiently irritated to…

UPDATED: Dan Page Runs For Sheriff

2016 is an election year for many offices across the country. ¬†Franklin County, Missouri, is lucky enough to have an interesting race for the office of Sheriff. ¬†You’ll remember Dan Page as the police officer who was suspended for shoving Don Lemon, a reporter for CNN, during the chaos in St. Louis following the Mike…

DEFENDER – Part 2 of Scavenger

Part two of my Perseid Collapse KindleWorld series, Scavenger, is now available through Amazon for Kindle and Kindle apps for all devices.  Enjoy!  If you read it, please leave a review.  If you haven’t read Scavenger, I’ve been told it is some of my best work yet.  CLICK HERE TO GRAB DEFENDER