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8 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Here’s something to give you food for thought. Yes, his friends said that he was having financial problems, and these problems were evident by January 2014 and even before, and it is true that in referring to these people as his “niche”, he did not consider himself to be one of them.

    But how does the following fit into this peculiar tale? In January 2014, after reports of financial problems, no movie and no backers, Crowley bought the house he lived in for $219,000 as reported on Zillow and other real estate sites. In addition, shortly before, his wife quit her job (not fired, but quit according to a co-worker) and went into business or herself, and if you take a look at her “business” website, you will see in short order that she was doing no business at all. Why would the sole source of income in that family quit her job, and how does a bank give a mortgage to two people who are both out of work? And if they didn’t need a mortgage, how do you explain that contradiction?

    Another peculiar thing. The family did not see or hear from them at Christmas. Yet, did nothing then (not even speak to their granddaughter and wish her a Merry Christmas) and for another 21 days, and even after one month of their being missing, did nothing. It was the neighbor who looked in the window and saw them dead that did something – i.e. call the police. This very passive family became sudden activitists in setting up a fundraising website within 24 hours of finding the rotting bodies of their son, daughter and granddaughter. In their shock and grief, the first thing they thought of was a fundraising website. And what is this fundraising for? Was it fundraising for a mental health foundation, or for veterans for who suffer from mental illness brought on by their combat duty? No. The money was to pay the in-laws health care debts. In other words, in the land where Obama care says it is mandatory to have health insurance, the mother in law had no health insurance, we are told. and how much money do they wish to raise in their fundraising. On the fundraising site, it says there goal is $6,000,000 dollars, and they have raised so far in six days $6,500. The mother in law is “dying of cancer”. Is the $6,000,000 for hospice care at a Palm Beach mansion they wish to buy? And who is the target of this fundraising? Is it the people who are disgusted that this man could kill his baby daughter and wife and then kill himself? Or is the target those fools he considered his “niche” and who believe he was “killed by the government.” Who is the most likely target in their fundraising drive?

  2. Mr. Elder:

    I have never heard of you before, or read any of your work prior to last night as I listened to your appearance on SOFREP Radio. So, I can’t say that I really know if you were joking, being facetious or otherwise lazy? I simply don’t know? Neither am I going to accuse you of being a part of the NWO.

    At any rate, I found some of your comments about Alex Jones, the Illuminati, The Bohemian Grove and FEMA camps to be completely off base, ill informed or otherwise opinionated without any basis to make a reasonable argument with.

    Before I start, I would like to briefly give you my background, so that I dremonstrate myself to not be ‘just another Jones fan’. I am a secondary high school science and history education teacher. I have degrees both in physics and history (every white man wants to be a history teacher in education. So, I used my minor to get certified to teach and worked towards my 2nd BS in secondary science ed-physics). I started my military career way back in 1993 at Ft. Benning as an 11-B. I later went into MI as an Intel Analyst (96-B) and ended as a 97-B counter Intel Agent at C co. 344 MI company Chicago IL. I have also been a county deputy with four years law enforcement experience—I don’t live in a trailer, drive a semi and look like Dale Gribble. With that being stated, Ibwould like to digress and begin my criticism of your appearance and arguments on the SOFREP Radio show.

    I don’t really listen to Alex Jones any longer, mainly due to time and his ‘the end is near’ constant theme flowing throughout his program. However, being a huge fan of Conspiracy Theories, facts and otherwise strange anomalies.

    I first started reading about these topics in 1998 when I read Carol Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope on reference from a friend. I then went on to read John DeCamp’s The Franklin Cover-Up which started only started to peak my curiosities.

    From there I started listening to Art Bell, Jeff Rense and others; only delving deeper into the many realms. So, you see, I have an extensive background on these topics.

    I have talked with many, and made friendships with some of these individuals. Doc Marquis, of the Illuminati fame, being one. Stan Montieth and John DeCamp being a couple of others.

    Allow me to come back on target, you made several comments in the show about these topics and stated them as fact, which when one does you should be positive about.

    First, you stated that the Illuminati was a fictional organization. Right there, you have destroyed any foundation to build any arguments from. The Illuminati was a real organization. Whether it still exist or not, I have no idea? I, like George Washington, believe it still exist, but under a different name and it has infiltrated into too many organizations to list.

    Seriously, even George Washington, Albert Pike (and I became a Mason just to see if what they wrote about them was true—I’ll give you my degree and lodge upon asking the secret question) and Manly P. Hall wrote about it’s existence.

    On the topic of the FEMA camps, you have a really lame reason as to their non-estitance. Oh, some idiot on tr Internet wrote that these federal prisons were his only evidence of their existence. Really? Is that the best you can do to refute these claims?

    What you didn’t talk about were the FEMA camps at Ft. McCoy, Wi. I happened to be there in 2003 when, of all things, there were U.N. troops training at the very camps. Now, what they were doing there, I have no idea? I was told that they were training to help with the POW’s from Iraq that were coming back here. Sounds real to me, like real hogwash.

    On the topic of Alex Jones, Bohemian Grove and the Billderbergers. You are aware that without Alex Jones, individuals like yourself would still be calling The Bohemian Grove a topic of conspiracy theories and that it doesn’t really exist? You do realize this?

    If it wasn’t for Alex Jones breaking in there and videotaping their ceremony (which you flippantly stated that they don’t sacrfice babies there, apparantly you haven’t read DeCamp’s book—and you don’t know his MI background and that he was a high ranking republican in Nebraska). Yep, you’d still be refuting those claims had it not been for Alex Jones. Likewise, had it not been for Alex Jones, with the help of Jim Tucker, you’d still be claiming the Bilderbergers was in the same vein as the Bohemian Grove. I haven’t read any of your work, and I don’t really care to—you’ve already ruined it for me.

    As I previously stated, I’m too busy to listen to Jones very much, and I simply don’t want to live under a cloud of fear. But, Alex Jones brought these topics to center stage America and now forces you to deal with them. You can get on a podcast and insult the man all you want, but you can’t argue the results of his work.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a physics teacher, to read about these subjects and make a learned opinion about these topics; I simply read in their own words what they have planned for you and your family—and if you care about your kids you’d be concerned too. Is there a lot of BS out there? Of course there is. But, as Keith Richards once said about popular culture and music,” It’s 98% shit anyways.” You have to search for the truth.

    That is why I became a Mason, just to say that I have been through their rituals and know them to be occultic in nature. That is why, I pressed Peter Levenda for some tough questions, and he delivered every time! Peter Levenda also is a practicing occultist, something he doesn’t advertise.

    I’m simply in search for the truth. And we all know that our government has never lied to us before—laugh.

    In closing, I would have expected a stronger argument from someone who makes money at this to be better researched, formed stronger arguments and had a clear, concise thesis on this topic. On a positive, you do sound like Johnny Depp when you talk. Anyways, that’s what I get for wasting my time listening to a podcast of poorly researched host(s) and guest. I would like to apologize for any errors, I’m typing this on my iPhone while at lunch.



  3. I’m an investigative journalist. I started in criminal investigations in 1977 for the prosecutors office. Then I worked in white collar crime for 20 years, fraud mostly. I have a lot of experience with military and security clearance law. I was actually in St. Louis from 2003 to 2005. I checked out the situation. There’s a lot more to the story than the good folks in St. Louis are willing to tell the media. And I’m free to talk about it. I was suspicious about the lack of threat assessments after 9/11, so I ran a records check ithru the congressional archives stored in at louis. There’s a depository spread out thru the at. Louis library system. I found the threat assessments, but they were dated 1963. Congress completed a full investigation of the muslim brotherhood. I met the leaders of the Muslim brotherhood when they were students at UCDavis way back in 1977. Congress recommended cutting off weapons shipments to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. If you would like to see the index list, I can send it as a PDF file. The records are hundreds of pages. You can pull them on your own. They’ve been stockpiling weapons and planning an Islamic state for 50 years. They recruited in places like feeguson. That’s why you see the Nation of Islam at the riots. Thru are advisors. There’s a lot more if you want the Intel. I distribute intel to journalists and editors in the US and Europe. I am also read soldier of fortune. I had a few close calls with the KGB, way back when.

    • Anybody who admires Jeff Rense – that neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, Holocoaust denying conspiracy theorist – needs his head examining. Rense is one of the most malign people broadcasting on the air at the moment. He has actually said he regrets Hitler lost World War 2. He says he thinks the real criminals were the allies, particulalry Eisenhower and Churchill,

  4. We do not live in a Democratic country!

    We continually hear about our “two party system” and how there is constant rangling between them. If one takes a really close look at how our present political system works, what we really have is a one party system with “two faces”. A steady diet of finger pointing keeps the general public looking in the wrong direction.

    We are being fed what leads us down the desired thought path, regardless the supposed side making a statement. Politics: poly means many, tics are blood suckers. Politicians are crooks, cheats, liars and thieves. All come from the “one party system” with two faces!

  5. Ross,
    Hello, I am working on a story about Sgt. Yeakey, and I saw your article during my research. I was simply wondering if you would be willing to share information with me. I am not invested or interested in either proving or debunking any type of conspiracy theory (I know there are several) I am only interested in telling his story as accurately as possible (by gathering as much information as I can). There is quite a bit of conspiracy theory type stuff that clouds or muddies the research, but I found your article somewhat refreshing, it would save me time with my non existent budget if you were willing to at least talk to me.

    I see your recommendations regarding Facebook and Twitter, but I do not use either. I was hoping that you could email me, if you ever get this message, at

    Either way, thank you for your time.

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